Life Bonds

Summary: Their destinies are intertwined. They can't help it. Pairing: BB/Rae/Star/Rob/Cy. That's right-- I went there.

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The stars looked so peaceful as they winked from above. She couldn't see many of them, due to the city lights, but they were visible enough to make her relax. Across the bay the city buzzed with night life--but no criminals ran about. For once, everything seemed perfect.

Seemed being the word.

Up on the roof of Titans Tower, sat the Tamaranian, Starfire.

She was troubled.

She didn't know why, but lately she'd been feeling depressed. Not a light depression, but a full blown why-do-I-bother-getting-up-in-the-morning type of...of...what was the word Beast Boy liked to use? Ah, right, funk.

Yes, that was it. She'd fallen into a funk.

But why?

Things at Titans Tower were going smoothly enough. Crime was at an all time low. Beast Boy and Raven had FINALLY gotten together. Robin was starting to come out of his shell and was slowly starting to court her.

Things were good. Great even.

So why did she feel so empty?

Something was wrong, and she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Something was off.

Letting out a sigh, she leaned back slightly to get a better view of the few stars she could see..

They looked like they were close, like if you reached your hand out, you could touch them, but that was only an illusion. Really, they were far away. Mysterious, out of reach... beautiful...

Just like Raven.

That thought caused her to topple over with a squeak, as her stomach began doing several back-flips.

Where had THAT thought come from?

Raven was--

Beautiful, Her mind chirped, causing her to groan. Unlike Earth, homosexual relationships weren't frowned upon on her planet. Love was love. Yet humans seemed to consider it a taboo. Which, was a problem.

Not to mention, Raven was with Beast Boy.

Which... was also a problem.

Starfire bit her lip in contemplation. So this was why she'd been so unhappy?

Because she was in love with Raven and jealous of Beast Boy?

It made sense, she supposed. But it didn't make her feel any less empty.


Her eyes started to swell with tears in frustration, as her thoughts turned to the boy wonder. It didn't make any sense. She loved Robin, adored everything about him. The way he smiled, how devoted he was to crime-fighting, his hair...

Starfire's soul ached.

It was an unfamiliar sensation, one that she'd been feeling for quite some time, yet the best she could describe it, was that it felt like her soul was crying for something, or someone. Only problem was, she didn't know what -- or who -- her soul was crying for. Robin? Raven? Or someone else entirely?

Feeling utterly confused, Starfire began making her way down to her room. All of a sudden she felt very tired. Cyborg had been wrong. Getting some fresh air hadn't helped at all.

However, it was very considerate of him to suggest such a thing, she thought, smiling fondly.


Beast Boy sighed as he settled down in the movie theater seat, trying hard to keep his attention span from waning. He knew he was fighting a loosing battle, but felt he had to at least try. For Raven's sake. After all, the horror movie wasn't bad...

It had predictable plots, horrible actors and way too many gory scenes, but hey, he was morethan glad to spend the $11 on it!

Okay, so maybe I'm a little bitter, he thought, as he watched some poor sap get his arm hacked off.

But he just couldn't see why he had to sit and watch a film that was all about violence, when they dealt with violence practically every day. After all, when he watched a movie, he wanted to escape reality-- not be reminded of it.

Frowning, he looked over to where Raven was sitting, not surprised at all to find her completely submersed in the movie. Dimly, he wished that Cyborg was with him instead. At least then, he'd been able to make fun of the film. Smiling, he recalled the last time he and Cy had went to see a horror feature together. They had cracked jokes until they couldn't speak any more, they were laughing so hard. Of course, they'd ended up getting kicked out, but they hadn't cared. They'd went for pizza afterwards.

It had been one of the best dates he'd ever had.

His eyes, which had closed sometime during his musings, quickly snapped open in disbelief. He had not just thought that. Not about Cyborg, his best friend. His best male friend. It'd been a fluke is all. He'd meant to think that it'd been one of the best times he'd ever had.

A groan escaped his lips. That didn't sound any better. Damnit, his mind snapped. I'm on a date with Raven. I should be concentrating on her, not Cyborg. Grimly, he tried to do so, yet his thoughts kept drifting back towards his friend.

When the movie was over, he and Raven flew back to the T-Tower. Beast Boy didn't say a word the entire trip. He was too disturbed by the fact that he kept wishing that a certain half-human-half-robot was by his side, instead of Raven.

It didn't make any sense.

He was in love with Raven. Not Cyborg. Raven.


Robin delivered a swift kick to the punching bag in front of him, sweat pouring from his body after having been at it for about an hour. Across the room was Cyborg, lifting weights, but he didn't care about that, focusing on taking all his frustrations out on anything he could get his hands on. Sure, his friend was oddly quiet, but right now that was a good thing. He wasn't in a real talkative mood and he didn't want Cyborg pissed off at him. It was bad enough that Starfire was.

Not that he could blame her, with the thoughts running through his head.

