Writers block has hit me so bad and all my ideas have crammed themselves into my head and I'm about to pull my hair out. This chap is due to this writers block and plot bunnies thingy, I don't know, just ideas that I have to get out of my head so I can write what I need too, anyway enjoy.

Summary: Life has moved on for most of everyone, even for the notorious Marik, who comes across a beaten and bloody Ryou one night in the street, but who is responsible?

Warnings: M for the safe side and some bad language … I own nothing.

Chap 1: Can of Worms!

"Order up!" Came a call from somewhere in the kitchen, dark but stunning lavender eyes glanced up as his meal was placed down in front of him. "Anything else I can get you?" Asked the overly cheery waitress, a small notebook in her hand a pen at the ready.

"No!" He shook his head and glanced at the plate in front of him at what was meant to be tomato soup with bread and a coffee.

"Okay, holler if you need anything." She turned about and walked off to serve someone else.

The soup was almost white and the bread looked as though someone had already eaten from it and the coffee… well he just pushed it all away with a sigh and glanced out the window.

Life had been so much better in the old days of wanting to rule the world…. scratch that he wanted to destroy it, plunge it into ever lasting darkness and take joy in hearing his victims scream for mercy and fall at his feet begging for their lives. It was all nothing but dreams and now such things were for the dreamers. He was a doer…

Yes he had come so close to achieving his goals that he could taste it and feel it and it was all in the palms of his hands, but who knew that a certain Pharaoh would come back, FROM THE DEAD! To bite him in the ass and send HIM, back to where everyone thought he belonged.

Fools the damn lot of them, it took weeks to crawl out of that bloody realm and then he had to find his own way in the world and strangely he wasn't compelled to leave for his original place of birth in Egypt. "Sir?!" Came that same waitress. "Sir, we are closing up now." She smiled brightly at him. How could she look so cheery after working a whole day and getting paid next to nothing?

He got up without a word and dropped a few notes onto the table and left without touching his food. Stepping outside into the heavy rain he glanced about as he pulled his jacket up more. The lights to the diner went out, throwing him into almost complete darkness, save for the very little streetlight across the road that flicked on and off.

He snarled at nothing in particular and started his walk back to his small but cosy apartment and was soaked instantly the second he stepped out into the rain.

He walked the five blocks past loud nightclubs, strip bars and just plan bars for the nighttime partygoers and drinkers. A few more blocks and the rain had gotten heavier with every step; he knew this wasn't normal for it to rain nearly everyday for the last week, was it?

Something suddenly fell at his feet making him stop and pause with a raised eyebrow. It just fell right in front of him out of nowhere and it was a body, a dead one by the looks of it and naked… murders weren't uncommon in this part of town, the best thing was to look the other away, keep going and you saw nothing.

It breathed, it's back raised as it reached out a hand as if trying to crawl away from whatever drove it here. He smirked a little amused that someone would fight for the will to stay alive, even though it looked as though it should have been dead. He felt a little moved or compassion to pull out his switchblade and put it out of its misery. He wasn't sure if it was male or female but either away, he couldn't tell as it was covered in open large wounds on its back and dry blood, it's hair long but a mucky brown thick with dirt, blood was washing away by the rain.

He turned to walk around it, but something got his attention, it stood out like a beacon against the dark and his heart leapt in his chest at the oh so familiar sight, of pale white skin that had washed clean. He knew the boy, of all the damn places, this weak pathetic lump of flesh falls right at his feet. But yet… a spark of interest struck him, on who would have done such a thing? Everyone knew that touching ones, Light, would face a wrath unlike anything seen before, even his own host, as much as he loathed his Host, anyone lay a finger on him and he would have killed them without batting an eye. It was an unspoken law to ones such as himself… And no he wasn't by any means obligated to helping another's Host either.

He stepped around the boy to continue his walk, but stopped again and frowned looking over his shoulder, then slowly scanned the area about him, where was the Host's dark Soul? He soon glanced back at the broken body behind him, the boy was still alive, but barely. He would be dead within the hour if he didn't get help.

This, what he was about to do was going to open a can of fucking worms that he wasn't interested in getting involved with. Letting out a small growl and with his mind made up, he walked back taking off his jacket and placed it over the boy, wrapping it over him and gathered him up in his arms, no pained whimpers or sobs, the boy lay limp in his arms as if already dead… 'Should I even bother?' He asked himself.

Surprisingly though, he soon found himself standing in the hospital; the boy was covered from his shoulders to his thighs by the black jacket and not to mention the blood that dripped from the body. He swore that the boy had bleed out enough to have died six blocks back. "Oh my!" A nurse rushed up followed by more and soon his burden was taken from him, after standing about for fifteen minutes.

