This is quite late. This was from the last round on this community I wrote for, and I was too dead at that point to repost to Then my laptop and the copies on it died.

Better late than never? Unless you would have preferred never.

This one's date is July 18. The next one of mine I can find is for 30. I know I wrote some in between these… well, perhaps they should stay buried?

Title: Shed Some Light On Me

Author: Laryna6

Disclaimer: I don't own them, Capcom and Atlus do. Nor do I profit from this.

A/N: ...sorry, this one refused to develop a point, and Vergil refused smex.

Rating: G

Springkink prompt – July 18 #7 - Devil May Cry/SMT: Nocturne, Dante/Vergil/Main Character: Humanity - "You hold a candle in your heart"


The candelabra are the keys to navigating the Amala, which lies between the universes. That meant that since he got to keep the Candelabrum of Wisdom now, he'd never end up stuck in another universe again. A way better payment than one macca, but Lucifer could afford it more than 'Shura.

It also meant he could pay an old friend a visit. He'd stopped in on alternate-Griffon and the others in that universe he'd ended up in thanks to the Beastheads. They were all too happy to show him where alternate-Mundus had kept alternate-Dante prisoner, once he told them why he wanted to know.

And sure enough, his Vergil was kept in that same place in his universe.

After that, the Candelabrum mostly gathered dust on a shelf in the main office.

Now, though, it was reacting to the presence of the Candelabrum of Foundation.

Vergil couldn't help but be jealous.

He'd been born a half-demon and he couldn't defeat Mundus: Naoki had been given power he was utterly unprepared for and not only become a complete being, but been the key to defeating the Multiversal Consciousness. 'God' was a term used for so many beings, after all. You had to be more specific, in their business. Trees, Mundus… humans would worship anything.

And apparently the Amalan Demons were treating the first Hitoshura demon in a way that was too close to worship for him. That was something that Dante had to deal with, not Vergil.

What had driven Naoki to seek out Dante was finding out that, despite what Lucifer had led him to believe, it had indeed been possible for him to restore his world and the humans that had lived there.

Too late now.

Lucia was only the most recent example. Dante was undoubtedly charismatic, the leader Vergil never would be. The young, the lost, those who didn't know their place in the world, he gave them faith and gained their love.

Here was one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and he came to Dante, as though Dante knew all the secrets of the multiverse.

What was more, he dared have a crush on his brother. Vergil was used to that as well.

Shura was perfect. He had been human once, Dante would appreciate that and he was the full demon Vergil had failed to become. Not family, so no pesky incest taboo.

Vergil wished Naoki had chosen to restore his world as much as Naoki did, for then he would have been human, living a normal life far away from his brother.

Yes, Dante had just offered him a place to stay. What was it with his brother and strays?!

But then, Vergil himself was one of those strays. He had no place to go, besides wherever Dante was. He needed Dante, he shouldn't begrudge others.

What a human thing to think.