Uzumaki Amiko

Chapter 4


By: Phillip "Antidote" Michael Thomas Stephens

"Well that could have gone better..." Kakashi said as he looked at the twitching Sasuke lying on the ground, he then looked in the direction that the two girls ran in and sighed "I really hope that Amiko can get things squared with Sakura, the LAST thing we need is a team that does see eye to eye."

~With Amiko and Sakura~

"Sakura! Please stop!" Amiko said as she ran after Sakura, leaping from tree to tree and dodging random obstacles "Let me explain"

"Why should I, the only reason you want to talk to me is so you can steal Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled, not even looking at the blonde.

"No, thats not the reason, just please stop, I promise there is a good reason behind all of this" Amiko pleaded, Sakura finally stopped and let her shoulder sag.

"Fine but this better be good" Sakura said turning slowly to glare at Amiko.

"Thank you Sakura" Amiko said smiling "Please sit down" she finished sitting down on a log and patting the spot next to her. "The truth is Sakura, I didn't even know I was a girl until about two weeks ago, and I'm still not used to everything yet"

"How do you not know what your gender is? You baka!" Sakura said looking at Amiko incredulously "That's simply not possible"

"When your under a powerful genjutsu from a young age anything is possible" Amiko said with a slight air of amusement "I was only a day old when my true gender and identity was hidden away, only a select few knew of my true gender, not even the council does, at least to my knowledge"

"B-but, why would you be hidden away like that?" Sakura asked tilting her head in a puppy dog like fashion.

"People will do anything to hide their princess from danger, and thats exactly what they did" Amiko said with a tone of finality "My father is a direct descendant of the founders of the Land of Fire and therefore the rightful King, my mother was the daughter of a mist Kage and had many enemies along with my father."

"Wow Naruto that's pretty crazy, how did you take being a princess" Sakura asked with a touch of curiosity.

"Well I kinda freaked at first, then got used to it, although I still find it a pain when Mizuki-sensei and Iruka-sensei go "Amiko-hime this, Amiko-hime that" and the random people that know I know walking up and bowing is kinda creepy" Amiko said.

"Wait, your name is Amiko?" Sakura asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, what of it?" Amiko asked.

"Well the history text books say that the Fourth Hokage had a daughter named Amiko but she died shortly after birth" Sakura said raising her eyebrow higher.

"Well we all know how accurate text books are don't we" Amiko said giggling "I'm the Fourth's "Dead Daughter", I didn't die I was just hidden even from myself"

"Amiko thank you, I'm sorry I over reacted like I did, it was just a shock" Sakura apologized taking the girl up into a hug much to her surprise.

"And thank you for listening to me Sakura, you really are a good friend" Amiko said smiling.

"You know Amiko?, I think it's going to be fun being teammates, I was kinda lonely being the only girl on the team" Sakura confessed.

"And I was getting tired of hiding in my shell" Amiko said then she noticed that it was now really dark "Damn how long has it been?, Sakura we need to get back to camp!" She said then started running back toward the camp.

~Back at camp~

"Damn, that kid can sleep, it's been nearly two hours, and he only fainted!" Tazuna said poking at Sasuke with an empty sake bottle suddenly Sasuke's arm flew up and knocked the sake bottle into the air only to have it nail Kakashi in the face.

"You know that kinda hurt" Kakashi said in his usual lazy tone and continued to read his book then he heard some rustling and giggling in the bushes "Well the girls are back" he said standing up and approaching the bush that the rustling came from to see the two girls arm in arm giggling an chatting as they walked back.

"What were you two doing for so long?" Kakashi asked angrily "It's been nearly two hours since you two took off! What if we needed your help!"

"Sorry sensei" Amiko and Sakura replied simultaneously and blushed "we were talking and lost track of time"

"Damn girls, and their gossiping" Sasuke mumbled from his corner only to receive a sake bottle to the head from Tazuna "DAMN IT OLD MAN KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE BOTTLES!" Sasuke yelled grabbing the offending bottle and chucking it back at the old drunkard to nail him in the head and knock him off balance.

"Don't worry about it girls just don't do it again, however Amiko I believe Sasuke wants an explanation." Kakashi said looking toward Sasuke and noticed he was staring intently at Amiko, this kind of shocked him yet he was pleased.

"I'll talk to him about it later, when we're alone." Amiko said "There is something else, rather personal, I would rather only he hear."

"Dobe? What's to personal for these two idiots to hear?" Sasuke said pointing to Sakura and Kakashi, his face flashing confusion for a split second, Amiko blushed at the question.

"Nothing Sasuke don't worry about it." Amiko said trying to hide her blush from the others and with that everyone headed to bed to get some much needed sleep.

~Some where else~

"Minato" A booming voice called out, echoing in the dark, lifeless expanse. "Minato come here" It bellowed again.

"Yes shinigami? You called?" Asked a blonde man of about 30. "Minato it's time, the seal has been broken and I shall return you to your world. Take care of that daughter of yours my friend" Shinigami finished smiling at the shocked blond.

"Yes thank you, but I thought this was a permanent deal" The blond said. "I Decide whether something like this is permanent, and I do not want to keep such a noble man from his daughter"


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