The water poured on to my back, he was in here looking at me. My naked self. His eye following every drop. His oceanic eyes connecting with mine. He continued to send lightening bolts through my body. The Greek God, Zeus. The man did wonders.

The warm water hitting me directly, the single drops bouncing of my pale skin. His fingers was playing connect four up and down my left arm, torso, and right arm. He dragged his finger gently across my body. I flinched.

"Everything is okay, Sara, I'm not going to hurt. I could never hurt you." His words, comfort. My self control vanishing. Is he speaking the truth? Could I trust him? We have waited for so long to be with each other. Arguing. Over talking. Loving. Looking. Touching.

I jotted my eyes around taking him in. My droplets were hitting him. The innocent man before me. Yes, I could trust the man that was standing in front of me.

Could I love him? I already did.

I smiled at him. His blue eyes meeting my brown. His ocean on my wet sand. Slowly filling with darkness of the night. Nothing would come between us. Ever.

For my love for him is stronger then his passion. His insects. I love him. I will admit it. One day I will scream in from the roof tops. But today, today is the day that we make each other ours. Today is the day that we will make love.

"I know."