Rory is at one of the counters, editing a piece while waiting for the coffee to brew. She is so oblivious to her surroundings that she doesn't noticed Nate walk up to her and grabs a mug from the top cabinet.

NATE: (Looks over her shoulder to see the piece she's working on) Hey.

RORY: (Jumps a bit as she turns her head) Oh. Hey.

NATE: (Sets the mug on the counter and waits for the coffee as well) Do you think we can publish that tomorrow?

RORY: (Turns to face him) Oh yeah, I'm almost done.

NATE: (Nods as he looks at the coffeemaker) Great.

RORY: (Looks at the coffeemaker too) So… (sigh) how are you today?

NATE: (Looks at her) Me? Oh well, I will be better as soon as soon as I have some coffee.

RORY: I hear ya.

NATE: (Trying to be polite) How about you? Is your friend still in town?

RORY: (Temporarily forgets) Friend? Oh! Yeah, Logan's still in town. We're going to meet up after work.

NATE: Ah. (Though curious he doesn't show it) "Huntzberger" – is he by any chance related to Mitchum Huntzberger?

RORY: Yeah… his son in fact. (Curiously) How did you… do you know him?

NATE: (Grabs the pot of coffee) What news-man doesn't? (Suggestively) Interesting man.

RORY: (Catches on) Interesting, he sure is.

NATE: (Takes it upon himself to pour Rory some coffee too. Rory nods thankfully) The son seems to be different.

RORY: (Nods) He is. He's nothing like his father.

NATE: (Takes the mug in his hand, and wears a suggestive smirk on his face as he looks down at Rory) Of course he is. (Slowly starts to step away) I can't see you associating with him if he was like his old man… (With one quick grin, he leaves the room).

RORY: (Takes it as a compliment) Hmm.


Camera follows Lorelai into the kitchen of the Dragonfly Inn. We see Sookie at the island counter (with a couple of other kitchen staff doing their own duties).

LORELAI: (With a portfolio in hand, she walks up to the coffee) G'morning!

SOOKIE: G'morning! (Points at Lorelai with her big butcher knife) Nah uh, decaf!

LORELAI: (Reveals the pot she picked up) I know better than to fool you.

SOOKIE: (Chuckles) So how are you this morning?

LORELAI: (Sets the mug on the counter, and opens her portfolio) Okay, so I have a few questions about the passion cake recipe you gave me.

SOOKIE: (Looks up at her) Passion cake?

LORELAI: (Grins) Yeah, you know… passion cake for valentine's day.


LORELAI: Now, did you say I had to bake it in the oven for an hour and then let it sit for 30 minutes, or was it the other way around?

SOOKIE: (Stops what she's doing and looks at Lorelai quizzically) Bake for one hour, let it sit for 30 minutes. Now, are you sure you want to try your hand at that? Because, I do have easier recipes…

LORELAI: (Rolls her eyes) Oh come on! Not you too. I had to sit through Patty and Babette going on and on about how I shouldn't be allowed to cook… and now you?

SOOKIE: (Holds up her hands) No, no… I have faith in you to follow directions.

LORELAI: (Nods) Thank you.

SOOKIE: (Wipes her hands on a rag) Hey, can we go over the menu for next week?

LORELAI: Oh, sure.

Sookie grabs her big binder and follows Lorelai.

CUT to the INT. DINING ROOM as Lorelai and Sookie enter. They run into Michel and a beautiful tall blonde woman – prompting them to pause. Sookie shamelessly stares at her.

LORELAI: (As she looks up at the woman and then back at Michel) Hey Michel. What are you up to?

MICHEL: (With a smile, he shows off) Hello Lorelai. We were actually coming over to see you…

LORELAI: (Smiles at the quiet blonde) Oh yeah?

MICHEL: (To the mysterious woman) This is Lorelai and Sookie. (With his oh-so-exaggerated French accent, he turns to the two familiar ladies) May I introduce you to my girlfriend, Nicolette.

LORELAI: Oh girlfriend. (Looks up at her, and extends her hand) It's very nice to meet you.

SOOKIE: (Still staring up at her) Uh… yeah.

NICOLETTE: (With a big bubbly smile, she gestures at everything around her) Ceci est une belle auberge!

