By: Phillip 'AntidoteCRK' Stephens


10 years ago, a Battle took place in the village hidden in the leaves. This battle was not against another country, or against itself. It was a battle against a creature whom they thought was a foul beast bent only on destruction and mayhem. That of course is a biased untruth, I know this because I am that creature, I attacked because I was wronged in the most cruel way possible. It happened when I went on a hunt, I needed to keep my strength up for my new kits; Everything went perfectly I was content with my meal and was anxious to get back to my babies.

However when I got back to the cave I had left them in I saw the most gruesome sight, blood everywhere the stench was unbearable especially because I knew it was my kits blood. I was enraged, and greatly saddened. My very first litter was dead before I even had a chance to love them outside of the womb. Thinking about all the horrible creatures who could possibly do this Humans never came to mind, I've dealt with humans before, they normally try to help creatures in need not kill them unless they need food. But then I saw a glint to the right of me, I turned and there next to a large boulder was a Forehead Protector with the Hidden Leaf logo on it. It was starting to rust due to the blood meaning this had to have taken place at least twenty-four hours ago just after I left the cave. I was enraged even more and rushed out of the cave in a blind fury seeing only red. Unconsciously entering my Nine-Tailed form leaving a path of destruction in my wake.

A few hours later I finally came too, seeing that brave man doing what he could to defend his village I thought he was a weak minded idiot in my enraged state. Then I saw a bundle in his arms that he clutched to with such love and determination. I realized that this man was trying to protect his child and do everything he could to do so. It touched me in such a way that I let my defenses down and finally heard what he had to say.


"Kyuubi, I know you better than this, you and I were great friends!, Why do you attack?, were you wronged? Please let me help you, I don't want to seal you Niina please let me help!" The man said for some reason the Kyuubi was angered again and attacked with more determination. "FINE KYUUBI, I LOST MY TRUE FRIEND" The man yelled "I, Minato Uzamaki, will seal you even if it is against my wishes"

"Niina, I don't know what happened to you but please don't blame this on my daughter, I.. I'm sorry for what ever happened" Minato said with tears rolling down his face, he started doing hand signs for a seal, no one around could decipher the seal finally stopping he yelled the name of the jutsu.

Suddenly a large being appeared in Niina's and Minato's mindscapes "Minato, what is it you ask of me" the being asked with a hint of annoyance "I'm sorry, but I need Niina sealed away for the time being, Use my daughter as the vessel and me as the price, make it last only eleven years, Niina is a good person and demon. I don't know what happened but this isn't normal" the being nodded and Niina's eyes widened "As you wish Minato, only eleven years as you request" Suddenly it burst forth stabbing both Minato and Niina and drug Minato's soul out of his body while forcing Niina into the body of Minato's daughter, Niina finally snapped out of her rage in time to hear Minato "Niina Take care of Amiko and disguise her, I'm sorry old friend" Minato said with a sad smile, Niina smiled sadly in return and nodded her head allowing herself to be sealed into the tiny body of Ami.


I wish to keep my unsaid promise to Minato, my old friend however there is only so much I can do. I felt it best to hide my existence from Princess Ami but it is so difficult with everything that happens to want to stay hidden. Minato tried so hard to get me to realize he didn't want to hurt me, but I wouldn't listen and because of that little Ami will never know how great a man Minato really was. Her mother was so heart broken that she died shortly after the sealing was finished, I'm just happy that she didn't blame her little girl for her beloveds death.

There is only six months left before the seal breaks releasing me, it is time that Ami knew who she was but I want to wait until she is in a Genin team to tell her the truth. My story is over and Ami's will start. So please don't blame this sweet child, my mistake, my anger caused this.