Naruto x Hinata fanfic

I dont own Naruto or Hinata, this story is pure fan made.

Made By Reiko/Shizukasmuffin on deviantart/ Hanator on Gaia

Konoha laid peacefully and its trees branches followed the wind softly. A young blond boy jumped from tree to tree with a happy yell around the village.

"Hokage! Hokage!" He smirked as he landed and held his thumb out, "I'm ready to train, Hinata-Chan!" He stared at the young blue haired girl in front of him with white eyes and shaky legs. "Nhn? Hinata? What's wrong?"

The girl blushed and covered her face quickly with a small sound.

"N-Nothing, Naruto-kun. It will be a pleasure training you, I MEAN fun… training with you." She quickly said and tried to dry away the naughty thoughts from her mind. "L-Let's begin shall we?" She held her hand out and stroked down a cut off tree, "let's start off with 200 punches and 400 jump kicks?" Hinata moved back and washed her face from a pond behind them, "then we will concentrate our chakra on this water. Did you bring your bathing suit?" She looked back and saw Naruto already was busy with kicking and punching. She only smiled for herself and took her position on the tree's other side, kicking and punching quickly.

"193 194!" Mumbled Naruto for himself as he punched, "302!" He jumped up and kicked the tree hard with his foot, leaving a footmark. Hinata tried to keep up, kicking and punching as hard her body let her.

"Byakugan!" She slammed her hand forward and the tree splattered into million of pieces infront of their eyes. "Oh! I'm sorry, I over did it!" The blush covered her cheeks again and she backed.

"It's okay, Hinata. You are strong!" Naruto held up his thumb and grinned at her stupidly. "I envy your power sometimes, when you use your byakugan you are almost unstoppable." He stroked his hand over her hair and ruffled it, "its cute. E-Eh? Hinata-chan? Hinata wake up!" Hinata had suddenly collapsed with a deep red blush into Narutos arms. "Ah, nuts." He pouted and picked her up gently, he took her to the pond and lied her down on the grass before splashing some water on her. Nothing happened.

It took an hour before Hinata opened her eyes, the sun had beginning to go down and it spead a beautiful orange light over the sky. "wow.." she whispered.

"Hm, no kidding." Naruto was beside her, resting his head on his arms. "its amazing what the world can do."

"Naruto…" She looked to her side and blushed more lightly this time, she didn't feel nervous or scared being so near him. More right.


"W-We still have to train our chakra."

"Oh yeaah, about that. Forgot my bathing suit so I'm going to train in my underwear."

"Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-your underwear?!" Hinata sat up and her mind went off to a slim Naruto, muscles, bare torso, bare under-Well, almost bare falling into the water and got drenched, small drops running down his chest and down over his bellybutton.

"Hinata, are you there?" He waved his hand in front of her, "we should change."

"YES, LET'S!!" She stood up and grabbed her bag tightly, walking into the woods and got changed. It was almost night time and only one small orange light was left as the boy and girl got out on the water and tried to concentrate on not falling down. Hands together in front of their faces and small humming. "N-Naruto?"

"Yes, Hinata?"

"I need to confess something. I- I li-AH!" Hinatas concentration dropped and she fell down trough the water. Opening her mouth surprised and swallowed the nasty water. She saw Naruto falling down the water trough and stared at her, he moved his arms around her and started to swim up with a few kicks. Well up Hinata gasped for air, couching and spitting some water. "I'm sorry, Naruto!" She coughed and looked up. Feeling her lips dry as he suddenly pressed his against hers, opening her mouth in a small kiss. He slowly pulled away and smiled.

"It's okay."