LORELAI: (Confused, she looks at Michel) Oh…

MICHEL: You must forgive Nicky, she only speaks French – she does however understand English. She just said that this inn was beautiful.

LORELAI: (Smiles up at her again) Oh, merci! Merci. (Then realizes she is very deficient in her French)

MICHEL: Well, if you don't mind, I'd like to show her around.

LORELAI: Oh, that's great. (Looks up at the model-like porcelain doll next to Michel) Très bien!

Michel and Nicolette walk away hand in hand as Lorelai and Sookie watch them for a bit before they take their seats at one of the tables.

SOOKIE: (Looks up at her best friend) I didn't know you spoke French.

LORELAI: (Still looking at the trail of Michel and his model, shakes her head) I don't. I used some of the very few words I know.

SOOKIE: Oh, what are some other things you know in French?

LORELAI: (Thinks) Umm, voulez-vous coucher avec moi… (adds) ce soir?

SOOKIE: (Giddy, she asks) Ooh what does that mean again?

LORELAI: (As she sits, she opens her portfolio) I think I just asked you to sleep with me tonight.

SOOKIE: (As she sits, she makes a face) Oh, that's what it means.

LORELAI: (Still surprised at the introduction, she looks back at their trail again) Boy… that's Michel's new girlfriend, huh?

SOOKIE: (Makes a face) I know… did you see the very short skirt she was wearing? It's 40 degrees out!

LORELAI: (Sighs) Long legs.

SOOKIE: (Sighs as well) Beautiful long blonde hair.

LORELAI: (Adds) Beautiful skin.

SOOKIE: (Shakes her head) So young.

LORELAI: God, I hate her!

SOOKIE: (Agrees) Me too!

The two ladies sigh in unison.

LORELAI: I guess we should get back to work.

SOOKIE: (Opens her binder) I guess.


LORELAI: (Looks up at Sookie) Or, we could go spy on Michel and his new lady friend?

SOOKIE: (Grins and gets up from her seat) Oui!

Scene fades on the two inn runners following Michel's trail.


Scene opens on Logan and Rory at a very small yet intimate table at a local café.

RORY: (Looks at the ambience and people around her) Never been in here before, always wanted to… but never have.

LOGAN: Yeah, it's a nice place isn't it…

RORY: (Smiles at Logan as he continues to look at her) It sure is. (A blush wipes her face)

LOGAN: (Leans in) Hey, I just had an idea… what do you say we fly to Manhattan for dinner? I can call right now and get us reservations at Butter.

RORY: (Chuckles) Butter? There's no way you can get into Butter in such short notice.

LOGAN: (Smirks at Rory as he pulls out his phone, scrolls through his contacts, and shows it to her) Wanna bet?

RORY: (Gasps silently) Akiva? I didn't know you knew the owner.

LOGAN: (As he places the phone back in his pocket) We met a few months ago in San Francisco.

RORY: (Shakes her head with a smile) As tempting as it is… I do have to be at work early in the morning.

LOGAN: (Sighs, then wears his signature smile) I won't push it… I know how much you care about your work.

RORY: (Smiles shyly) Thanks. (Shakes her head again) I can't believe you know the owner of Butter.

Scene fades on Rory and Logan sharing a smile… then it cuts to an hour or so later…


Scene opens on Logan and Rory walking up the hallway.

LOGAN: (As he examines his surroundings) So this is where you live, huh?

RORY: (As she looks for her keys in her purse) Yeah. (They arrive at her door)

LOGAN: (Turns and faces her) Do you like it?

RORY: (Nods) It's pretty good. (Gets a bit shy and uncomfortable as she turns to unlock the door) I would invite you in… but I still have so much to unpack…

LOGAN: Don't worry about it, Ace.

RORY: (Opens the door and holds it very slightly open as she turns back to Logan. She smiles) Well, I had a good time.

LOGAN: (Staring into her eyes) Me too.

RORY: (She feels the need to sigh to stop staring back at him) So…


RORY: … you're leaving tomorrow.

LOGAN: Yeah, I guess I am.

Pause as they look at each other.

RORY: Well…

LOGAN: (Cuts her off slightly as he swallows) Are you sure you don't want to have a nice dinner… (looks at his wristwatch) It's still very early.

RORY: (Takes a moment to respond) I… really… have to get up very early… (sighs, wishing it weren't true).

