Fandom: Please Save My Earth

Title: I Wish

Rating: PG-13 for some angsty stuff

Pairing: Shion/Mokuren (POV Shion)

Author: fLakt

Dislaimer: I do not own Please Save My Earth, everything belongs to Saki Hiwatari, etc.

I wish I could return to where

We'd been as joyous as the stars,

I wish I could return to fair

Times when we had no scars.

I wish the memories of old

Could be alive, could save us all;

The only thing they do is fold

The minds in single downfall.

I wish I could return the days

Of pride, of happiness, of peace;

We had the Earth, we had the space,

And I could see you, hear, kiss...

In madness stilled, in darkness held,

I'm just a death-awaiting thing;

I wish I could forget I felt

Your love, I heard you sing.