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Chapter Eleven

The crackle sound of what sounded like electricity erupted throughout Avalon, followed by a cry of agony. Both sounds originated from the audience chamber of Castle Avalon where the island's Lord Oberon carrying out punishment on Puck while his Ladyship, Titania stood by her lord's side.

It was made clear that the trickster was no longer allowed to enter Avalon and was to forever remain in the human realm yet he had dared to return before Oberon and his wife.

Having enough of her husband hurting Puck any longer, Titania stepped up and rested a hand on Oberon's shoulder and calmly voiced a bit of reasoning, "Please, my lord, I'm sure there's a reason for Puck coming to Avalon. Let us hear what he has to say."

Not only able to resist whatever his Ladyship asked of him but also seeing her reasoning, Oberon stopped his torture on Puck. "This had better be worth coming back to Avalon without my consent Puck. What is it that you deemed important enough to ignore my decree of your banishment?" Oberon allowed the trickster time to compose himself after being on the receiving end of his attack.

Getting some oxygen back into his lungs and waiting for the pain of his lord's attacks to subside, Puck tried gathering his thoughts so he could give news of who the newest member of Goliath's clan was.

Five hundred years ago, the battle against the demon Naraku reached to the farthest spans of even Avalon as well as to what happened to the Priestess of the Sacred Jewel of Four Souls.

The tales of the Half-demon's demise but most of all, what became of the Priestess became so big that even most of the males among Oberon's children had set out in search of her. And from what Puck remembered, even Oberon himself searched for her while he and Titania were still separated.

Once composed, Puck stood straight, keeping his grumblings to his self lest he wanted another strong electric current running through him again before speaking, "As a matter of fact, Lord Oberon, what word I bring is very important and concerns a very elusive being that was all the third race could talk about five centuries ago. You know? The one even you had searched for when you and her Ladyship were still divorced?"

"And what elusive being are we talking about here?" Oberon asked, not in the mood for his trickster's guessing games. In the past, there had been times when even he had searched for certain creatures that had caught his attention, especially while he and Titania were still going through their separation and he had searched for temporary female companions that ranged from the innocent young human maiden caught off guard and alone to the beings of nature and the rare she-demons who knew of him and were happy to comply to his needs.

Knowing that Oberon was losing his patience, Puck internally sulked at the fun that was drained and answered, "I'm talking about the elusive and legendary Priestess who not only had a hand in defeating the Japanese half-demon Naraku but was also cursed with the form of one of the third race. And from what I also remember, before her curse and while she was still human, her power still caught the attention of all the boys under your rule, including you Lordship's… taking into account that her kind were almost distantly related to us in power."

Oberon raised a brow in curiosity, "You're talking about the guardian of Four Souls." Though this was more of a statement than a question, he continued, asking, "What of her?"

The Lord of the Fae did in fact remember when he too had searched for said priestess, wondering if her power was not just the exaggeration of both the humans and demons that either heard of her or had faced her and lived to tell about it. And even though his search started before the Battle for Naraku's demise, Oberon's desire to meet the little human grew when he heard word about her having a hand in defeating the half-demon.

"Well, it seems all this time, she was guarded and protected all these centuries by her human and demon friends. And it also seems that her original birth place was Tokyo, Japan somewhere in the early or mid 1980's." From there, Puck explained how Kagome ended up in the Feudal era of Japan to what exactly happened during the final battle. When it came to how Kagome was cursed, what she was turned into, and what her current location was, Oberon's curiosity peaked. His old fascination and desire to meet the female in question face to face returned.

He had no doubt that not only he, but some of his single male children as well, would gain back their desire to meet the priestess…

'Maybe even find her as a suitable life partner…'


Away from Avalon, back in Manhattan, Kagome was able to go into a light conversation with Xanatos about certain things in the castle while enjoying her son's company as well as Sesshoumaru's after getting something to eat. Earlier, Kouga left so that he could get back to work and cover for Elisa a bit as she went to talk to Goliath for a bit before going back to work herself.

