Anthology of Love

By: CrystallicSky

Disclaimer: I don't own Xiaolin Showdown, or any of the characters in it, so...don't say I didn't tell you that they weren't.

Warning(s):Ok, cursing, malexmale relationship, strong references to sex, but no actual sex scenes, and...probably general stupidity, corniness, or idiocy aside from that.

Notes: Well, lately I've been seeing a good deal of those one-word prompts for short/one-sentence stories, and so I figured I'd give it a try. I did a few, and found something out about myself: I really like them! XD So this would be the result.


1. Chimpanzee-

There was something about the way Jack's body moved when under the influence of the Monkey Staff, especially the to-and-fro flick of his prehensile tail, that Chase couldn't help but find enticing.

2. Immigration-

"Hey, Chase," Jack began as a thought occurred to him while he walked through Times Square with his lover, "you don't have immigration papers, do you? You know how touchy people are about illegal immigrants, these days."

3. Yellow-

Jack couldn't help but get jealous whenever Chase showed up at a Showdown, every time giving the distinct impression that yellow was his favorite color, but he pretty much forgot about it when the dragon warlord fucked him into a blissful oblivion later, assuring him all the while that he favored snow-white over yellow.

4. Cornfield-

Jack Spicer acknowledged that his immediate perception of the South was just about as ignorant as everybody elses': that everyone who lived there watched NASCAR religiously, had sex with their relatives, and always kept an eye out for UFOs.

Then again, lying on his back in the middle of a cornfield underneath Chase Young, he also acknowledged that he didn't really care.

5. Fireman-

Coughing lightly, inhaling deep breaths of cool, winter air, Jack looked up at his handsome, soot-coated and golden-eyed savior.

"Thanks for saving my life, Mr. Fireman," he cooed slyly, "would you like to go for a coffee?"

6. Porcupine-

Chase blinked at the small creature Jack held in his arms.

"...You bought a porcupine, Spicer?"

His answer came with a delighted giggle. "I know, isn't he cute?! His name is Mister Spiky!"

The warlord's fingers came up to massage his temple, attempting to ward off the fast-approaching migraine.

7. Serbia-

"Can you read maps, Spicer?" Chase queried out of sheer curiosity.

"Read maps?" the youth echoed in disbelief, "I don't even know the geographic location of Serbia; seriously, is it, like, in Africa, or something?"

8. Triathlon-

"Oh, Jackie," cooed his aunt, smoothing down a few tousled red locks of hair, "you're breathing so heavily, and your face is so red! You look as if you've just run a triathlon!"

The goth genius could only smile sheepishly and agree as the aging woman prattled on and pinched his cheeks, not really feeling like explaining why she was unconscious on the floor to his mother if he were to tell her that she had been a hair's breadth away from walking in on his fornication with his giant lizard boyfriend.

9. Beehive-

Antagonizing Chase Young after a lost Showdown was like throwing a rock at a beehive: it just wasn't done.

And so when Jack heard the sounds of crashing and the yowling of jungle cats coming from his lover's citadel, he decided that his 2nd year anniversary gift, a small snow leopard cub cuddled against his chest, could wait just a little longer to meet her new master.

10. Mashed Potatoes-

Chase groaned in quiet exasperation as Jack confided to him that he often wondered what it would be like to jump into a swimming pool filled with mashed potatoes.

How had he found himself such a peculiar mate?


A/N- Ok, that's the first installment of my new random series thing. These are really easy to write, so unless I'm totally super-busy or run out of word prompts, there should be relatively frequent updates.

Now, I'm not using any preset challenge here, so the prompts can really be about anything. As a rule, I'll only publish them as grouped chapters of ten, and I figure I'll go to 100 chapters.

Sadly, I've decided I'm not taking requests, because I figure that my friends will provide for a greater range of words, seeing that they have no idea what I'm writing for, whereas you guys (though I do appreciate you for reading and reviewing so often) will probably pick the words best conducive to producing the kind of Chack action you want to see. XD

So, here's my commentary on this chapter in particular! :)

Chimpanzee- The one that started it all! I've always thought Jack looks cute in monkey form. /./

Immigration- SRSLY. It's gotten bad when CHASE YOUNG needs immigration papers. XD

Yellow- Chase/Omi: INSERT VOMIT HERE.

Cornfield- Hope the Children of the Corn don't show up. D:

Fireman- Chase as a fireman: YES.

Porcupine- The first in a very long line of Chack-pets to comeā€¦

Serbia- Before I actually looked to see where it was, I had the same guess as Jack. XD

Triathlon- LOL, 'fornication' means 'sex!' XD

Beehive-I've got the theory that if Chase were ever to turn Jack into one of his warriors (after teaching him how to fight in the first place, of course), he would be a snow leopard. It seems to fit his style more than other big cats that use muscle, claws, and skill to subdue their prey more than anything else. Snow leopards tend to hunt hares and birds as opposed to large game, and ambush them by leaping onto them from far away (up to 46 feet, 14 meters for the rest of you that more than likely use the metric system).

Mashed Potatoes-See, now Jack's got me wondering, too! D:

Anywho, there'll be more chapters when I get around to writing them, so stay tuned if you like these kinds of things!