LOGAN: (Looks down at his shoes, then back up again) Okay, well… I guess I'll see ya, Ace.

Rory subtly nods. Logan smiles, and walks back down the hallway. Rory closes the door behind her and leans against it to compose the sudden emotions that came over her. But she is startled as she hears a knock on the door.

RORY: (Opens it) Oh… (It's Logan again)

LOGAN: The thing is, Ace… (Rory opens the door wider) I don't want to leave right now.

With mutual effort, they both lean into each other and start kissing… the passion gradually increases as Logan steps into her apartment. Rory finds herself pulling at his lapels and kissing him further. They continue for a few moments until suddenly Rory pulls away.

RORY: (Softly exclaims…) Logan.

LOGAN: (Holding onto Rory's waist) What is it?

RORY: (Takes a deep breath) I can't.

LOGAN: (Softly) Why? What is it?

RORY: (Bites her lip, closes her eyes to compose her thoughts… then she looks up at him and continues softly) Serena.

LOGAN: (As if a sudden realization falls upon him, he sighs) Serena.

RORY: (Asks) There's still a Serena, isn't there?

LOGAN: (Pulls away completely, and nods subtly) There is.

RORY: (Smoothing her hair behind her ears) We can't do this.

Logan takes a moment to compose his thoughts… he seems a bit agitated. With just a nod, he steps out of the apartment, looks back at Rory – then walks down the hallway, leaving Rory unsure of what had just happened between them.

Scene fades.


Lorelai is on her side of the bed reading a book titled, "Baby Names" when Luke climbs in after washing up.

LORELAI: How about Damien if it's a boy?

LUKE: (As he covers himself with the comforter) Isn't that the devil child's name?

LORELAI: Oh yeah… (looks at the book again) How about Katrina if it's a girl?

LUKE: Sure.

LORELAI: (Makes a face) Nah.

LUKE: (Turns and looks at Lorelai) Hey, what do you want to do tomorrow?

LORELAI: (Closes the book and looks at him quizzically) What do you mean?

LUKE: Since you can't travel during your final trimester, (adds) and because you seem to like the silly holiday, I was thinking to let Caesar run the diner and I could spend the day with you. Doing whatever it is that you want…

LORELAI: (Adoringly looks at Luke) Aw… (remembers her own little plans) it's really not a big deal. Besides you should be at work.

LUKE: (Quizzically) I should?

LORELAI: Yeah… I mean (thinks) didn't you say Zach was off tomorrow? Poor Caesar's going to be all alone.

LUKE: (Still confused) You're okay with me working tomorrow?

LORELAI: (Smiles) Yeahhh… as long as you show up for dinner. You know how much I like eating with you.

LUKE: (Smiles, then leans in and gives her kiss) Okay… I guess I'll go to work then. (He turns and goes to sleep).

Scene fades as Lorelai gives a sigh of relief.


Scene opens on Rory, deep in her own thoughts, as climbs the many stairs up to her place of work. Someone from behind (at the bottom of the stairs) calls out to her. She looks behind and sees Logan there.

RORY: (Descends the few steps she climbed) Logan.


RORY: Hey. (Surprised) I didn't think I'd see you…

LOGAN: Same here… but… (places his hands in his trouser pockets) I had a lot of time to think. All night, in fact.

RORY: (Nods) Me too.

LOGAN: (Looks up at her) It's not just Serena… is it?

RORY: (Subtly shakes her head) No.

LOGAN: Things have changed.

RORY: (Nods) They have.

LOGAN: (Swallows) For both of us. (Rory nods) I was trying to figure out what happened… last night.

RORY: (Explains) I think it had something to do with seeing you… in person, for the first time since we broke up.

LOGAN: (Nods) That sounds right.

RORY: (Shakes her head) I think old feelings re-surfaced.

LOGAN: (Repeats) Old feelings.

RORY: (Sighs) Logan, I… you know I will always have the highest regard for you… but…

LOGAN: (Nods)… things have changed.

RORY: (Nods cautiously, not knowing how he is taking it) Yeah.


LOGAN: (As he looks around at the people walking by, he sniffs a bit to keep the cold air off his nose – then he looks up at Rory and a sincere smile appears on his face) I'm sorry for making you choose between me and your career.

