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Chapter 16: The King of Hosts.

Ryou walked into the bedroom after taking a shower and froze in the doorway at seeing Marik naked. Ryou blushed and stood in the threshold for a moment, taking in the sight before him, his head filling with all kinds of thoughts. Ryou tilted his head and an involuntary moan escaped him. "If you want me Ryou, then come get me." Marik quirked an eyebrow and just managed to turn about; his arms were full and very eager lips crushed against his own.

Marik tangled his fingers in Ryou's snowy hair and deepened the kiss. Ryou's hand roamed the span of muscled back following the spin down to the swell of Marik's backside and dug his nails in slightly, smirking when Marik groaned and grind his hips against the other, pleased when Ryou moaned again then their members rubbed together, and his face almost instantly flushed pink. "Could I..." Ryou trailed off biting his lip.

Marik lifted Ryou's chin kissing his lips, "whatever you want." Ryou gently pushed Marik towards the bed and sat him down; falling to his knees, he grabbed Marik's already hardened length and took him into his mouth. Marik growled with a deep rough, "Yes." After a while, Marik couldn't take anymore and stopped Ryou. "Come here." Lips locked again in a heated kiss as Marik fell backwards onto the bed taking Ryou with him. Ryou shuddered with a gasp as Marik pressed a slick finger into his body.

"Marik," Ryou gasped practically falling over his lover. Marik added a third finger, stretching Ryou's body for a bigger body part. "Tell me you want me." Ryou sat up bracing himself against Marik's chest. Marik frowned, his hands tightened about Ryou's hips. "I want to hear it." Ryou whispered, despite Marik not having any feelings for him and this was just sex. Ryou wanted something out of it, even if it was just words.

Marik gasped as his hardness pressed against the entrance of Ryou's body. Marik growled he'd had enough of this and with a thrust of his hips, and yanked down on Ryou's hips and the tight heat almost did him in. Ryou groaned between a mix of pain and pleasure, and neither moved for a moment. "I want you." Marik said caressing Ryou's cheek checking to see if the other was ok; perhaps he was a little too rough.

Ryou started to move his hips; arms still braced on a muscled chest. Marik arched his back his grip on those hips tightened enough that it was bound to leave bruises behind. Marik soon sat up, pulling Ryou into his arms and aided in moving the other's body up and down on his shaft. Ryou's moan and gasps got louder; the longer they were engaged with each their needs got stronger. "I can't... hold it!" Ryou cried as he came between their bodies.

Marik watched as that pale body turn tanned, limbs were suddenly longer, body was a little fuller and snow-white hair became shorter platinum blonde. Marik closed his eyes for a moment pushing the image out of his mind and focused on the pale beauty in his arms. Marik reopened his eyes to see the supple pale body, with flushed cheeks and messed up white hair; a thrust of his hips he followed over the edge coming deep in that pale body.

Marik fell backwards onto the bed making Ryou squeak as he was pulled down with him.
Nestled in Marik's arms a deep sigh escaped Ryou as he contently ran little patterns over a broad chest, while Marik ran his fingers through white hair.

Yugi cradled his hand to his chest to avoid it being bumped while he made the long walk to school. He stopped once he spotted his friends waiting for him by the large gates. Seto Kaiba entered the school walking by the group. The young CEO's usual greet was met with Joey's insults. Kaiba's comments and smirk had Joey jumping up and down and yelling all kinds of things only making Kaiba laugh while he walked away. Joey could never outwit Kaiba with comebacks.

Yugi suddenly felt too exhausted to put on his usual facade for them, act like this life was perfect when it was anything but. "Hey!" Anzu called out raising her arm above her head and waved at him; it got everyone's attention on him.

"Hi guys," Yugi smiled lowering his hand to hide behind his back. The small group rushed towards him, and Yugi braced himself, finding it unusual that they would pay him this much attention, but it felt nice to have them notice him this way.

"Haven't seen you in ages," Yugi watched confused as they passed him, he turned about and froze in place. Yami stood only feet away. Yugi took an involuntary step backwards. How? How did he not notice Yami following him all this way? Yami smiled and greeted his friends warmly. A twinge of bitterness rose as his friends smiled and slung arms about Yami guiding him towards the school.

Joey started with his jokes that had never been funny and only succeeded in making Honda laugh. Anzu took her place at Yami's side hugging his arm as if they were dating. Yugi recalled that he would have been the one snuggled into Yami's side as they took long walks. Yugi shook his head of that thought. His Yami was gone and in its place was a monster, a monster whom his friends chose over him. Would Joey, Anzu and Honda still like Yami if they knew what he did to him behind closed doors?

Yugi gasped as the group past him again without a glance or a word and vanished into the crowd of students. Yugi's eyes started to burn he had long since realized that they were never his friends, but rather Yami's. No, Yugi growled clutching his hands into firsts, despite the pain; he'd not cry. He'd not shed tears over something he never had.

