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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Disney's Gargoyles/Inuyasha

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Pairing(s): Kagome/Brooklyn or Kagome/Goliath. Elisa/Kouga or Elisa/Sesshoumaru

Summary: Before Naraku was completely destroyed, the hanyou cast a curse on Kagome, turning her into a "Demon" of the Night (No not a Vampire) and banishing her to an Eternal sleep (Won't tell what type of Eternal Sleep). Five hundred years later, Souta meet's up with someone who'd pen-named himself "The Green-Glyder," not knowing it's actually Lexington from Goliath's clan. After getting to know each other, and Souta telling Lex about his sister, Lex and Souta set up a meeting with Xanitos. Will Souta Finanlly free his sister from her five hundred year slumber? And maybe her transformation? If not, will she ever find love as she is?


Everything around Kagome was an image of death… complete chaos. The corpses of humans and demons both littered the now blood-soaked earth. Everyone from Inuyasha's group, which included Kouga with most his tribe and Sesshoumaru with three-thirds of his army, survived. All but one…

Inuyasha himself.

One of Naraku's tentacles had pierced through the hanyou's stomach while Inuyasha was trying to protect Kikyo, in mistake of the dead priestess being Kagome. Even though Kagome was over her love for Inuyasha, she attacked Naraku in a blind rage- shooting her last arrow dead center in Naraku's chest; same place where she saw the Sacred Jewel hidden.

As Naraku's body was disintegrating into purified ash, the vile hanyou spoke as Kagome doubled over as if pain, "Miko… for putting me to my death, I curse you with the form of a demon that lives the darkest nights and banish you to an eternal stone sleep that-" The hanyou never finished due to Sesshoumaru swiping the hanyou's head with his poisonous claws.

The pain that Kagome felt from Naraku casting his curse was most unbearable. It felt as though every bone and muscle in her body were being stretched and pulled.

When the pain stopped, all that was one her mind was her wanting to be at Inuyasha's side in his last moments. She didn't bother looking at her appearance.

As she was about to make her way to the hanyou's side, she faintly realized that she couldn't seem to stand up right but soon dismissed it because of the pain she had felt earlier from Naraku's curse.

Seeing that the miko, whose appearance had now changed dramatically, was having trouble getting to her feet so she could go see Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru calmly went to Kagome's side and gathered her in his arms and carried her to his half-brother's side.

Once Kagome was set on the ground next to Inuyasha, one of Kouga's wolves came up to her to give her the Sacred Jewel, still intact even after her arrow pierced Naraku. The young miko then gathered her hanyou friend in her arms, resting his head on her shoulder as she wrapped an arm around his own shoulders.

After Inuyasha was able to sit up halfway, he started to cough up blood. Specks of it landed on Kagome's already tattered and torn fighting Kimono. Opening his golden amber eyes, Inuyasha gazed at the slightly different face of the young woman he had come to love. Her deep blue-grey eyes reflected the deep worry, concern and love she felt for him.

The silver-haired hanyou feel his life slipping. The poison from Naraku's tentacle was starting to take its toll on his body as he spoke, "Kagome… I don't have much time left… but I want you to know… that I'll always love you. Even though I know that you've already given up on me. I want you to understand why… I tried to proctect Kikyo. And last… I want you to promise me… that you'll move on…"

The dead miko's body had already been reverted back to her remains and graveyard soil. And the other half of Kagome's soul had already, if slowly, rejoined with Kagome without her knowing.

Kagome understood the reason why Inuyasha protected Kikyo.

No matter how much Inuyasha said that he loved her, Kikyo would always be the first woman he ever loved, despite that she never fully accepted him as a hanyou. And even though she gave up her love for him, Kagome still cared about the short-tempered hanyou who was now slowly dying in her arms.

"Yes, Inuyasha. I love you, too. I understand why you protected Kikyo. And… I promise… that I'll move on." Kagome answered to Inuyasha's last words. Her voice cracking from the sorrow she felt and the tears that were now streaming down her cheeks.

Inuyasha gave her a genuine smile that showed how happy he was at knowing that her first and best friend, as well as his most true love would keep her promise to him. Even though he knew that it would be a difficult path. With one last breath, Inuyasha lit go of his life and went limp in Kagome's arms.

At smelling the scent of a fresh death, the wolves of Kouga's pack howled mourning and the surviving soldiers of Sesshoumaru's army bowed their heads in respect as they heard Kagome's heart wrenching sobs. Sesshoumaru bowed his own head in respect while Kagome's friends; Sango and Miroku shed silent tears with a crying Shippó hold Kirara.

The sun then started to rise, engulfing everything in its path with its morning glow. As the sun's rays started getting closer, Kagome laid Inuyasha's head and upper body on the ground. Just as Kagome had covered her face, sobbing once more, the sun's rays swept across her body, turning her into stone. Her sobs were stopped.

Everyone was shocked their friend and comrade had turned into stone. This made even Shippó stop crying and step forward… not wanting to believe it's real. When he found that it was real… the young kit started crying again, thinking that he had lost his adoptive mother.

As Kouga started asking confusedly what had happened to Kagome, Sesshoumaru spoke, "An eternal sleep… I see…"

Everyone looked to him as Shippó asked through his sobs, "What do you mean?"

"Yeah, Sesshoumaru! What happened to my woman!?" Kouga demanded in an outburst.

After giving the wolf demon a glare, Sesshoumaru answered to Shippó and everyone who was wonder the same thing, "Naraku had cast a spell that transformed the miko into a demon that is able to turn into stone during the day- a stone sleep. To make his sleep permanent, Naraku cast another curse to make this possible. By doing this, he made certain that she would never wake." The demon lord paused to let everything sink in before continuing, "But there was a delay in the second curse because I had finished Naraku off before he could complete the curse. It didn't take effect until the sun rose, thus triggering that curse."

No matter how much he'd hate to admit it, Sesshoumaru thought that Naraku had really outdone his self. Everyone else thought the same thing.

There was much bickering among them on how they could break the curses but after finding no solutions, it was agreed that while protecting their friend during her slumber, they would do everything they could to search for the right counter curse.

Soon after they made this agreement, Inuyasha's corpse was cremated with everyone involved in the final battle paying their respects.

Sesshoumaru, knowing that the miko would ask him of it, offered Shippó to live with him and Rin at his home. He knew that Kagome wouldn't want Kouga to take care of her kit because he didn't have the patience to take care of him and because Kagome really didn't trust the wolf enough to let him take responsibility of her kit's well being, even if she saw Kouga as a good friend.

A year later, Sango and Miroku got married. The two made plans to hold the wedding ceremony where Kagome was frozen in stone so that their miko friend could still witness their union. The celebration was held in the spring when the Sakura blossoms were in full bloom. Sometime after the wedding, the villagers moved Kagome's stone form to the village shrine, where they made a stone alter for her.

Every year on the exact same day of Naraku's defeat, everyone who was involved in the final battle came together in celebration of their victory and in respect of the loss of their greatest friend and ally.

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