RORY: (Sighs) I didn't have much of a career then.

LOGAN: (Sincerely continues) But I made you choose between me and your own life. It wasn't fair… to either of us.

RORY: (Subtly shakes her head) It wasn't… but I think it had to happen…

LOGAN: (Finishes) For the both of us. (Rory nods – he smiles again) Anyway… I should be packing...

Damien Rice's "Amie" starts to play as a second audio layer.

(MUSIC faintly plays in the background)

RORY: (With a sincere smile) It was great to see you again.

LOGAN: (Nods) And it was great to see you again, Ace.

Logan takes a step down to walk to his car as Rory looks on… but he turns to face her…


RORY: Yeah?

LOGAN: At your graduation, you said you didn't know where you wanted to be… that everything was undecided. Do you know… do you know where you want to be?

RORY: (Nods very subtly) I think I do. I'm not sure... but I have a lead.

LOGAN: Good. (With a smile he steps onto the sidewalk and gets in his care)

(The volume of the song gradually increases as Rory watches him drive away)

Nothing unusual nothing strange…

Close to nothing at all.

The same old scenario the same old rain…

…and there's no explosions here.

As the car disappears, Rory turns and walks up the stairs.

CUT to Rory as she enters the offices of her colleagues. She spots Nate talking to another employee – prompting Rory to get lost in the moment…

Then something unusual something strange…

…comes from nothing at all.

(Music fades to the background again)

NATE: (Sees Rory looking at him, and he walks up to her on his way to his office) Hey, you okay?

RORY: (Nods) Yeah, I am.

NATE: (As he makes his way to his office, he nods) Okay.

(Music fades into the next scene)


Music continues to faintly play in the background as Luke opens the front door and enters his home with a big canvas bag in one hand and a bouquet of red roses in the other.

Tell it like you still believe, that the end of the century – brings change for you and me…

Music fades out.

LUKE: (Looks around the foyer) Lorelai? (there's no response)

He walks towards the kitchen… and as he enters it, we see an expression of horror. The camera cuts to the opposite side. We see a very messy, apron-wearing Lorelai seated at the table looking like she's about to cry.

LUKE: (Shocked, he looks around at all the mess in the kitchen) What the hell happened here? (Sets the canvas bag on one of the chairs and sets the roses on the table as Lorelai continues to pout)

LORELAI: I just wanted to…

LUKE: (Adds) Demolish the kitchen?

LORELAI: I just wanted to make a nice dinner for you… and this is what I came up with. (Luke's expression softens as he hears this – but he's still stunned at the condition of their kitchen. Lorelai points at the oven) The cake's burnt… and the Tomato Florentine looks like I just threw up… and… (sniffs as she is overcome with emotion – third trimester may have something to do with it) … and the night's ruined.

LUKE: (Sympathetically sighs then kneels by her side) Hey…

LORELAI: I just ruined our first Valentines together as husband and wife… go Lorelai.

LUKE: Hey… (wipes a bit of flour on her chin) you did all this for me?

LORELAI: (Looks at him) I tried to.

LUKE: (Touched, he gives her a kiss on the forehead) Thank you.

LORELAI: For what? Being the worst wife ever?

LUKE: (Helps her to her feet as he gets up) Let's make a deal.


LUKE: I will promise to cook for our family for the rest of my life… (Lorelai's expression softens) if you promise to… (looks around) never do this again.

LORELAI: (Chuckles a bit) I can do that.

LUKE: (Nods) Good. Now… (Takes a step back and grabs the bouquet of flowers) who says I am not romantic.

Lorelai adoringly admires her flowers and her husband. She leans in and kisses him.

LUKE: (As he pulls away) What do you say… you go clean up (looks at her messy self)… and I will make us dinner?

LORELAI: (Smiles) Deal.

Scene fades.


The shelter is packed with people (volunteers and homeless people). There are pink and red balloons all over the place with other Valentine-themed decorations. Rory is at one of the tables cleaning it off when Nate walks up to her with small crate of washed dishes.

NATE: (Disgustedly looks at the decorations) Can you believe this crap?

RORY: (Stops her work, and looks in the direction of his disgust) What? The balloons? I take it, it wasn't your idea?

NATE: Darin insisted that we should look festive tonight. What a waste of time…

RORY: (Smiles at the negativity coming from him) I think it's nice.