He turned to leave, leaving the rest up to whoever would help the boy. "Excuse me?" He turned and glared at the young woman. "I need a few details from you." She said softly.

"I know nothing." He snapped and turned to leave again, but a hand was gently placed on his arm and he growled glaring at the woman as she quickly pulled her hand back.

"Do you know him? How come you brought him in? Do you know what happened to him? What's his name? So we can treat him properly?" She rambled on; she must have done it a thousand times before, trying to get her information as quickly as she could.

Damn it! Why couldn't they just fix the boy and leave him alone? He already did the whole 'good deed' for a fucking lifetime! Hell, he lived on the other side of town and had walked all the way here, to be bothered about details? "He fell at my feet." He turned to leave again.

"Please, if we don't have a name we can't treat him correctly." She was pleading with him now, great!

"His name is Ryou Bakura and he found me on my way home." With that he headed for the doors and no extra cash for a cab.

"Could I get your name?!" She called after him writing everything down he had told her.

"… It's… Marik." He threw over his shoulder before disappearing into the rainy night.

Marik walked into the hospital like he had over the last five days and headed for the room. Passing doctors, nurses and patience, no one talked to him or told him of the boys progress either, and he liked it like that. Marik would sit on the chair in the room looking out over the city from the window on the seventh floor.

Marik never said a word to the unconscious boy in the bed, he would just sit here in this little white room and with that fucking beeping sound… what the hell was it anyway, some kind of clock? It was getting on Marik's nerves and it was about time that he fixed it, he stood up.

Movement from the boy got his attention off the heart monitor. "Good morning." Said a doctor as he walked in smiling, old looking guy with grey hair and kinda round on all sides and very short.

Marik had found himself thinking about Ryou, who he really only knew by name and nothing else and came here every afternoon at the same time after work to see how he was going… but why did he come everyday was the fact that he wanted to know, who had done this to the boy. "He went in for Scans this morning and the swelling in his head has gone down, a lot."

Marik nodded, though it looked as if he wasn't interested in what the doctor had to say, but he was listening to every word spoken about the boy. "The broken bones in his wrist have set and should heal nicely." The Doctor finished up and checked on the boy's vitals. "His fever has come down a little as well."

"When will he wake up?" Marik asked from his seat against the wall, he was more interested on who had placed the boy in the hospital to begin with.

"Oh, he was awake last night." The doctor smiled again and Marik tensed up.

"And?!" Marik growled, patience was not one of his virtues. "Did he say anything?"

"He asked where he was." The older man shrugged looking over the boy. "But then passed out once we told him." The doctor lent on the end of the bed. "But we won't know the extent on the damage done, until he wakes up properly." There he goes again, thinking that Marik gave a shit… one thing he hated and that was being curious about something and it felt as if it was eating him up on the inside not knowing.

He fell silent again his eyes narrowed on the boy as he got himself comfy again maybe if he ignored the doctor he would… The older man then left the room and Marik soon fell asleep in the chair.

"H-hello?" Came a soft unsure whisper, Marik opened one eye then the other and focused on the boy sitting up in the bed watching him.

"About time you woke up." Marik stood up and approached the bed, maybe now he could leave once he found out what he wanted to know… and then he would never have to see the boy again. "So tell me who beat the shit out of you?" He was getting to the point.

The boy bit his lip and shifted in the bed looking about for anything that would remind him of where he was. Turning his light brown eyes back onto the other and asked. "First, I would like to know…"

"He's awake!" Came the doctor's voice and the two nurses as they entered the room, pushing Marik aside to get to the boy in the bed and in no time, Marik was shoved out of the room altogether.

Twenty minutes later and Marik was wondering why the hell he was sticking about for, sitting in a waiting room full of sick people waiting to be seen. "Marik?!" Called the same doctor looking for him.

Marik swiftly stood up and walked over. "We have a slight set back." The two walked back to the room to see Ryou sitting up in the bed with a frown and looking about, but smiled softly at seeing Marik. "Ryou here is able to leave and go home this afternoon."

"So soon?" Marik asked a little surprised, did they need the beds and room?

"Everything is fine and nothing medication at home can't do for us in making him well again."

"You're telling me, why?" Marik asked.

"Because Ryou here can't be on his own, he'll need to be watched over for a while until he regains his…"

"Look!" Marik cut off the doctor with a raised hand and turned to Ryou. "Where is Bakura?" The boy bit his lip and looked at the doctor looking a little lost and worried.