During the conversation, while sitting in one of the many common rooms of the castle, Xanatos mentioned, "I'm surprised that Mr. Taisho suggested that you stay here in New York with Goliath's clan and not take you back home with him so that you could meet the gargoyles there."

"Wait… there are gargoyles in Japan? Where?" Kagome asked, now very curious.

"If I remember correctly, Angela and Goliath mentioned that they are in Ishimura. They had been the best-kept secret in all of Japan. Plus, the town of Ishimura is a small and pretty rural town so not many outsiders know of their existence."

After Xanatos' reply, Sesshoumaru spoke, "I never heard of anything about live gargoyles living in Japan. Although I had heard rumors that there were Tengu spotted in a rural town… I never took them into consideration since Tengu rarely leave the mountains and go anywhere near any human establishments."

"Well, Goliath said that they had been around since the Feudal Era… but I'm guessing neither Kagome, yourself, or any of your other demon friends had even seen Gargoyles. Despite that Japan's Feudal era was five hundred years ago."

"Yeah… but even during my travels in hunting for the jewel shards and Naraku, I don't think I've come across any Gargoyles in Japan." Kagome answered, fascinated yet surprised that she had never seen any like Goliath's clan or herself.

Shippó, who was quiet until now, added, "but in the end, it's not really surprising, since almost every culture in the world has their own version of Gargoyles. For the Japanese, most of the characteristics from the term 'Tengu' are a description for gargoyles in Japan… although the part with the long nose may be exaggerated a bit."

With a brow raised in curiosity, Xanatos asked, "Oh? How so?"

The kitsune gave his reply as Goliath and Hudson walked in, "Tengu, in appearance are winged beings that also have long noses and, in Buddhism, were held as disruptive demons and harbingers of war. But as time passed, their image was gradually softened to them being protective but still dangerous spirits that live within the forests and mountains of Japan in the olden days. Their image as winged demonic creatures is not that far from a gargoyle, most especially Karasu Tengu, from what I've concluded after meeting Brooklyn."

"Karasu Tengu?" Xanatos asked, turning his gaze to Kagome as Goliath and Hudson made them selves known.

After a nod of greeting to Goliath and the elder, Kagome answered, "It's a Crow version of the general term of Tengu, but instead of a long nose, they're winged with a beaked face, much like a crow. And I can understand what Shippó's saying. Say that if it was still the Sengoku era, when demons were still known to humans, Brooklyn would be labeled a Karasu Tengu because of his beak… but his wings and tail would confuse them since Karasu Tengu are knowbn to have raven feathers for their wings and tail. But none the less, a Tengu still, all the same."

"Yes, Kai- the leader of The Ishimura Clan- mentioned something like that, as well as they often taught bushido to humans." Goliath added, remembering what the fellow clan leader told him on his and the others (Angela, Elisa, and Bronx) first night in Ishimura after Avalon sent them there.

Nodding in agreement, Shippó added, "Yeah, there had been belief of Tengu being the ones to have taught the very first samurai warrior before it was introduced to some lords who wished for armies in times of war."

When it looked like Kagome was about to make a reply, Hudson, who was silent until now, had spoken, "As interesting as all this is, I say we better make our way outside. Dawn is approaching."

This made the miko gargoyle looked to one of the windows to see the once night sky slowly brightening. Feeling a hand rest on her shoulder, she saw Sesshoumaru look at her before giving her shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

As they were heading outside, Kagome couldn't help but worry about turning to stone again. She knew the spell of her long stone sleep was broken but she was still hesitant about turning to stone again and worried that she might not be able to wake up again.

'Please let this all not be an elaborate dream to torture me further…' she inwardly begged to any god that was willing to listen.

Looking over his shoulder, Goliath saw the worry in his new clan member's eyes and wondered what could be wrong. Once they were outside, he asked, "Kagome? What is wrong?"

