By Juana La Cliker-Rooster


Universe: Transformers: Animated (TF:A)

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One: Bored

His day began like any other day: wake up, wash, eat (sometimes), get dressed, get in the car, drive to work. And his day went like any other day: do work, ponder, fix a bug, invent something new, destroy a failed prototype, punch out, go home, eat, sleep, do it all again the next morning.

No doubt about it. Issac Sumdac was bored. So very incredibly bored.

So was Megatron. The evil, feared leader of the Decepticons was utterly bored, and it didn't matter how many times he came up with some new scheme to destroy the Autobots, or how often he was able to steer the human scientist toward his own goals. Megatron had no body, he had no real way of going anywhere, and as a result, he was, as the humans said, going out of his mind with boredness.

He needed something new, something fresh to liven up his day, but what? What could he possibly do without a body to take him around? He had downloaded and viewed countless web pages, learning everything he could about the human world: the oceans, the animals, the forests, the body, sex, movies, pollution, religion, art, music, cartoons...he had seen it all and he knew it all.

Megatron was watching 'Scooby-Doo' for the four-hundredth time when Sumdac prepared to leave for the night, muttering something about the Autobots babysitting his daughter that he suddenly had a thought.

"Oh, my goodness!" he cried ecstatically. "Of course!" He turned around to face Megatron and said,

"My friend, I have just had a wonderful thought!" Megatron groaned on the inside, having heard countless 'wonderful thoughts' in just a few weeks, and was sure this one was no different. But he kept his thoughts to himself and asked politely,

"Yes, my friend, what is it?"

"The Autobots! If I could create animatronic renditions of them, and place them around the city with a wireless puppeteer for each one, crime in Detroit could be slashed in half!"

Normally, the scientist came up with unnecessary ideas that Megatron shrugged off as obsolete and antique. But as soon as he was done with his sudden proposal, Megatron felt his circuits shudder. It was brilliant! The idea excited him...if he could control these supposed animatronic puppets, Detroit, then the world, would be his! It was perfect. Almost too perfect.

Megatron's silence, delighted though it was, appeared ominous and upset to the scientist, who dropped his shoulders and said,

"I suppose it is a stupid idea. I hope I meant no disrespect, Megatron."

"Hmm? Oh! No, my friend, not at all. No, I find the idea brilliant. I encourage the idea and support it fully. I was simply considering...the puppet process. Wireless, you say? Explain how your primitive technology would achieve such a feat."

"Well," answered Sumdac, "I was hoping perhaps you would assist me. I would establish a wireless link in each puppet and have someone control it like a remote control car. They would speak into a microphone, which would, through a sound frequency filter, come out of the puppet sounding like the original Autobot!"

"I can assist you, but I need time to observe my...Autobot friends. Do you have any live video feeds from their base?"

"My daughter recently made it known to me that they have taken up residence in a warehouse I was unaware I owned. I paid them a visit and asked permission to do so. They were a little reluctant, but they let me do it nonetheless. I promised them I'd never watch it unless I felt the need to do so. I will leave it on for you tonight, if you'd like."

"Yes. That is exactly what I'd like for you to do, my friend. I need time to observe them. I haven't seen them in so long it's hard to remember their mannerisms."

"Very well. Good night, my friend. I shall see you tomorrow."

"Yes. 'Good night' to you as well." And with that, the scientist left and locked the door, leaving Megatron with a live video feed of the Autobots' base.

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