NATE: Really?

RORY: Yeah… I mean, (gestures at all the people) everyone seems to be having a good time.

NATE: (Spots someone) Oh hey… Bernie made it.

RORY: (Looks in the same direction) What?

NATE: You know that man, Bernie, with the long torn up brown coat? (Rory nods) He has a thing for Janice.

RORY: (Gasps) No! (Nate nods, as Rory looks around) Where's Janice?

NATE: (Gestures over to the other end of the room) Over there. (Explains) You know how long I've been trying to get those two together?

RORY: (Intrigued, she looks at him) You've suddenly acquired a degree in match-making?

NATE: (Bluntly) Hey, it's a hobby. (Jokes with a dry expression on his face) They don't call me Nathan "the cupid" DiLuca for nothing.

RORY: (Smiles at the irony) This coming from the man who just said all those wonderful things about Valentines day.

NATE: (Looks down at Rory) Hey, just because I hate the day doesn't mean I hate what it stands for. (Rory holds in a chuckle as he walks away).



All the volunteers start exiting the shelter wishing everyone a wonderful Valentines.

DARIN: (To Rory and Nate) Have a good night guys!

NATE: Night, Darin.

RORY: (Stays behind as Nate locks the front door from the exterior) Night, Darin! (Looks at Nate) This was fun.

NATE: It was… wasn't it?

As they make their way to the top of the stairs, in unison, they smell the cold air.

RORY: (Nods as she looks out at the sidewalk) I'm glad I spent Valentines at the shelter.

NATE: (Smirks) And not with your significant other?

(Music starts to play again)

Nothing unusual, nothing's changed…

RORY: (Sighs) No significant other to speak of.

Just a little older, that's all

NATE: (Nods, then begins to descend the stairs) Well Gilmore… (Rory very slowly descends behind him as she looks at Nate)… don't feel bad. They are hard to come by. (He turns at the very last step and gives her a smile before he gets in his black Touareg. A look of hope wipes across Rory's face.)

The volume of the song gradually increases as Rory opens the door to her Prius and watches Nate drive away.

But I'm not a miracle, and you're not a saint…

Just another soldier on a road to nowhere.

Amie come sit on my wall, and read me the story of O

Rory gets in her car and continues to look at the trail.

Tell it like you believe that the end of the century…

brings a change for you and me.

She takes her cell phone out of her pocket… and starts to type something.


Scene opens on a big vase with beautiful red roses on the side table. As the camera pans, we see Luke and Lorelai kissing on the couch being comfortable. We also see half a dozen boxes of chocolates half opened spread across the living room. A sudden beep pulls Luke and Lorelai apart, and Lorelai picks up her cell phone from the coffee table.

LORELAI: (To Luke) Oh, it's from Rory.

Lorelai opens the phone, and reads the text she had just received. We then see that it reads, "I'm so sorry, mom... I was such a jerk. But why do you have to be right??!?"

LUKE: (Concerned) What is it?

Scene fades on Lorelai as she lays her head on Luke's shoulder and sympathetically looks on as she hands the phone to her husband.

Scene, along with the music… fades.

Tell it like you still believe, that the end of the century….

…brings a change for you and me

VOICE OVER: Tonight's music was provided by Damien Rice



VOICE OVER: They don't want to know the sex of the baby until it's time…

(Scene from 8.12)

MICHEL: (To Lorelai) You mean to tell me, you still haven't found out the sex of the baby?

LORELAI: No, Michel. I told you… Luke and I want to be surprised.


(Scene from New Episode)

EMILY: Seriously Lorelai, this is torture!


LUKE: (With a sweet smile) I'm really liking the idea of being surprised, (touches Lorelai's ever-growing stomach) because this baby is going to be loved no matter what.

VOICE OVER: But what if the doctor reveals it by mistake…

A shot of Lorelai gasping as she looks at her doctor.

SOOKIE: (at the inn) Can you tell me?


SOOKIE: The sex of the baby!

LORELAI: I'm trying to forget I ever heard it!

VOICE OVER: … Do we really have to wait to find out?

RORY: (Complains) This is unfair!

VOICE OVER: Tune in for a very festive episode of the Gilmore girls…

A shot of townies decorating the town.

VOICE OVER: …next week.

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