"Huh? Oh… it's just…" the human miko turned gargoyle paused in her line of thought before asking, "How long… does a gargoyle normally sleep?"

It was when they had reached the tower that Goliath understood the reason behind the question. The young female behind him was abruptly changed into a gargoyle and cursed to an eternal stone sleep, never having the chance to get use to her gargoyle body and learn the things that came natural to gargoyles so she had no idea about what's considered a normal stone sleep for a gargoyle. "A gargoyle only sleeps during daylight hours. The start of our sleep is when the sun rises and ends when the sun sets completely."

"So it's only for twelve hours… give or take…" Kagome muttered as she followed the Goliath and Hudson to the ledge of the tower as the trio and Angela had glide in from their night out in the city.

The first to see her was Brooklyn before he had touched down. "Kagome! Hey, how was your first night in the castle?"

While the crimson gargoyle was out with his brothers, he couldn't help but be a little worried even though he was certain that she wouldn't really be lonely with her family and Goliath, Hudson, and Bronx still within the castle. He and the others really wanted the snow white gargoyle to come with them.

"I was quite comfortable, Thank you, Brooklyn. Sesshoumaru, Shippó, and Xanatos-san kept me company." Kagome smiled, touched to see that the crimson seemed to have been worried about her adjusting to her new life on her first night.

Angela then spoke, over hearing Kagome's reply to Brooklyn, "That's good. Brooklyn and the rest of us were a bit worried that you would be lonely on your first night."

As Kagome was about to answer her, she heard a familiar yawn before she turned around to see her grandfather walking out into the open. His gate a bit slower and slightly unsteady compared to the last time she had seen her grandfather.


Making her way to the elderly man who had been the only father-like figure in her life, Kagome rested her hands on his shoulders to steady him while asking, "What are you doing up so early in the morning? Shouldn't you be resting some more?"

Jí-chan just smiled at her while reassuring, "I'm fine, Kagome. I just wanted to be here as support and a reminder that you will wake up again. And don't worry, I've always awakened with the sun."

Despite her grandfather's words of reassurance, Kagome couldn't help but feel that something was a little off; something about her grandfather seemed different from before her last trip through the well. Yes, he had aged a bit more and looked more tired than before… but something in his eyes and aura told her that it was something else.

Something she couldn't put her finger on but knew she had seen in many elderly folk in the Sengoku, Kaede included before Kagome went off to help fight Naraku…

'When the elderly were growing weak with their age…' she thought before realization started to dawn her, 'and their time is slowly running short…'

Remembering that she had been MIA from her family's lives for eight years made Kagome realize how long her grandfather must've held on to life just to see her awake again. Eight year before, he was only in his mid-eighties and now he was almost pushing his early nineties.

With this in mind and how long her grandfather waited and would most likely be willing to wait just for her awakening, Kagome fell to her knees, wrapped her arms around her grandfather's torso while resting her head against his shoulder, faintly hearing the old man's old but still strong heartbeat.

Jí-chan smiled softly before wrapping his arms around his granddaughter, speaking softly, "I remembered the last time you clung to me like this… it was after you had come home from your very first trip to the past. Your mother and I had thought you had gone missing or ran away even though Souta kept telling us that you were pulled into the well. After you had seemed to realize that you were finally home, you threw yourself into my arms, crying about you had been so scared that you would never be able to come home."

The memory made Kagome smile. She had remembered that evening. After barely dodging an attack from Yura of the Demon Hair, she had fell into the well only to wake up and realize that she was back home, with Jí-chan and Souta looking down at her with a flashlight. She also remember how relieved and happy she was that she was able to come home and the dam suddenly broke, releasing all her bottled up fears as she clung to her grandfather.

After she pulled away from him Jí-chan rested both hands on her cheeks and reassured, "I'll be here this evening when you wake up."

"Hai… I'll be waking up tonight." Even though she said this, she turned to Xanatos before asking with uncertainty, "I will be waking up tonight… right?" And as if they were wondering the same thing, Sesshoumaru and Shippo also turned to the brunette man who played a hand at helping awake their miko.