Logic told him to slow down and take it easy, that there was no possible way that Starfire could know. After all, she was an alien, not psychic. Still, it was the only rational reason that she was so depressed all of a sudden. She had to know.

Know that he'd been dreaming about Raven.

His shirt was heavy with moisture and was starting to get in the way, so he shrugged it off irritably and returned to punishing the innocent bag.


Jerking in surprise, he raised an eyebrow at Cyborg, who sheepishly picked up the 100 lbs weight he'd been working with.

"Are you--"

"I'm fine."

Nodding, he turned his attention back to the bag, which sagged pitifully from it's chain. He'd probably have to replace it after this, no doubt.

Ah well.

Smirking, he launched another attack, his grin fading as his mind returned to the matter at hand.

Raven. Starfire. Raven. Starfire.

He couldn't have both-- this he knew. He didn't want them both. Okay, maybe that was stretching the truth a bit much.

But only a bit.

Because when he dreamt about sleeping with them...

Dreamt about them lavishing their attention on his body...

And vise versa...

He'd wake up not feeling satisfied or frustrated-- but empty.

Usually after those dreams, he'd lay on his bed and stare at the ceiling with tired eyes and wonder just what the hell was wrong with him. He was a young adult who had fantastic sex dreams about the two most gorgeous women on the freaking planet. If that didn't turn him on...

What would?

Cyborg felt his pulse quicken the moment he saw Robin begin beating the crap out of the punching bag. He moved so quickly, his jabs fierce and precise. He was all energy, coiled up and just waiting to explode.

His grip on the weight began to slip as he witnessed Robin do just that, a snarl breaking through as he kicked and punch for what seemed like an eternity, until he suddenly stopped, chest heaving harshly.

The half-robot forced himself to swallow, his mouth having gone dry the moment Robin had pounced.


Noticing that the 'boy' wonder was lost in his thoughts, he reluctantly continued lifting weights, choosing to get lost in his own. Mainly on what had just happened.

He'd just had gotten aroused at the sight of Robin beating up a bag. Arousal. At Robin. Robin. His very straight friend. Robin, who was currently in a sort-of relationship with Starfire.

"Oh God."

Had he just said that out loud? A quick look at Robin told him that either he hadn't heard-- or had and didn't care, for he was now...

Taking off his shirt.

Cyborg's skin felt like it was on fire as he took in his friend's body. Creamy skin stretched over muscles that were lightly scattered with scars, tensing as he began attacking the bag once more...

Stiff nipples that were practically begging for him to--

His arm holding the dumbbell lost all feeling as images began flashing through his mind.


He found himself on the end of one of Robin's eye-brow stares. The one that made him feel like he'd just made a complete idiot of himself. Which, in a way, he had.


"Are you--"

"I'm fine!" Was it his imagination, or did his voice actually squeak?

Luckily, Robin didn't seem to notice.

He must be really...

His train of thought left him as the boy wonder let a dangerous smirk cross his lips and his arm threatened to give out on him again. Did Robin realize just how sexy that grin of his was?

Of course he does. He probably uses it on Starfire all the time. That thought seemed to inject a bit (okay, a lot) of reality into him, as he realized that he'd been practically drooling at the site of his best male friend's half naked body. Trembling, he quickly set the dumbbells aside and exited the room.

God, what was wrong with him? Why was he thinking about Robin in that way?

Robin was stubborn, over bbearing insensitive, sweet, down right sexy, passionate, protective, smart...

Cyborg realized where his thoughts were turning and groaned.

What was wrong with him?!?!

Raven looked over towards Beast Boy, who was deadly quiet as they made their way back to the tower. Several times she tried to make polite conversation with the shape-shifter, only to receive silence as an answer. Normally, she loved silence-- craved it even. But lately she found herself thinking very strange things when silence fell.

Like her dreams.

When she slept, she always had the same dream.

Most of it she couldn't remember, but she did recall feeling safe, and loved. There'd been so much much peace...that when she woke up, she had to use every ounce of self control, and then some, to keep her room from exploding.

It was a beautiful dream, one that filled her with hope, and she hated it. Because it wasn't possible that someone could love her like that. Not her.

Entering her room, she swallowed painfully, slamming her door shut.

Several books flew off from their shelves, and she fought to control her emotions. This wasn't good. Ever since she'd started having those dreams everything had started to change. It was harder to control herself now days and it was getting more difficult to meditate. The usual techniques weren't working. She couldn't focus.

What's worse was her mirror had stopped working. No matter how hard she tried, she wasn't able to enter her mind. It was like someone had pulled the plug on the damn thing, and it was beginning to drive her crazy. With the mirror, all it would take was a few minutes to find out what was going on. An hour tops if she had to talk to him.

Yet without it, she was practically blind. As it was, Raven had no idea why things felt so off.

It was so weird.

And coming from her, that was saying a LOT.

The dream was the key, she knew knew it. Only problem was, she couldn't remember enough of it to help. Which was annoying. Not to mention, a bit worrying.

It was obviously important. But she couldn't...

