This is the prologue to the on-going story at I've been writing a few chapters and submitted them but I have yet to see them posted there. So feel free to read it and comment. The prologue is written by Jeffrey Moffett so all credit for this goes to him.


They say time heals all wounds. Yet even two thousand years after Ganon was imprisoned in the sacred realm, the wounds he inflicted on this world still persist. Evil still thrives in this world, as Ganon's minions plan in secret for their master's return.

The age of medieval castles has long past. Now is the age of skyscrapers and giant airships that dwarf even the mighty Volvagia in size. Gone are the ideals of chivalry. Now money is the only thing that people fight for. No more maidens in distress. Swords and shields have been replaced by guns and bullet-proof vests as man has found better ways to kill each other. Many of the old races, Kokiri, Zora, Goron, are all but lost. Years of brutal war have thinned their ranks and scattered the survivors to the most remote points of the world. Only the Hylians continue to thrive in this new age. Few people remember the Legends of Zelda and the young boy who conquered evil over two millennium ago. Few believe that the world was once held in the fiery grip of an all-powerful wizard. Few remember the sacrifice that was made that day, when evil was cast into the sacred realm. I still remember, though. I remember for I am a direct descendant of the Knights of Hyrule. I am of the same blood as those noble protectors of old.

Over the centuries, the Knights of Hyrule have continued the fight that Link began so many years ago. We have thwarted countless attempts by Ganon's followers to resurrect him. Many have perished in this battle and every year our numbers decrease. I fear that soon we will no longer be able to hold back the floodgates to evil that Ganon's followers wish to release. I can sense the sickening presence of Ganon in this world as he slowly regains his strength in this world.

That is why I am here, in Darunia, the largest and most corrupt city in the land. The city, named for one of the most powerful Gorons of all time, has become the home base for all things evil. This is where Ganon's power is the strongest and where I know I will find the next link. They say the light shines the brightest in the darkness. I know somewhere in this devilish city lurks a boy, pure of heart, who will arise to challenge Ganon once and for all. I know that link will once again rise to vanquish evil.

This is where my story begins. This is where link's story begins. This is where the sacred stories of old end and a new chapter begins. This is where the darkness returns...


Like I said, thanks to Jeffrey Moffett for the prologue.