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Chapter 32 (May 7th)






Bent in half, a trembling hand clutching the bark of the tree beside her, Sarah gasped in heavy lung filled breaths of air. Her calves burned in fury, feet protesting their abuse – even her hands hurt!

Damn. I really need to get into shape, she cursed herself mentally. I used to be able to run three times what I've done and not be out of breath!


She lifted her head up enough to identify the speaker as Azrael, Adian walking alongside him, before dropping it back down to focus on breathing.

"Sarah? Are you okay?"

"M'fine… exercise… icky…"

Adian snorted and let go of Azrael's hand, walking over and gently pulling her into a standing position. "In through your nose, out through your mouth." She inhaled quickly. "Hold it for a few seconds." Her lungs protested angrily. "Okay, out slowly."

A few times later, she could finally breathe though her heart was still racing.

"Thanks," she panted.

"Anytime." He smiled faintly and took a step back, hand automatically swinging back to grab Azrael's as the other panther reached them. "Why were you exercising?"

"I used to run all the time," she explained, leaning back against the tree and summoning a water bottle. "But since last fall I've fallen out of the habit – mainly because I have too much to do. I decided I should probably work on that if there are going to be more battles where I'll be running around a lot."

"Good idea," Azrael agreed. "But don't tire yourself out too much. You've still got the rest of the day ahead of you."

"Bah." She stretched lightly. "I can take a nap."

"Oh the stresses of being a mortal-turned-fae," Aidan remarked dryly. Sarah winked and stretched lightly, vanishing the water bottle.

"So… wanna race back to the castle?"






Jareth stepped out the front doors to the castle, trying to locate Sarah for lunch when he heard shouting. Turning to his left, he watched in almost detached amusement as a pretty brunette charged out of the forest, two panthers running alongside her easily.

"I'm… gonna… win!" Sarah shouted furiously, trying to run even faster.

Azrael let out a yeowl of laughter and charged forward, brunette and panther racing for Jareth. Aidan just followed behind at a slower pace, shaking his head. They reached him at almost the same time, Azrael winning by a few feet.

Sarah bent in half, panting heavily. "Oh… how I… hate you…"

Azrael yeowled in amusement, transforming into his humanoid shape to stand beside Aidan as he padded up next to him. "You should never bet a panther to a running contest.

"I hate you," Sarah groaned, stumbling to Jareth and holding her arms out. "My legs hurt. Pick me up?"

He lifted an eyebrow as the panthers sniggered. He crossed his arms and she let out a yelp as she was suddenly floating a few feet in the air.

"Jareth! That's not picking me up!"

He shrugged. "I don't care. It's lunch time." He glanced at the panthers. "You're welcome to join us."

Azrael frowned in concern. "Are you alright?"


"I mean you seem a bit-"

"I said I was fine." The panthers' eyes widened. Sarah frowned at Jareth, slowly floating to the ground.

"Alright, Jareth. You're fine. Lead the way, yeah." His jaw tightened then loosened and he nodded, walking back into the castle. Sarah shrugged at the looks she got. "He's probably pms-ing. Just ignore it. You eating with us?"

"Might as well," Aidan replied when Azrael looked at him hopefully. "We'll head back afterwards."

"Sounds good. Come on." They chatted lightly on the walk to the dining room, Jareth already having made it there, seated near the end of the table.

"Here." Sarah motioned to the seats across from her. "You guys can sit there-"

"NOOOOOOO!" All eyes shot to Kira who was staring in horror at her plate.

Alan sighed heavily and rubbed his face. "Really?"

"Shut up, Alan!" she snapped and pointed at her plate. "Get rid of it!"

"Get rid of what?" Azrael asked.

Alan held up a piece of broccoli. Sarah (and everyone except Hotaru and Jareth) sniggered.

"Kira, you set a horrible example for your children's eating habits," Hotaru informed her.

Kira shrugged. "They usually eat it for me so they're actually eating more veggies." She turned to her husband with a scowl and pointed to the plate. He just sighed again and scrapped the tiny green trees onto his own plate.

