Never Really Alone

"It's been years since we left him. He never even knew us. They must have just told him we were dead…" A woman says to a man as she cries lightly. They look at each other in a dark room. It was a small room on a cabin in a forest somewhere. The only light was from the full moon in the sky and a single candle. They were lying on a bed facing each other. The man nods and hugs his wife close.

"After I was told the only way I could save the village was by sealing the Kyuubi in him. The Third told me I had to leave. No one could know that I lived. I was able to save you, but we had to leave him in the village. I know that he must have been hated by those people all his life. Which is why… It's time he knew that there have been two people who had always loved him." He says as he gently kisses the woman.

"Tomorrow, we start on our journey, back to Konoha. To see our son for the first time in 18 years…"