Prank Calls


"I'll get it!" shouted Eiji. Picking up the receiver, he said, "Hoi hoi! Kikumaru residence!"

Fuji, the caller, smiled – though of course Eiji couldn't see this. Grasping a blown-up plastic bag firmly in one hand, he rasped, "Help me, Eiji…"

The redhead blinked. "Unya? Fujiko-chan?"

In reply, Fuji raised his hand and slammed the aforementioned bag onto the table beside him.


A wheeze emitted from the receiver in Eiji's hands, followed by harsh, wet coughs. "Eiji…" came a strangled but still recognizable voice. "Remember me…" The line went dead.

"Eh? Fujiko-chan?! Nya, Fuuuujiiiiiiiii!!!" yelled Eiji. "What happened?! Did you get shot?! You're too young to die!! Plus we still haven't gotten to the nationals!! You can't die yet, Fujiko!!" He raced out of the house, and was halfway to Fuji's place before he realized that the phone receiver was still in his hand. (Nya, his phone is cordless just for this fic XD)

Grinning sadistically, Fuji redialed the number of the Kikumaru residence. "Saa, Kikumaru-san," he addressed Eiji's sister, "I do apologize for his odd behavior."

The older girl, who was on good terms with the brunet and generally supported his pranks, replied, "No problem, Fuji-kun. Eiji needs to let off some hyperness anyway."

Smiling, Fuji replaced the receiver and waited for the redhead to arrive.

He had barely waited for five minutes before there was a flurry of frenzied knocking on his front door. "Open up!" shouted Eiji. "Fujiko's dying!"

The tensai opened the door so suddenly that Eiji nearly rapped on his nose. "Konnichiwa, Eiji. Did you need something?"

"Hoi? Aren't you supposed to be dead? Didn't you get shot?" demanded Eiji, grabbing the smaller boy's shoulders and shaking him till his teeth rattled. "Nya, Fujiko-chan, don't do this kind of thing to me!"

"Fuji smiled. "Saa… I was thinking of rehearsing my lines for the school play with you over the phone…"

The redhead pouted. "Mou, Fujiko, you just shortened my life expectancy by at least five years!"

"Maa, it was fun," replied the tensai.


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