Sarah smirked and opened her mouth but Alan spotted it.

"Don't you dare say anything, Sarah," he snapped. "You've been putting your tomatoes onto Jareth's plate since you sat down!"

She pouted, glancing at Jareth who wasn't looking up. "Aw. Jareth doesn't mind, do you poofy-head?"

He snarled at her and everyone at the table froze. His jaw clenched and unclenched a few times before he let out a sigh.

"Apologies. I'm not in a good mood."

Jason opened his mouth then apparently thought better and snapped it shut. Conversation slowly trickled back in after that but Sarah glanced at the blond in worry. Her glances seemed to be making him angrier so she quickly looked away and refused to look for the rest of lunch.






After lunch they retired to the library. Sarah glanced at Jareth, knowing he was still furious but trying to hide it behind his stoic mask. She saw Jason and Kira glancing at the blond as well, just waiting for him to explode. Kira and the Musketeers curled into a couch in the corner, the mom happily reading one of their favorite fairy tales to them. Alan and Sarah shared a couch, Jason and Kara across from them as they played a card game. Jareth sat in his own chair slightly out of the circle, gloves in his lap, fingers interlocked and glowing lightly. (Sarah knew he was trying to seclude himself to get rid of his horrible mood). Hotaru sat in her own chair by the fire, eyes shut as she took an after lunch nap, hands wrapped tight around a cup of tea.

"ARGH! Damn you Sarah!" Alan shouted, throwing his cards onto the table. The brunette smirked, drawing the pile of chips towards her. Kara and Jason shared an amused look and tossed their cards down as well.

"How do you keep winning? You said you'd never played poker before!"

"I never said that," she corrected, shuffling the cards. "I said I couldn't remember when I'd played that last."

"You lie."

"No, I'm just wicked fan-awe-tastic-some-ly cool," Sarah chirped happily.

Alan gave her a look. "That's not a word."

"You're a moron," Jareth grumbled.

Sarah pouted at the blond fae. "Just because you're jealous at my word making ability-"

He let out a rough bark of laughter. "Why would I be jealous?"

Her hackles rose instantly. "Look. Don't take your stress out on me."

"Oh realized that did you? Using that thing you call a brain?"

It was a stupid fight starter but her annoyance skyrocketed into fury.

"Sarah," Kara began with a sigh.

"Shut up Kara!" Sarah snapped, leaping to her feet. "Jareth! You complete and utter-" She was glad she remembered the Musketeers were in the room. "Jerk! What the hell is your problem?"

Hotaru suddenly let out a soft noise of surprise from behind them but neither turned to address it, thinking she was going to try and stop their argument. Jareth opened his mouth to answer with a furious reply but it was cut off when Sarah flinched as something warm and wet hit her cheek. His eyes widened as did hers when her fingers rubbed at the thick maroon sludge.

Turning quickly, they both froze at the sight before them. Hotaru blinked in confusion, slowly looking down at her stomach where a gaping wound was, blood pooling around her feet. With a soft gasp, she fell to her knees. Alan and Jason had been closest, both falling to the ground beside her, each grabbing a hand as she started convulsing.

"MOM!" Kira screamed in horror, dropping the book she'd been reading to the Musketeers and racing for her mother. Jareth and Kara seemed to apparate they got to her side so fast, the strawberry-blond muttering frantically under her breath as her hands flattened against Hotaru's bleeding stomach.

"Kira!" Alan snapped. "Get the kids out of here! Now! Jason, go with her!" Jason was instantly up and pushing Kira away, ushering the two eldest out while Kira snatched up the two youngest, stumbling from the tears clouding her vision.

"What do I do?" Sarah cried in horror.

"Go get help!" Kara said furiously, hands already glowing as she shoved them into the pooling blood. Jareth ripped off his gloves, putting his hands on Kara's forearms. "Anyone who can heal!"

