The Ultimate List of OOC

By: Brittany along with the help of Sydney and Josie

I do not own Naruto though I wish ever so much that I did, also my friends Sydney and Josie have helped when I have ran out of ideas.

Gaara: I love you daddy!

Naruto: Why an I kissing Orochimaru?

Kabuto: Why is Gaara hugging me?

Gaara: Give cry me cry Mr. cry Sprinkle-kun cry back!!


Orochimaru: I like blondes!

Kabuto: But, Lord Orochimaru, we're married!

Tobi: I've never, ever, once in my life, said "Tobi is a good boy"- well except now, that is.

Naruto: Sasuke. . .I'm dating Gaara. . . you see after you went to Orochimaru. . . Gaara and I. . .

Sasuke: Shut up! I only went to Orochimaru's because he stole your birthday present and wouldn't give it back, and he still hasn't given it back!

Naruto: What's a birthday?

Sasuke: Naruto Uzumaki, will you marry me?

Gaara: Stop trying to steal my boyfriend! bitch slaps Sasuke

Jiriaya: I'm really a girl! Also, my real name is Kirsten.

Tsunade: Jiriaya, so you remember when we got married after Dan died? It was never annulled. giggles nervously

Jiriaya: Yay!

Shino: I have a girlfriend! says in a sing song voice

Ino: You do . . . but. . . I. . . LIKE YOU MORE THAN I LIKE SASUKE!

Shino: Ino we've been dating since before Sasuke's family was slaughtered.

Ino: Oh, yeah! Sorry, I forgot!

Shino: I love you more than I love my bugs! they kiss

Orochimaru: Naruto's mouth is minty. I love mint as much as I love blondes. smiles with big white teeth

Kabuto: Orochimaru cry doesn't cry love me cry anymore!

Sasuke: So, Naruto, what's your answer?

Gaara: Stop please! whines HE'S MY BOYFRIEND! I LOVE HIM!

Sasuke: I love Naruto!

Itachi: OMG! Sasuke's gay! I soo didn't know that!

Sasuke: Of course I'm gay! That's why you didn't kill me!

Itachi: I'm a weasel! I want to meet Ron Weasly-he reminds me of a weasel!

Naruto: Sasuke. . .I'm already engaged to. . .

Gaara: I never asked you to marry me! Who are you engaged to? Why are you cheating on me?

Naruto: Uh. . . Kakashi. . .

Gaara: Oh! Its okay, I'm fucking him too! Iruka doesn't mind, the more the merrier.

Naruto: I love you Gaara!

Paine: I'm from Ireland, you dumb ass!

Konan: Of course, so that explains your face!

Paine: You thought I was AMERICAN didn't you?

Konan: Well, with al the piercings. . .you know. . .

Paine: . . . WHERE'S ITACHI?!?

Konan: With your mom.

Sasuke: What do you mean you love Gaara?!

Naruto: WHAT! I did it with you last week! Get over it!

Sai: Um. . . Naruto. . . that was me. . .

Naruto: So . . . what's your point?