So here is the story I was telling you about in my A/N in the last chapter of "God Rest Ye Merry Gryffindor" I hope you like it!

A/N: The time frame for this is HBP, it will follow the book kinda, but not really, hope you enjoy.

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"OUCHHHHH!!!!!!!" I yelled and then I proceeded to fall on my arse.

And why did I cry out like that you may ask.

Well I just stepped on a stupid bloody ink bottle and I've now cut my bloody foot, which is in fact bloody.

Wait! Oh my god!

I'm bleeding! And it's bad!

"Help!" I shouted. "Help!"

I waited.

No one came.


I'm going to sit here and bleed to death in my dormitory, from a cut on my foot.

I can see the Prophet headlines now. Ginevra Weasley dies at Hogwarts, because she was too stupid to watch where she was walking.

I can't die, I just made the Quidditch team and I've never even had a proper boyfriend. Well I did date Michael but he was a prat so I don't count him.

But anywho, who in their right mind leaves ink bottles on the bloody floor? People could in fact step on them, like I just did.

I brought my leg back so I could examine it. It's cut bad, real bad. I reached for one of my dirty socks on the floor and pressed down on it. I should have known something like this would happen. My day has been the day from hell. First off, I tripped on my way to breakfast. Second, Errol was delivering my usual post from home and the bloody bird got confused and landed in a flask of pumpkin juice, spraying it all over me in front of everyone in the Great hall. This then caused me to be late for charms. Fourth, I got caught hexing some six year who would not leave me alone and now I've cut my foot.

And to top it all off, I'm going to bleed to death, wearing my night clothes that have pink bunny rabbits on them.

I will be laughed at. I will be forever known in Hogwarts history as, that stupid girl who died in kiddie nightwear.

I am not having this.

"Help!" I yelled again.

No one came so I went to plan B.

I cried. Hard in fact.

Yes I'm bloody crying. I do have two x chromosomes, so crying does come pretty easy. Especially when I don't want to die in these bloody nightclothes.

Still no one came.

Damn it all to bloody hell!

I tied the sock tighter around my foot and I got up.

Which hurt by the way, since my foot is in fact cut.

"Ouch" I said.

I hobbled over to the door, opened it and yelled with all my might.


This as I hoped it would got a reaction.

"Ginny?!?" I heard from down the stairs.

Thank you! Finally! At least someone cares.

I heard the rushing of footsteps so I stepped down on to the stair case. This was a mistake since putting weight on it caused it to hurt more, which in turn caused me to yell out again. Then I reached for my foot purely out of instinct, this then caused me to lose my balance and fall down.

"Ouch" I yelled again. Now my arse hurts.

Stupid bloody stairs. Why do they have to be so hard? Huh?

The footsteps got louder so I looked up and there stood, the boy who saved me from the chamber, the boy who saved the stone, the tri-wizard champion his self; Harry Potter.

Can this day get any worse? Now Harry is going to see me in my pink bunny rabbit wearing glory. Well I am a damsel in distress, I should have expected this. Anytime someone is hurt or in danger, Harry seems to pop out of nowhere.

"Ginny!" he said. And then he did the unthinkable. He stepped on the stairs.

"HARRY! NO!" I shouted. But it was too late.

The stairs turned in to a slide, so Harry fell back, and since I was sitting on the top one I went for a ride and landed directly on Harry's chest.

"Ooph" I said.

"Ouch!" said Harry. Him too?

I crawled off of him as best as I could and examined my foot. It's still bleeding!!!

"Ginny are you okay?" said Harry.

I glared at him.

Of course I'm not you bloody fool!!! My effin foot is bleeding! What do you think?

I chose not to respond to his question and instead pulled back my make shift bandage.

"Ginny you're bleeding!" he said.

No shit Einstein, took him long enough.

"Yes Harry I am in fact bleeding." I said. "That's why I called out for help."

I heard more footsteps and turned to see Hermione and Ron rounding the corner.

"Ginny what the hell?" asked Ron. I glared at him.

"I'm lying here for my health Ron." I said, sarcastically.

He looked puzzled by this.

"You idiot! I cut my foot! Help me to the hospital wing!"

Hermione leaned over to look at my foot and gasped. She immediately slapped Ron on the arm and said. "You heard her!"

Harry and Ron sprang in to action, Ron grabbed my right arm and Harry grabbed the left. We descended the stairs; me hobbling the whole time.

You know, I just realized something.

There are too many stairs to the common rooms! Bloody hell! I'm never going to make it; my bloody foot hurts too much.

I signaled this fact to Ron and Harry by stumbling a bit. "Just a little bit further Ginny." said Harry

Just a little bit further, just a little bit further! The hospital wing is on the third floor and we are on the seventh! Just a little bit further my arse.

We continued down and we finally reached the common room, which was full!!!

Stupid bloody prats! Why did no one come to my aid, but Harry? Huh?


I want to bloody know! I swear to Merlin as soon as Madam Pomfrey heals me, I'll be back to Bat-bogey hex them all!!!!!!

But I lost my inner rant when I was picked up bridal style.

I ignored the shouts of "Ginny are you okay?"

Because a second later I realized it was Harry who picked me up.

I barley make out the shout of "Harry take her to the hospital wing." That Hermione made, because I couldn't hear it over the sound of my own heart beating.

No wait I'm over Harry, been over him. So why is my breath caught up in my throat and why do I have the sudden urge to place my head under his chin and melt in to his arms or get lost in his orbs of pickled toads. Focus! Ginny Focus!

Harry took off with Hermione and Ron in tow and a second later we were out of the common room and climbing through the Fat Lady.

No! I wasted years fawning over Harry. I will not let these feeling come back.

Nope. Nu-huh. No way.

I moved on didn't I? I dated that prat Michael. So I did in fact move on.

"Ginny you okay?" asked Harry, when we reached the sixth floor.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing would come out, so I just nodded.

"Hermione." said Harry, over his shoulder. "Her foot is bleeding worse."

"Here stop and let me look at it better." She said.

We stopped and Harry sat me on one of the steps. Hermione peeled back my sock and had a look.

"It's not too deep; I just need something else to wrap it with."

"Here" said Harry. "Use my shirt."

And then he proceeded to take off his robes and remove the shirt from underneath.

And that's when I passed out.

No not from blood loss as you might have suspected, because as Hermione said, it's not cut too deep.

No, I passed out because my stomach did a double take when I saw Harry's bare chest. And that's when I realized my feelings for Harry Potter were definitely back.

Bloody Hell.

So here we go again, into the depths of what is my brain! hehe This one is kinda short, but its just the opener.