Xanatos, as well as the gargoyles, gave an upturn of their lips before he answered, "Since the breaking of the sleep spell was successful, aside from the results being a bit delayed, I doubt that she'll be turning to stone permanently again… unless she wanted to relocate to northern Alaska, where they have very long daylight hours."

With an amused chuckle at that humorous suggestion, Kagome stood and made her way to the other gargoyles who were now her new family. Stepping up to where Goliath said she was welcomed to make her spot, the miko turned gargoyle was about to awkwardly get into a position before Sesshoumaru stopped her.

Goliath watched as the new member of his pack looked to her demon brother before the pale haired male reached into his suit jacket and brought out was looked to be a pair of metallic folded fans. At seeing the white female gargoyle's curious eyes, Sesshoumaru flicked one of the fans open at the 'shink' of metal to reveal that each layer of the fan was, in fact, a smooth blade that was sharp, slightly long, and curved at the tips.

The clan leader heard Kagome almost gasp at the sight of the obvious weapon and saw the amazement in her deep blue eyes before she accepted the open fan and its closed twin. Goliath knew he had seen fans be used as weapons, especially after his encounter where Avalon had taken him, Eliza, Angela, and Bronx to Japan and they had met the Ishimura clan.

But the fans he had seen used as weapons generated electricity and didn't have lethal blades like the ones Kagome was given.

"These fans will only be temporary until I can schedule a time to start teaching you how to use the sword that I commissioned Toutousai to forge for you or even have your old fans imported to here." Sesshoumaru said, sounding pleased that his gift to his sister had in fact pleased her preference in weapons, even if they were temporary until one or both of the weapons he mentioned were brought to Manhattan.

"You mean the same sword you said that was to be my second close-range weapon at the final battle?" Kagome asked, looking up from the fans in her hands.

Once her training with the stoic lord and Sango was completed, Sesshoumaru had once said that he was going to request Toutousai to forge a sword for her but when he was about to commission the sword, one of Sesshoumaru's scouts received word about Naraku's impending attack on Kaede's village for the final battle, the Daiyoukai had the demon sword smith postponed the forging of the sword and requested for Toutousai to preserve not only the Daiyoukai's fang but also some of Kagome's blood that would make it possible for the miko to be compatible with the blade.

But unfortunately, even after Toutoutsai had finished making the sword, Kagome was never able to use it in battle, let alone test it or see it after transforming into a gargoyle and forcing her into a stone sleep.

At her question, Sesshoumaru nodded, "Once you are settled and I'm able to move to the US for a couple years, we will start making plans to pick back up on your training."

With a nod, Kagome took her position with the others when Goliath announced that the sun was approaching. Seeing the others, as well as Goliath, fall into fierce and frightening poses that reminded her of what she had seen in photos of gothic architecture. Pushing aside the hesitance and the sure embarrassment of doing a pose, Kagome flicked open her second bladed fan and dropped into the proper stance to use them as the sun peeked over the horizon, and her flesh turned to stone once more.

The miko gargoyle's form was that of both strength and grace of a female warrior. Her wings frozen in stone behind her as her tail was curved to keep her new body balanced in the battle-ready stance meant for the fans in her claws. Morning sun glistened along the sharp edges of her fans' blades and the marble-like stone of her stone form.

"Even after all the times I've watched them turn to stone or wake from their sleep, I never get tired of the sight." Xanatos said as the sun rose higher. He only wished he could see Kagome's sleeping form from the front rather than behind since he felt that she would be a sight to behold.

Sighing as he stood next to Jí-chan, Shippó spoke, "Well, I guess we should start hunting for houses or condos within New York and make plans to move within the states for a while. Not to mention we'll have to start making arrangements to get Kagome's sword and original fans into the country."

Nodding, Sesshoumaru agreed before turning to Xanatos, and asked, "Will it be all right to allow Kagome's family to stay within your home?"

