This is the new story for my fan fiction. Enjoy Chapter one: A Little More Talent

Tracy and I had proven to be more than just dancers. I finally told her of the dancing studio that I practiced at.

"It's expensive, isn't it?"

"Well, I met the instructor and demonstrated everything I could, so she wanted me to teach some children how to dance. I was asked to assist her usually with the teen and beginner adult classes. I do take her intermediate adult class because I was at that level"

"Does she pay you?"

"Well, she pays me a small wage per class about half of what she makes in the classes I teach and assist with. I also get free studio private time. Fender and I practiced here everyday with Fender before the pageant."

"Why haven't you told me about it?"

"Oh, 'cause I needed to have my competition skills unseen by others. It's just part of havin' a little more talent than the others. Now you can watch us anytime. I'm coachin' a class solo in three days 'cause the owner has to go to a convention."

"So, you teach dance now, right? You're not a professional dancer?"

"I've had 'professional training' but I never completed a dance competition except for the pageant."

"I said it's 'cause it's not time for me. Yet."

"All right, can we all see your class?"

"I suppose. I mean, yes you can. Do you want me to tell you how I became a dance teacher?"

"Well, sure. Tell me…wait…let me get Link! Hey Link-Crystal's goin' to tell us how she got a dance studio private time for free."
"Okay, Tracy, babe, I'm comin'."

"Well, it began when I was lookin' for a dance studio here in Baltimore. It was right after I made the show and I found one. The woman asked me who I was. She did recognize me from the show, since her daughter watches it. She said to me, 'The dancing I do good as me is not for Corny Collins dancers.' It offended me. You know, she had no idea of how I could dance. She assumed I was like half or more of those girls on the show."

"She sounds mean."

"What happened?" Link added.

"I sat down as she taught her intermediate class for adults. I thought, 'I can dance like them.' Ironically, she played a jazz song. As you know, I'm a jazz, swing, and ballroom dancer, prior to the show. I started stepping in the class. The instructor did notice I could dance. Just like Corny and Maybelle did. She let me join her dance class, and she asked, 'How do you know all these dances?' I told her why. I told that I was looking for a studio to practice privately for the pageant."

'I don't see how you began training' and getting free studio time." Link answered.

"A few weeks later, she decided that I could teach children and beginning teenager classes. I did get to assist her in the intermediate teen and advanced teen classes. That's it."