Spinning on her heel, Sarah raced for the doorway. Just as she reached the doorframe, she recalled that she had magic now and summed up the energy to apparate to the hospital wing. Luckily Sakura was reclining in a chair, Mary nearby. They both jumped as Sarah snapped into being before their eyes.

"Hurry to the library!" she cried. "Hotaru needs help!" They were instantly packing up and flying out the door. Concentrating, Sarah apparated again.

There was a snort of surprise and she didn't take the time to examine the herd of unicorns around her, reaching forward to grab Ikkakujuu and Edenorog's wrists. "Hotaru is hurt! She needs help!"

"Release us," Ikkakujuu said sternly. "We can get there quicker using our magic."

Sarah nodded. "She's in the library," she said, releasing them before she apparated once more.

Samra let out a shriek, falling off the couch she sat on. "Sarah! How the hell did you just appear in my room?"

"No time!" Sarah cried. "Hotaru's hurt! She needs help!"

"Oh dear." She tapped her bracelet twice and held out a hand. "Bring me to her." Sarah forced her magic to accept Samra as part of her for the journey, the library swirling around them.

Hotaru had been laid out, her head resting on Edenorog's folded legs, the unicorn's eyes shut, fingers on Hotaru's temples. Kara was on her right, Ikkakujuu on her left, Sakura and Mary on either side, all four pushing magic into her. Samra quickly raced over, falling to the ground beside Kara and diving into the healing process.

"Will she be okay?" Sarah asked in worry, a headache beginning to pound against her temples. Jareth just clenched his jaw. "Where's your dad?" He turned to her in confusion. "I'm sure he'd like to be here."

His mouth opened then snapped shut, eyes betraying the conflicted emotions; leaving his mother to find his father or staying and not telling his father his mother might be dying?

Sarah grabbed his forearm, ignoring the sudden surge of energy she felt when her fingertips brushed against his bare wrist. "I'll get him. Where is he?"

He looked down at her hand, brow furrowing in confusion. "Probably in High City." She nodded and stepped back, focusing on appearing beside Glorificus. "Wait, Sar-"

Jareth vanished, the huge meeting room she'd been in months ago reappearing before her eyes. The meeting she'd interrupted skidded to a halt as people began shouting and guards raced for her. Glorificus was sitting in front of her, eyes wide in surprise, twisted in his seat to look at her.

"Sarah?" he asked, quickly holding a hand up to the guards. "What are you doing here? How did you apparate into this room?"

"No time!" she cried, stepping forward and nearly collapsing as her sudden surge of energy turned to weariness. He leapt to his feet and grabbed her to keep her nose from meeting the stone floor. "Hotaru's hurt! You need to get there now!"

His face turned to stone and he turned to nod at another council member before straightening Sarah and vanishing from the room. The library reappeared around them.

"Goddess damn it all! She's crashing! Sakura! We need a transfusion or something!" Glorificus inhaled sharply, Sarah feeling the world beginning to spin around her, only Glorificus' hands tight on her biceps keeping her standing. "Who has the closest blood type?"


"Damn it Kara! Focus! Who?"

"She's a type-" Sarah blanked out the huge word that Kara used. "I think the closest match would be Kira – well, Katrina but she's too little for so much blood."

"So we use both! Jareth! Go get them!"

"Wait! Sarah! You too! Get over here! You're like a blank slate for blood since you were a mortal!"

Sarah stumbled to their side, dropping like a rock beside Sakura who looked worried. "Are you okay?"

"M'tired," she mumbled, holding out her arm. "Take it, you bloodsuckers… don't tell Daederath I called you that. He'll get offend'd." Sakura snorted and Sarah felt the briefest prick of a needle as the colors around her began to swirl.

"Dad!" Kara shouted. "Get over here! You too Jareth! We need some more power to make this work!"

Sarah watched him move over, the room going in and out of focus and trembling. "Sa'ura?"


"Keep the… blood goin' ba… just wan you… t'no… I'm gun'a pass out now."

"What?... Sarah!" And the world went dark.






