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Living Day to Day

Chapter fifteen

"Oh God Sammy why? Why did you do it?" Dean asked as tears ran freely down his face. If his brother was dead he wanted to be too. He reached for the gun on the bed but stopped when he thought he heard someone calling his name.

"Dean? Dean wake up."

"Sammy?" Dean's eyes flew open at the sound of his brother's voice and he looked up into his brother's tired face.

"You okay?" Sam asked. "You were dreaming…it must have been pretty bad."

"Yeah…yeah it was." Dean took a deep breath as relief washed over him, it was just a dream and his brother was alive. "But it's okay now." Dean turned his head and quickly wiped away the tears not wanting Sam to see them. "How ya feeling Sammy?" He asked as he stood up.

"Like I got hit in the head with a baseball bat." Sam gave his brother a little smile.

"Yeah I bet."

"What happened? The last thing I remember was being at the motel."

Dean explained what had happened since Sam had collapsed at the motel.

Sam winced in pain as he reached up and gingerly touched the side of his head; he started to panic when he felt the gauze.

"They didn't?" His eyes were wide, he was sure they had shaved his head.

"No they didn't." Dean smiled. "You're lucky; they only took a little off the side." Then Dean asked the question he had been dreading. "How do you feel Sam? Can you move?" What if his dream came true? Sam could obviously see but what if his brother was paralyzed?"

Sam slowly moved his arms and legs then looked up at Dean and smiled.

"Yeah….everything seems to be working….Why wouldn't it be?"

"I had this dream….well more like a nightmare really…where things went wrong…."

"Wrong? What do you mean wrong?"

"Oh it was nothing…just a dumb dream." Dean didn't want to relive the horror of the dream by telling his brother about it. As far as he could tell Sam was fine and that was all that mattered.

"Oh…okay." Sam could tell the dream must have really bothered his brother and saw no reason to ask him about it. "Well the doc said I should be fine and in a few days I'll be out of here."

"When did you talk to the doctor?"

"He came in and examined me while you were taking your beauty nap and I didn't see any reason to wake you up. He was just here a few minutes ago. In fact I was just going to go back to sleep when I heard you yelling in your sleep." Sam once more reached up and touched his head. "I didn't realize my head was all wrapped up though. Guess I was still a little out of it when he was talking to me." He gave Dean a worried smile. "You're sure they didn't shave my head?" He asked not knowing if he could really believe his brother or not.

"No Sam you still have that mop on your head, except for maybe an inch or so on the side where they had to shave it."

Dean took Sam's hand and let him feel the back of his head then the top. Sam smiled when he felt his long brown hair sticking out from under the gauze.

"Oh thank God." Sam said smiling. He then turned serious as he looked at his brother. "Dean….I…" Sam hesitated; he wasn't quite sure how he wanted to put this. He knew his brother hated emotional moments and he didn't want to upset him.


Sam figured he might as well just come out and say it.

"Back at the motel…when I told you I wish you had just let me die….I….well I didn't really mean it….I want to live….and I want you to live…." Sam blinked back tears. "I want to live so I can find someway to get you out of your deal. And I'm going to Dean….I'm not giving up till I do…I promise you that."

"Sure Sam." Dean started to turn away.

"I mean it Dean. You said you couldn't live without me….well I can't live without you. In fact I'd rather die with you then live without you. So either we go down together or we walk away from this together, but what ever happens we do it together." Sam held out his hand. "Deal?" He looked at Dean as he fought to keep his eyes open. He was exhausted and now that he knew everything was alright he just wanting to go back to sleep, but first he wanted to make sure he had his brother's promise.

Dean hesitated for only a second.

"Deal." He shook Sam's hand. "But right now just try to forget about it for awhile and get some rest…you look beat. I'll be here when you wake up."

Sam gave a little nod as he closed his eyes and within minutes drifted off to sleep.

Dean stood next to his brother once more standing guard over him as he had done all his life. He knew if he tried to weasel his way out of the deal Sam would drop dead and he wasn't about to let that happen. But he knew Sam needed to rest and he wasn't about to argue with him. He'd let his brother think that he could save him until the last possible moment when it would be obvious that he couldn't. He hated giving Sam false hope but it was all he could give him, he could at least do that much for him. He looked down at his brother and a single tear ran down his cheek. He knew it was going to hurt Sam when he died but he also knew he would make the deal all over again if he had to. He couldn't let his brother die. Sure Sam would be hurt, but his brother was stronger then he was. He'd eventually get over it and get on with his life, or at least he hoped he would. As he reached over to pull Sam's cover up to his shoulders….it suddenly hit him….. Who would watch out for his brother when he died? He swallowed the lump in his throat as he watched Sam sleep. Who would protect his brother once he was gone? … He'd call Bobby…yeah that's what he'd do. Bobby could watch out for Sam. He was like a father to them already and he knew he'd keep an eye on Sam for him. As he looked down at his brother he wanted to tell him how much he cared about him, how much he loved him, but he knew he wouldn't be able to say it….he was never good at expressing his emotions…too girly. So for now he would just take care of Sam until his time came and pray that his brother would be okay without him.

"Sleep well Sam." He said softly as he sat down once more guarding his brother from harm as he had done a thousand times before.

The End