Turning his attention away from Kagome's frozen stone form to Sesshoumaru, Xanatos reassuring, "Mrs. Higurashi, Souta, and Mr. Améryuu are more than welcome to stay as long as they like. And you, Shippó, and any others she knows are welcome to visit any time of the night."

There you go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again,
Heart beat again
There you go making me feel like a kid
Won't you do it and do it one time?
There you go pulling me right back in,
Right back in,
Right back in
And I know-oo I'm never letting this go-ooo

The sound of a ringtone could be heard, making Jí-chan and Xanatos look around curiously while Sesshoumaru looked at Shippó with a deadpanned look. The Daiyoukai knew it wasn't his cell phone because he never set a ringtone for any caller IDs… aside from using a song or three from Within Temptation for whenever Souta called.

I'm stuck on you
Whutooo whutooo
Stuck like glue
You and me baby we're stuck like glue
Whutooo whutooo
Stuck like glue
You and me baby we're stuck like glue

The kitsune looked sheepish as all eyes looked to him before he reached for his cell phone. With the ringtone, he knew that it was his mate, considering she was the one who set the ringtone with her caller ID.

Flipping the phone open, Shippó answered, "Morning Sweetie!"

"Don't be 'Morning Sweetie" me! Where are you?" Sounded the voice of his lovely mate of almost four hundred years, her voice reflecting her not only her anger of him not coming to their hotel room at all during the night, but also her worry of him not calling her to tell him where he was at.

As Shippó apologized to his mate with a sheepish grin, Sesshoumaru noticed Xanatos's curiosity answered his silent question, "His wife. Shippó never called her before coming here or even stopped by their hotel room to check in with her."

Nodding in understanding, Xanatos continued to listen despite he didn't understand Japanese. 'I'm going to have to learn the language since most of our guests have it as a first language.' After this thought and internally making arrangements to have Owen get a language program for him, Xanatos suggested, "How about we head inside for breakfast while we leave him to take his call privately."

"I believe that would be wise… fore I do not desire to listen to this lovers squabble…" Sesshoumaru said in agreement before asking Jí-chan to come inside the castle to meet with his family but also have some breakfast before starting their day.

With the kitsune alone, Shippó did his best to calm his mate before answering her question of his location, "I'm at the top of the Eerie Building, love. Remember when I told you that Souta-oji had found someone who could help awaken my mother?"

After a pause from the other end, the kitsune heard the female answer in realization, "Ah, yes… I remember. How did it go? Did taking her there work?"

Shippó gave a soft chuckle before answering, ecstatic, "Believe it or not… it actually did! And to make it even better, there are gargoyles living here as well that used to be under the same spell. Oká-san won't be lonely in her new form and can start over with a new life if we can't find a way to make her human again."

From the other end, Shippó's mate smiled, happy that her beloved's mother- her mother-in-law was finally away. She had heard many a great things about her, including her part in the final battle and what had happened to her. There wasn't a single day that she didn't notice how much her mate missed his mother whenever he talked about her to their kids whenever they ask for a story about their grandmother.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard her mate say, "Once I'm certain she's all settled and used to her new surroundings and such, I'll definitely set up a date to bring you and the kids to meet her. I know she's going to so happy to meet you guys."

"Well, until then, we'll be waiting. Now… can you come back to the hotel room? Because of my worry, I hadn't had that much sleep and Kasumi was sad that you weren't there to tuck her in or even kiss her or her soon-to-be born sibling goodnight."

"I'll be right there for breakfast, love. I was just so happy and excited that Oká-san was awake that I forgot to call you to tell you where I was."

After that with a few other words exchanged, Shippó hung and started to make his way inside but not before looking back at his mother who was asleep but not permanently so with a smile on his face. 'I'm glad you're okay Oká-san… I'll keep my word and always protect you. Until tonight, sleep safely…'

And with that, Shippó continued his trek inside to notify Sesshoumaru and Xanatos that he'd be take his leave for the day but would be returning that night to visit his mother again.

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