And without her mirror to pursue it in her subconscious, it was hopeless. Kind of like her and Beast Boy.

Raven winced. Ouch...

What the changeling's problem was she didn't know, but several times she'd sensed that something was troubling him, and it was causing a slight...pause in their relationship. She knew he loved her...because he would sometimes look at her in a certain way, and his eyes would have this shine to them, that would fill her up with warmth, similar to the way the dream had.

Except his eyes always had a faint echo of sadness, and whenever she saw it, the warmth would be replaced by emptiness instead. He was happy, yet he wasn't.

The only thing that stopped her from feeling bitter or depressed...

Was the fact that sometimes...

She felt the same way.

Starfire's green eyes were wide with disbelief as she stared at Cyborg.

He had not just asked her that. There was no reason for him to ask her that. Nothing in her behavior even suggested that...

"GUYS! HURRY UP ALREADY!" Beast Boy hollered from the couch, getting a glare from Robin as a result. "That was my EAR, Beast Boy."

Sighing, he decided it was safer to just wait patiently. Even though they were taking a long time...

But Starfire didn't care. She was too busy staring at Cyborg like he was crazy. It took a lot of effort to not blink for five minutes, but she was managing it. Only one thought was running through her mind.

That it wasn't possible.

That there was no way he'd ever ask her that. Because it just wasn't possible.

Closing her mouth, she nervously tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, before saying in a higher-than-normal voice, "Friend Cyborg, can you please repeat that?"

No way possible.

"I asked you," Cyborg repeated patiently, as if talking to someone incredibly slow. "if you were in love with Beast Boy."

So she'd heard right. In the back of her mind, she noticed that his tone wasn't one of accusation or judgement, that he was simply asking a question. One that had an obvious answer. She wasn't.

"That's..." Her voice died as she tried to deny it.

It wasn't true.

Was it?

No. It wasn't.

Cyborg smiled at her, but it was one filled with bitterness instead of it's usual humor.

"I just...well I've seen you looking at him all the time lately, so I just thought...well I know what it's like to want something you can't have. I'm here, if you ever...want to talk."

With that, the half robot continued to the living room, where the other titans were waiting to start the movie they'd chosen from Block-Buster earlier.

Starfire let him go, her small form trembling as her mild replayed what had just happened. Cyborg had it all backwards. She didn't look at Beast Boy all the time. Okay, she did...but only because he was with Raven. She really only cared about Raven. Not Beast Boy. Raven. Right?

Right, Starfire thought determinedly as she made her way to the couch, wedging herself between Robin and Raven.

After the movie was over, she'd set the record straight.

She tried to concentrate on the scene that was playing on the television, but her mind kept nagging at her.

Why had she just frozen when Cyborg had brought it up? Her mouth had opened, the words were on the tip of her tongue, yet when she'd tried to deny it, her mind had basically shut down on her.


It wasn't the truth. When someone accused you of something false, the correct thing to do is to deny it and supply the right information. So...

Why hadn't she denied it?

It wasn't the truth.

Wakey wake, tofu eggs and bakey!

She wasn't in love with Beast Boy.

Split up? Split UP!?!?!?! Didn't you see the movie? If we split up the monster will hunt us down one by one by one and eat us!! And I'm probably DELICIOUS!!

She wasn't.

Starfire felt her breath start to quicken as her mind reeled at the possibility of her being in love with...


I am not in love with friend Beast Boy. He is sweet, cute, charming and always makes me laugh like no one else, but that does not mean... Her shoulders sagged in defeat. I love him. I am in love with friend Beast Boy. I love him much like the way I love Cy--

Her thoughts froze in terror. She hadn'tjust thought that. She hadn't just thought that. She hadn't she hadn't shehadn'tshehadn'tshehadn'tshehadn'tSHEHADN'TSHEHADN'TSHEHADN'T!!!

Around her the boys, and even Raven, suddenly erupted into laughter (though Raven looked embarrassed about it a few seconds later), but Starfire didn't join them. She couldn't. The alien was too busy trying to get her heart to start beating again, as her word came crashing down all around her.

She loved them all.

Uhhhh...Starfire, not everything on the menu is a pizza topping.

Robin with his passion and determination...

He just put on 300,000 pounds. I am soooo jealous.

Raven with her dark beauty and dry wit...

You're telling me I'm gonna be BALD!?!?!?!?!?!?

Beast Boy with his charm and humor...


Cyborg with his sensitivity and carefree ways...

She loved them all. In different ways perhaps, but all equally. Having more than one partner wasn't unheard of on her planet either, but here, on Earth, it was unthinkable.

They would never...

There was just no way...

Her soul screamed in agony.

And even though she knew she shouldn't...that it would only make things worse...

Her throat began to tighten and before long, the first tear fell.

She tried to hold it back, but then a sob escaped...and then another...and another...pretty soon she was a hysterical mess on the couch. The sobs only increased as she saw how concerned her teammates were.

They cared so much...

But it could never be enough.

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