Yugi turned on his heels and walked away.

Malik had highlighted one passage from Ryou's Dairy and pinned it to the ceiling right above his bed:

'Most of all I have the answer, a way to be rid of Yami forever.'

Bakura lay on the on bed, hands linked behind his heads staring at the note. "It's here." Malik said frustrated. "It's right in front of me." He had gone back to Ryou's house and grabbed everything within the basement and brought it to his hotel room. Malik had books and papers all over the floor, his bed, even pinned to the walls of his room. "I know it is." Malik read through everything, pinned together relevant bits of information; he even had a translator program open on his laptop. "Nothing makes any sense."

"It won't either... not to you anyway." Bakura closed his eyes; Malik had been at it all night, and he felt rather drained himself. "Give it a break for now." Bakura rolled onto his side and ran his hand over the empty spot on the bed. "Come join me."

"It's not as easy as that." Malik picked up Ryou's dairy for the millionth time and flipped through the pages, not even noticing that Bakura had spoken. "I'm missing... if only I knew what he was talking about or even what he did to bring you back. I'm sure I would..." Malik gasped; Bakura was inches from him, his expression on his face unreadable.

"Ryou mentioned sacrificing a form of life each time to bring me back, he almost killed himself a few times." Bakura reached out stroking Malik's cheek.

"So, that bigger sacrifice Ryou spoke of would be... human." Malik narrowed his eyes and despite his body wanting to press itself into Bakura's, Malik moved away out of the other's reach.

"A human sacrifice to be rid of Yami, what are you going to do sacrifice yourself once you work it all out?" Bakura narrowed his eyes.

"It won't be my life I sacrifice; it'll be the Puzzle Host," the corner of Malik's lips kicked-up. "So fitting."

Malik glanced up when his left cheek was cupped, "what did they do to you?" Bakura knew something bad had to have happened for Malik to be so broken and twisted. "You're talking about killing someone, taking a life. Have you ever killed someone before?" Such dark things should never pass the lips of a Host or darken their minds. Bakura didn't understand why Ryou tried so hard to bring him back, but it was clear now that Ryou was no longer his innocent little Host, but something so much darker than himself.

Tears filled Malik's eyes and for the first time since finding that book, he dropped Ryou's diary with shaking hands. Bakura gathered Malik in his arms and held him, "I'm so sorry!" Malik sobbed into Bakura's shoulder, "I don't know what I was thinking."

"We can work together, a partnership." Bakura gently pulled Malik from his shoulder and wiped at the steady flow of tears. "If it's Yami you wish to be rid of, then I'll help you to find the flaws in Ryou's work, make it perfect and painless and without sacrifice." Malik stopped crying; liquid pools of lilac searched Bakura's red-brown eyes for any signs of deception... and found none. "You can trust me." Bakura whispered as he captured the other's lips in a kiss and for a moment Malik melted against him and a soft needy moan escaped him. However, it was all too brief; Malik shoved him hard and scooted backwards until his back hit the wall, covering his mouth with his hand and looking so shocked as if Bakura had struck him.

"What are you playing at?!" Malik growled at him, his heart pounding in his chest; his cheeks flushed red. "I'll not be manipulated by the likes of you!" Malik rose to his feet with such anger, pushing away his own desires to reconnect with another dark soul, even if it would be for a pleasurable short time. "You and Ryou did this, twisted everything and roped people into your evil little world." Malik covered his face with his hands. "You've done this to me. I would never have thought of killing someone. You've put this into my head. You guided me to Ryou's house knowing what I would find." Malik's heart ceased in his chest as realization hit him, just how gullible was he? "You and Ryou were planning on sacrificing me? That's why the answers aren't in the dairy." Malik's voice cracked, "Who is Ryou with now?"

"Malik," Bakura approached with a deep confused frown. He had taken things too fair with the broken Light, that it sent him over the edge.

"Leave!" Malik yelled at him. "I want no part of this twisted game of yours!" Bakura vanished, and the room was silent but for Malik's heavy breathing and the sobs that escaped him as he slid back down the wall to the floor.

Ryou growled and clutched the cat tighter in his hands, how did Marik talk him into doing this, and now, "Marik. I'm stuck!" Ryou called out, and he was stuck between the brick wall and the washing machine. Miss. Yamauchi had knocked on their door in tears that her cat Mr. Perkins had been missing since last night and thought the worst, said cat was found, trapped behind the line-up of washers. Each washer was bolted to the wall, and Marik couldn't fit into the small space, so he sent Ryou in on his hands and knees to retrieve the cat. If you asked Ryou, Marik just wanted to watch his rear end as he crawled his way to the cat.

Marik laughed, "just wriggle again you'll come loose."

Ryou blushed. His shirt was hooked, and he couldn't bend his arm to free himself, and the cat was growling and dug his claws into the metal of the washer. "I can't move!" Ryou called out again feeling slightly claustrophobic, "I'm serious Marik, help me."

