There's a lot I don't really like about this chapter. I wanted to show what had happened in the city while Link and Froge escaped, but it didn't really get the quality I'd like. I could probably re-write it, but somehow I doubt it would get better.

Chapter 15:

The first thing the General heard as he regained consciousness was the eager footsteps of his men, rallying around him. The second sensation was the immense pain from where Link had hit him. His jaw felt swollen and as he moved his hand to feel it, a sharp pain went through him.

"Sir, are you alright?" one of the few remaining soldiers asked.

"I'll be fine" the General managed to croak. "Help me up." The two soldiers helped up their superior officer.

"We've called for re-enforcements, sir" the other said. "They should be here any minute." The General nodded absently.

"What do we do now?" the first soldier asked.

"We wait for the reinforcements, then we track them down" the General answered. He sat down on a crate and waited, lost in thoughts. He hadn't realised the youth to be Link until the old man had said his name. But now that he had a chance to think about it, the resemblance was striking. The youth had had the same characteristic blond hair as the Link he once knew, his eyes the same shade of blue. To top it all off, there he was, helping everyone against Ganon just as the Link back then had been helping out everyone, be they older or younger, at least before the tragedy with his sister. After that, Link had kept to himself, and though the General, who back then had been a teen and gone by the name Shane, tried his best, Link had shut everyone out. It took a long time before he became himself.

When the orphanage had burned down roughly 5 years ago, Link had done his best to take care of the younger children, even though he was only 13 himself. Shane, 5 years older, had joined the army instead, hoping to make a difference. And here he was now, 5 years later, and what had he done? Nothing! Link had helped countless families escape, while Shane had been subject to training and propaganda. But now he had a chance to make things right. If he could aid Link in any way, then it would all be worth it.

Finally the reinforcements came and the General devised teams of two, ordering areas to be swept and soon only he remained. He looked the small pocket computer which currently displayed a map. The areas which he had ordered his men to had been marked with red. He selected the last available area and headed in that direction. He had no idea where Link and the old man had gone, but he knew that even if he couldn't find them, he had to try. Otherwise, Ganon would send out those big demons that guarded the door to his office. He shivered at the thought of the room and the darkness within it.

Finally he reached the end of the town and climbed a building. He stood on the roof and pulled out his computer again. Accessing the map function, he marked the area he had just scouted. He looked up and out over the plains. It looked serene, but Shane knew that Link and the old man must have made it out of town by this time. Suddenly, far off in the distance, he saw something. He pulled out a pair of binoculars and adjusted the scope. Far off in the distance were two persons, riding on animals Shane believed to be horses.

"This is group 3, sir" his radio sounded.

He reached for his radio and took it. "Come in, group 3."

"We're done searching this part of the city, sir" the soldier said on the other end. "What should we do?"

The General was silent for a moment, thinking about what to say. "We'll meet up back at the headquarters. I know where they are."

"Wouldn't it be better to just set after them now?" the soldier asked.

"No" the General replied. "If we go now, they will have a huge advantage. They know we are after them and they have horses while we have nothing. Unless you can faster than a horse for hours straight, then I suggest you follow orders. Understood?"

"Yes sir" the soldier gulped.

Shane turned off his communicator before the others had a chance to say anything. He sat down on the roof, his legs hanging lifelessly over the edge. "I'll slow them down the best I can, Link" he thought while staring at the sky. "It's the best I can do for now." He got up and headed towards the ladder, then stopped. Turning around again, he looked towards the horizon where he had last seen Link. "Be safe, my friend. I know that whatever you are doing, it'll be for the better of all. Until we meet again."

There we go, 15 chapters. 16, if you count the proloue. Anyway, we finally learned the identity of the General and Link's childhood friend. Now the question beckons: Will he be a major character at some point, stand in Link's shadow forever or maybe even die? Heck if I know right now. I do know that next chapter will continue with Link and Froge, so you won't have to be kept in suspense for much longer (read: Until I pull myself together to write the next chapter.