Letting out a low moan, Sarah groggily ran her hand down her face. "Ohhh. I shouldn'ta drunk las' ni'." Slowly she sat up, pushing the covers away with one hand and holding her forehead with the other.

"Oh! Sarah! Don't sit up!" She barely had time to pry her eyes open to see who was assaulting her as she was pushed back down. The pink hair gave the assailant away.

"Sakura? M'gunna puke."

"Oh dear." The bucket was shoved under her face just in time. "How are you feeling?"

"Like crap." She accepted the cool cloth with a soft thanks, flopping gently back onto the bed. "What happened?"

"Do you remember Hotaru getting hurt?"

She sat up quickly but her upset stomach and Sakura's pushing forced her back down. "Is Hotaru okay?"

"More than fine," Sakura laughed incredulously. "You saved her life."

"But I didn't do anything… cept give her my blood… is that why I'm so sick? You bloodsuckers." She winced. "Don't tell Daederath I called you that-"

"He'll get offended."

She lifted the cloth to peer at the nurse. "How'd you know I'd say that?"

"Because… you told us before you passed out?" Sakura looked worried. "You don't remember?"

"No." She waved a hand, replacing the cloth. "But I felt like I was drunk when I got back from getting Glory so I wouldn't be surprised. So what happened to Hotaru?"

"Jareth will explain later. You really need to sleep."

"M'not tired." Her body betrayed her and made her yawn.

"Oh really?"

"Mmhmm." She started to fall asleep but was able to get out "tell Jareth to get in here a-sap" before she zonked out.






Sarah woke to the sight of a familiar blond, but not the blond she'd wanted. She pouted. "As happy as I am to see you Glory, I'd rather have Jareth."

He snorted in amusement. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine. Tired. What time it is?"

"Almost eight. Dinner will be served in a half hour."

She peeked open an eye and found him staring at her. "Why are you staring?"

"Sarah, you continue to amaze," Glorificus said with a soft smile. "You should not be able to apparate into the center of the unicorn herd. You should not be able to apparate into Toroku's chambers. You most definitely should not be able to apparate into a High Council meeting. You should not be able to do any of them yet you did them all consecutively and in doing so, you saved Hotaru's life." He grabbed her hand and squeezed. "And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Despite having this privilege already, should you need anything you need only just ask for it and it will be yours."

"I need some advil and a bottle of liquor so that I can pass out and prepare for the hangover in the morning," she grumbled, rubbing her temples. "Why do I feel like I got run over by a dump truck?"

"Despite not knowing with advil or a dump truck is, I'd say it's a result of the backlash of using too much magic at once," he stood "and I will be getting you pain medication at once." He slid out of the room and returned only a moment later with Sakura.

Sarah groaned. "You said you'd be getting me pain medicine, not bringing more pain." Sakura brushed the jab off with experience and Glorificus lifted an eyebrow. "Don't worry Glory. She knows I love her."

"Like a broken arm," Sakura remarked sarcastically, holding out two pills. "Down these with the entire glass of water. Then I want you to eat something before you pass out. Got it, brat?"

"Sure thing, docta-mum."

"Don't backtalk or you're not getting out of here for weeks instead of hours."

Sarah made a face but downed the pills and the water. "Can I leave now docta?"

Sakura crossed her arms and Sarah recognized the 'no way in hell' speech about to erupt and was just about to resign herself to the fact she was going nowhere when Glorificus took a step forward.

"Ma'am," he said soothingly. "I promise to keep an eye on her if you release her now."

Sakura stared at him for a long moment before sighing. "Just… don't let her go crazy. If she feels faint or dizzy, make her come back."

"Yes ma'am."

Sarah sat up and slid her legs over the side. Luckily, they didn't collapse under her. She shot Sakura a thumbs up and headed for the doorway. "Let's go Glory!" He followed quickly. Sakura shouted after her to remember to return if she got dizzy. Sarah yelled back some sort of affirmative and hurried away.

"Whoa." Sarah stumbled slightly as the hallway tilted around her. Glorificus reached out and grabbed her shoulders to steady her. She blinked a few times and the dizziness went away. "Thanks."

