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Springkink prompt – July 30 #8 - Devil May Cry, Dante/Vergil: Against all odds - "Me and you versus the world"

This was posted to the lj group (which I highly recc) on the above date last year. Posting it for you now.


Quiet, quiet. Don't make a sound.

Vergil crept as silently as he could towards the burning house. He shouldn't go back. Mother had told him to run. Dante must have run too, he wouldn't find him here, but if there was any chance of finding his brother then he had to take it.

His grip tightened on Yamato's hilt, his only comfort. Mother had to be dead, or she would be calling for him. Dante must be either dead or fled.

Then why did he hear crying over the crackling flames?

Was it a trap?

No, that was unmistakably Dante, huddled next to Mother's body (so, so much blood), grasping Rebellion tightly and shaking.

"Dante!" Vergil couldn't help but cry out, and rush over.

Dante's head rose to look at him, and for an instant there was no recognition there in the shell-shocked face. Then, "Vergil!"

And then Vergil's arms were around him. "Shh, Dante." If there were any of them still here they might hear this. But no, if they hadn't heard Dante crying they were probably fine. "Don't cry, Dante. Devils never cry."

"Don't want to be a devil. They killed Mommy, Vergil!" Dante sniffled, tears having run down his nose. Gross, Vergil noted distantly. It sounded so human.

"We can't kill them if we're not devils," Vergil reminded him. "Mother was strong for a human, but she's…" he couldn't say it. "She wasn't strong enough to kill them all. We'll have to be stronger if we want to avenge her." He felt bad, saying that Mother had failed right next to her body. "She saved us, though. She was strong enough to do that."

Dante nodded. "Mommy…"

Vergil squeezed him harder. "I'm here, Dante."

"I thought you were dead too, Vergil, I thought I was all alone. Never go away again!" Dante squeezed him so tight (inhuman strength, at least he was using it) Vergil couldn't breathe.

"I won't, Dante. I'll stay with you and we'll kill them together. I'll never leave you alone again," Vergil answered and stroked his back, as soon as he could breathe again. "We'll kill them all, even Mundus."

Dante nodded, face pressed against Vergil's chest. He nuzzled briefly. "Love you, Vergil." A quiet sob, but Vergil's words were calming him.

"I love you too, Dante." Vergil stroked his brother's hair and tried to think of how they were going to survive until they were strong enough.