Alright, even though I've said it many times I feel like I should say it again. I don't abandon my fanfics. But after such a long time has passed since I wrote and fully updated this and since it was my first work, I can't fully say I'm happy with this. I still like my idea but I can't stand my old style. I've changed so much as a writer i feel that connecting with this story with the way I've learned to write now will throw it off to much. So I'm not going to abandon it, but rewrite it. I just feel like it could be so much better if i did, I was just learning then and I feel much more confident now. I've decided this right as I start to enter exams so sorry, will be a while before I full begin the rewrite but I just wanted to put this out there now. Please keep reading this, I am still in love with my idea. Just not the way I used to write. Thank you!

Hinata Uzumaki-sama