"Didn't your doctor just tell you to return if you felt dizziness?"

"She won't know I felt it if we don't tell her."



They traveled in silence for a few more minutes, Sarah focusing on putting one foot in front of the other as her dizziness slowly vanished. This led to her getting distracted and focusing on not stepping on a crack in the floor.

"You know…" She jumped, having forgotten he was walking alongside her. He just lifted an eyebrow and continued. "Despite knowing you for months, despite knowing how you act, how you don't demand anything, how not-normal you are-" Sarah made a face. "-I'm still surprised that you've not asked anything of me yet."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean," he let out a soft laugh of amazement. "I mean that I'm High King. I gave my word to give you whatever you desired. You could ask for my crown and I'd have to give to you."

She made a face. "Um. Thanks but no thanks. I've seen the amount of paperwork Jareth has to do and he's not even High King."

Glorificus rolled his eyes. "You're missing the point."

"I got the point. I just decided to gloss it over with a funny joke. Look," she stopped and turned to face him. "If I need something, I'll ask you for it, but it won't ever be anything like that. It'll probably be for you to hold Jareth behind for a few minutes so I can finish a prank or-or tell some people off so that Jareth can have a day off or help me organize a party that Jareth has no knowledge of in order to startle and/or annoy the hell out of him." He chuckled. "What I mean to say is that I expect nothing for helping Hotaru. I'd have done it for anyone regardless of their standing in society."

"I know, yet knowing this, it still surprises me that I'm surprised you haven't asked for anything."

"Fine." She held out her hand. "I want a bar of chocolate." He raised an eyebrow but it appeared in her hand. "Sweet." As she unwrapped it and continued down the hall, she called back over her shoulder, "we're good, right?"

Lifting his eyes to the ceiling, he let out a soft breath and caught up to her quickly. "Dear goddess, give me strength."

"Yeah." She rolled her eyes and bit into the chocolate. "You're totally related to Jareth. He does that a lot too."






The rest of the inhabitants of Goblin Castle (besides Hotaru who was still unconscious in the hospital wing), were gathered at the dining hall table. The only free spots were beside Samra, between Kara and Jason (which was never a safe spot to be) or between Alan and Jareth. Deciding that Jareth would go all mother-hen-ish on her if he noticed she were still tired, she took the seat beside Samra to allow Glory to sit beside his son and son-in-law.

"So what happened?" Sarah asked then grunted when Samra hugged her. "What it a curse or magic or something?"

"Nope," Samra replied, reaching out to put more food on her plate before shoveling it into her mouth. Sarah wrinkled her nose but said nothing about the elf's table manners. Instead, she served herself a helping of pasta and chicken – something she knew her upset stomach would hold down.

"It was a poison. They put it in a capsule and hid it in her food. After so much time passed, the capsule disintegrated and the poison burst her stomach which melted through the skin causing it to burst almost immediately," Kara recited tonelessly, as though reading from a book. Sarah wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Basically, if it had happened when she was alone, she would have died. You need to pretty much be standing in a hospital at the same time your stomach explodes in order for you to survive."

"Or have a Sarah Williams handy to apparate around the world and get all of the people you need to heal the victim," Samra chirped happily. Sarah lifted an eyebrow as the elf began piling her once again empty plate.

"How'd you do that by the way?" Alan asked, reaching over to steal the broccoli off Kira's plate as she stared at it in disgust. Sarah wondered why she kept getting broccoli even though everyone knew she hated it.

"I dunno." She stirred her pasta around her plate. "As I was leaving here I remembered I could apparate so I went and told Mary and Sakura first then I apparated to Kaku and Eden and they said they'd get here faster without me so then I went to get Samra who came back with me but when I came back I was feeling bad, like I got a headache and my stomach hurt a bit but then I grabbed Jareth's hand and I started felt better so I went to get Glory and nearly passed out when I tried to walk but he grabbed me and then he brought us back and the world started spinning and then you vampires took all of my blood and I passed out."