"I'm here," Ryou glanced upward to see Marik above him and reaching in and Ryou's shirt was unhooked, and Marik grabbed Mr. Perkins by the scruff of the neck and lifted him from his grasp. "Just back out," Ryou did and was soon standing again. "Take this." Marik dropped the cat into Ryou's arms, and together they headed up to the lobby.

"Wish she'd keep that thing on a leash." Marik grumbled, "Next time I'll let him rot."

"Marik," both Ryou and Marik turned about to see Spooky making his way towards them. "Got a problem with the elevator door."

Marik glanced at Ryou not wanting to leave him alone. "Ms. Hitomi wanted my help in the rooftop garden anyway," said Ryou readjusting the cat in his arms and watched Marik head to the other end of the lobby.

Ryou glanced back; dark-violet eyes met his in the span of a second of the doors closing, and then Marik was gone, "Ryou!" He smiled seeing Miss. Yamauchi rushed towards him, once in reach; she swept the cat into her arms hugging it tightly. Mr. Perkins growled, and Ryou felt sorry for the animal. "Tell your Husband that I'm grateful for finding Mr. Perkins alive and well." She turned walking down the hallway muttering affection to an angry cat.

"He isn't my..." Ryou dropped what he was going to say, it wasn't any use in correcting them on Marik's and his relationship. Ryou headed to Marik's apartment fist to change out of his torn shirt.

Ryou slowed his approach when he noticed someone sitting by Marik's door, "excuse me are you alright?" Ryou asked as all warning bells sounded, and he fought against the urge to run, "Yugi?" Ryou gasped as the other raised his head and looked up at him, "what are you doing here?" Ryou backed up as Yugi rose to his feet.

"I need your help," Yugi asked teary eyed.

Ryou could see the bruising that the uniform couldn't cover and the dark circles under Yugi's eyes from lack of sleep. However, the unsettling thing of all was the unconcealed defeated and fearful look in his eyes. "I..." Ryou backed up with a gasp as Yugi latched onto his hand gripping it tightly with falling tears.

"Please, I know that we haven't been the best of friends... I just need help, please Ryou." Yugi's shoulder's started to shake. "I can't do it anymore; it's so hard that I can't pretend any longer to be their friends or to be in love with him!" Yugi looked up at him tearfully. "Please, please don't turn me away; I have no one else to go to." Yugi wavered on his feet and fell forwards.

"Yugi!" Ryou gasped catching the other in his arms. "Great," He bit his lips as he glanced about, before he opened the door and dragged an unconscious Yugi into the apartment.

Ryou dragged Yugi to the living space and onto the rug, grabbed a cousin from the couch and placed it under his head and with slightly shaking hands he undid the buttons of Yugi's uniform and pushed aside the material and gasped. Yugi's chest and torso was covered in scratches, bruises and bite marks.

Marik walked into the apartment with his torn dirty shirt in hand and stopped in his tracks. His expression darkened at seeing an equally shirtless Puzzle Host laying on his floor with Ryou leaning over him. "Explain this now," Marik growled his voice low and his look murderous. Ryou rose to his feet and backed away, if Marik decided to attack Yugi, there would be anything he could do to stop him. "Ryou."

He jumped eyes wide, and he stumbled over his words. "He was... he was out there waiting for me... he, he came here asking for my help, begging for help." Ryou shifted under Marik's hard glare biting his lip.

"I don't fucking care." Marik snapped. "Get him out of my apartment, now!" He yelled turning for the door to open it, thinking he would rather throw the Puzzle Host out his window.

"Marik," Ryou grabbed his arm making him stop and turn slightly and glared down at him in such a way that Ryou almost let go. "He's hurt and needs our help."

"What part of I don't fucking care didn't you understand?" Marik seethed and pointed at the unconscious Host. "He's dangerous and I'll not lose another Host to them, get rid of him now."

"Did you look at him?" Ryou said shaking his head, refusing to let Marik intimidate him in anyway. "Don't you think that whoever attacked him might be the very person who attacked me?" Marik was silent as he stared at the Puzzle Host as Ryou added, "I'll patch him up, ask him questions, get him to open up and see what I can find out."

"Fine Ryou, play the nurse." Marik paused for a moment as his mind conjured up the image of Ryou in the classic little white nurse's pinafore, the small cap, fish-net stockings and high heels. He cleared his throat and pulled his mind from the gutter, saving such an idea for a later time. Did Ryou like to play dress-up? It was something Marik was more interested and willing to explore. "Wake him up, slap a band-aid on him, interrogate him and send him on his way."

Ryou lent up on his toes and kissed him on the lips, "thank you." He pulled away and returned to Yugi's side to try and wake him.

Marik wondered when he had become the one responsible for all the Hikaris or when had he been their go-to guy when they were in trouble. "Just call me the fucking King of Hosts." Marik growled as he walked over and sat himself down on a chair.


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