Title: Castles in the Sky
Chapter: Truths
Author: Girl Who Writes
Feedback: If you feel so moved.
Character: Haruka
Theme: Silver Millennium – In Vino Veritas (In wine there is truth.)
Word Count: 663
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, humour
Summary: No doubt Michiru would resume her distant treatment of her come morning; if Haruka could convince her waking – and sober – self that this had actually happened.
Notes: All the chapters in this fic are going to be pieces I wrote for the January round of LJ's SMMFC. The theme was 'Silver Millennium', so all of these will deal with the senshi before the Silver Millennium fall. Since entries close on February 19th, I'll post them in prompt order, and then as I finish them. So far there are eight and a half written, and I hope to write at least two more. This one was the first of the month and thus, is a little wonky. It takes me a moment to get into the swing of the theme :) I hope you enjoy it!
Naoko Takeuchi owns the characters and scenarios of Sailor Moon. I am a humble fan and thus make no profit from this venture.

The Princess of Uranus swung open the door to her quarters, blinking sleepily. As she shut the door behind her and made her way to the bedroom, she could still hear the celebrations going on outside. The end of one year and the beginning of another. A few fireworks popped outside her window, lighting her room with gold and blue light.

Haruka groaned, kicked off her shoes and sprawled out on her bed. Once again, Queen Selenity had thrown an amazing party. Not that she could really recall many of the details right now - other than the fountain of Venusian champagne and the constantly flowing Martian wine. That she recalled in crystal-clear detail.

She thought about dragging herself off her bed and back downstairs, to see what the other girls were up to. When she'd left, the Venusian princess – with very pink cheeks - had been hanging off the arm of one gentleman, with a very full glass of wine in the other hand, and the Mercurian and Jovian princesses had been hunched over a crystal dish piled with desserts.

Haruka closed her eyes, wriggling around her bed, trying to get comfortable; her dress was barely wearable when she was flitting around the ballroom, let alone when she was trying to sleep. She flopped on her stomach and closed her eyes. Sleep was good.


Haruka opened her eyes. She could hear someone in her lounge room, giggling.

Another thump, a whispered swear word and more giggling and her bedroom door was pushed open. Haruka mentally groaned. It had been a very long night, with lots of wine, and she wanted to sleep. The figure stumbled again as she bumped into the bed frame, and fell across Haruka's bed.

Haruka rolled over and switched on her lamp to see which party-guest had mistakenly invaded her private rooms. And then she stared.

The Princess of Neptune was sprawled across the end of her bed, her heels in on hand, looking even more exquisite now than when she had arrived at the ball – her long aqua hair tumbling over her shoulders, the delicate pink flush over her nose and cheeks… and that dress. It had been a temptation since she had walked through the ballroom doors. Deep blue and strapless, it clung to all the parts of Princess Michiru's body that Haruka knew she should not be noticing, let alone admiring.

"Haruka," Michiru said softly, propping her head up on her elbows. "Haruka, you left the party." Her voice was soft, a little slurred and completely enthralling. Haruka stared as the girl – the princess that had been so distant, who had always shot down any attempts of a closer friendship – sprawled at the end of her bed, her hair mussed and her eyes bright, undoubtedly thanks to a few too many glasses of the Martians' best vintage.

"I needed to sleep," Haruka murmured, blinking sleepily.

"I looked for you," Michiru wriggled up the bed until she lay beside Haruka. "I couldn't find you anywhere."

"That's because I was here."

"Uh-huh," Michiru smiled and closed her eyes.

"Why are you here, Michi-Michiru?" Haruka asked yawned, watching the aqua-haired girl who was lying so close to her, close enough that she could reach over and touch her cheek…

"I'm a liar, Haruka." Her voice was soft. "I lied when I told you that…" Her eyes opened and Michiru reached over and touched the curl of hair that rested against Haruka's cheek, gently tucking it behind the taller girl's ear. "I like you very much, Princess Uranus." Her eyes fluttered closed again and she dropped her hand to rest on the bed cover.

Haruka smiled at the sleeping girl, and rested her hand over Michiru's. No doubt Michiru would resume her distant treatment of her come morning; if Haruka could convince her waking – and sober – self that this had actually happened.

Her own eyes drifting closed of their own regard, not really caring what morning would bring.