"She stole some of my magic," Jareth said after a minute, people shaking themselves from the coma-like state Sarah's speech had put them into. "When she apparated back with Samra, she grabbed my hand and accidentally touched my wrist."

"So by touching your wrist I stole your magic?" Sarah asked in confusion, mind half on the conversation, half watching in amazement as Samra filled up her plate again.

"Yeup. That's why I wear gloves."

"Oh." He lifted an eyebrow. "I just always figured it was part of your outfit… or that you were a germaphobe."

Jason sniggered, biting his lip and looking at his plate, Kara covering her mouth with a hand and looking away. Jareth sighed and rubbed his forehead in annoyance.

"He is a germaphobe," Kira announced, looking up from her plate as the last broccoli left it. "He hates germs so he wears gloves. Always has."

He crossed his arms. "Lies."

"Is not," she shot back childishly.

"Is too."

"Children," Hotaru said sternly as she slid into the seat across from Sarah.

"Sorry mum," they mumbled, glaring at each other. Sarah grinned and waited for it… "MUM!"

"What are you doing out of bed?" Kara snapped.

"They said I was free to leave!" She pulled a plate of pasta over. "You all did such a wonderful job of healing me that I don't need any bed rest!"

"You escaped, didn't you?" Jareth asked wearily.

She grinned victoriously. "There is a reason I'm High Queen."

Sarah lost interest in the conversation immediately as Samra reached for her eighth plate (that Sarah had seen) of food, piling it high and digging in.

"Oh my goddess!" Sarah finally interrupted. "Where the hell are you putting it?"

Samra looked up at her in surprise. "Huh?" She blushed as she realized all eyes were on her. "Sorry. My magic's basically eating everything that enters my system." She began shoveling food in again but paused in between spoonfuls. "I used up so much that it needs to, literally, be fed before I can do anything else."

"Ah." She turned to look at Kara. "So why aren't you eating as much?"

"I'm fae and Samra's an elf. Different species is different magic."

She sipped at her drink as Jason leaned forward with a grin, "and she ate four galleons of ice cream while you were unconscious." Kara choked on her drink then spun to whack him, realized her mother was in the way then pouted. Hotaru just laughed.

"Come on," the older woman said, getting to her feet. "Let's retire to the library."

"You sure?" Jason asked cheekily. "I mean, you did almost die in there."

"There's a saying that you have to get back on the horse after falling or something."

"The library isn't a horse."

Hotaru whapped him upside the head. "You're ruining my metaphor. Get." Kara snickered as the amber eyed man quickly scurried away.

"Oh. Jareth," Glorificus said as they were the last ones leaving the room. "I am sorry for doubting you about how annoying she is."

Jareth blinked at him in surprise. "What?"

"Sarah. She's very annoying."

"I know she is," Jareth said slowly. "I've told you that a million times. How have you just figured this out?"

"I told her that because she saved Hotaru's life, I was in her debt. Whatever she wanted, she would get." Jareth's eyebrows lifted in surprise. "She asked for a chocolate bar and said we were 'good.'"

Jareth pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a ragged sigh before rolling his eyes heavenward.

"See!" Sarah chimed, suddenly standing beside them. "I told you Jareth does the same thing! So is that debt thing still on? Can I have another chocolate bar?" She was lucky enough to escape with her life.







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Chuckling, he leaned against the doorframe, crossed his arms and turned to look into the room. "Still mad?"

Jareth reappeared, leaning against his desk. "No. I wasn't really mad at her, just annoyed."

"Hmmm." Jason glanced back down the hall. "Does she know?"

"I don't think so… I warned everyone not to tell her because I didn't want a party."

"It's very suspicious she chose today to be nice."

"It is. But I'll figure out what she's up to at the picnic."

"You know," Jason stood straight, walking back to his desk and flopping into the seat. "I think she wanted it to be a surprise."

"Hm." Jareth twisted to face him. "Well maybe she shouldn't have attacked me with a water gun when I walked out of my meeting."