"I don't know… who that is." Ryou finished off softly.

"What you mean you don't know him?" Marik just about choked on the air he was breathing. "Of course you know him, his been with you since…" Marik growled out. "You know him." He said as if it was a command. "What the next thing your going to say is that you don't know, me… or what happened to you!" Marik just out right laughed it was ridiculous, the boy not knowing who Bakura was.

"I don't know you." Ryou mumbled hoping he wasn't heard.

"Stop playing about." Marik growled out and lent on the bed looking right at the boy. "Look, if you were threatened by whoever beat you up, you can tell me." Marik said with a nod of his head. "Because they won't be alive after I'm done with them."

"I'm not playing about!" He moved a little looking unsure to the doctor. "Who are you?"

"Marik." The doctor said, finally getting his attention, he glared at the older man this was not funny. "Ryou is suffering from what we call amnesia. Ryou took quite a hit to the head, I was surprised that he didn't end up in a coma."

"What the fuck does that mean? Is he dieing?" Marik wasn't sure what to think or what they wanted him to do about it. Can of fucking worms!

"Ryou has no memories of himself, friends or family." The doctor sighed. "It means that Ryou will have to be in the care of someone who knows him until he regains all his memories back."

"That takes how long?" Marik glanced at the boy.

"Maybe now, a minute, a day, a week, a month, a year and maybe never." The doctor sighed looking at Ryou who was watching them closely and listening to everything that was said.

"Well that's great and all." Marik said turning to the boy. "Bakura should be along any day now to take care of you." Marik snorted, 'good luck with that one.' What was the point if the boy couldn't remember anything, then there wasn't anything he could do about it but get back to his own life, as much of a fantastic one it was. Besides the boy still had his dark Soul lurking about somewhere doing something.

"Don't go!" Ryou bit his lip as Marik stopped and looked back at him. "I don't know anyone and you seem to know me more then I know myself."

What the hell was he asking? "He is right, you seem to know him well enough." The doctor said. "Take him home with you and help him to locate his family since no one is answering the phone at his home."

"I don't know that much about him." Marik shook his head trying to get out of taking the boy home with him, see this, CAN OF FUCKING WORMS!!! "No it's not going to happen, I'm not taking him home with me!"

Marik pushed open the door to his apartment. "Home sweet home." He helped the boy inside who was very shaky on his legs. Marik dumped his jacket and keys onto the table and turned to the boy, closing the door behind them. "Kitchen is over there." Marik pointed to his right. "Living room there and bedroom and bathroom down there, knock yourself out." Ryou shifted on his feet looking about, not sure what to do with himself.

Marik walked down a small hallway, the apartment was tidy and the furniture was well used and a little old looking, but still tidy. Marik came back out pulling on his jacket. "I have to go to work." He picked up his keys looking the boy over, the fading bruises of a black eye, split lip were healing, the baggy pants and jumper from the hospital hung from his body and were to large for him, he truly looked...

"Umm, what do I…" Ryou started but stopped.

"Just don't open the door to anyone, don't answer the phone." Marik frowned at him in thought. "You know what a phone is, right?" Ryou nodded his head yes that he knew what it was. "Good, don't answer it, don't let anything into the apartment." Marik gave him a once over look. "So you don't know what happened, to you?" Ryou shook his head no.


"Look, I'll keep you about for the week, okay." Ryou again nodded his head, his mind still working over to try and remember who this guy was… and if Marik was truthful to himself he left a little pity for the boy and it wouldn't hurt to have a little company. "There is enough room here for both of us, I'll take the couch and you can have my bed… and I'll see what we can do about clothing." Hell could freeze over before he would go out and spend what little money he did have on the boy, only to have him return home later on anyway.

"Thank you." Ryou hugged him throwing his arms about his neck in a hug, and all that went through Marik's mind was how good it felt to have someone so close… Marik tensed up and eased the boy from him.

"Okay none of that." He warned with a growl. "I'll let it slide for now, personal space and all." He hadn't seen the boy in over four years or Bakura for that matter and now he had Ryou staying with him. "Foods in the fridge if you get hungry… just don't burn the place down." Marik glanced at the clock on the wall. "I'll be back about ten tonight." Ryou gave him a smile and Marik swore that he felt his knees go weak a little.

Without any other delay he walked out of the apartment with a bye and locked the door. Why did he have the feeling that Ryou was going to be with him for more then a week… but first he had work, then he would look into helping the boy get his own life back, even if it the boy couldn't remember who he was, he could still live on his own.

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