When Ianto arrived at the hub that morning Jack was still asleep. The captain had been looking tired of late and the Welshman decided to let him sleep knowing that it was a rare occurence.

Toshiko arrived a short while later and looked at Jack in confusion. Ianto quietly informed her to let their boss sleep and she nodded in understanding, knowing how much the captain had been working. He was still asleep when Gwen and Owen arrived but he had shifted slightly and begun moaning.

"No," Jack appeared to be struggling against invisible bonds. "Leave them alone. Stay away from them. Don't touch her. I'll kill you." He finally screamed and with a loud excamation of "DOCTOR" sat straight up in bed, tears streaming down his face.

Taking deep shaky breaths he looked around the hub, his eyes widening when he realised that the team had been privy to his nightmares. Gwen moved towards him hesitantly as he looked around like a caged animal, afraid, and unable to put his facade in place.

"Jack are you alright?" she questioned concerned.

He looked at her without seeing her, "no."

"What were you dreaming about?" Toshiko cocked her head curiously.

"It was just a memory," Jack muttered. "A bad memory, but a memory all the same," he claimed with a wistful smile his expression becoming far away.

"Jack," Owen called him back.

Jack grinned, eerily reminiscent of the Doctor, "Right sorry, lets get back to work, yeah."

"Not until you tell us what you were dreaming about," Gwen protested.

"It was nothing," Jack sighed. "Just something that happened in my past, long before I joined Torchwood."

"Doesn't look like you got over it," Ianto claimed quietly, handing Jack a cup of coffee.

"I did," Jack answered. "They helped me through it. Everyone survived that day."

"Who are they?" Owen demanded.

"People I knew," Jack told them mysteriously. He yawned, "Get back to work."

"Jack," the captain was already back asleep.

Ianto slipped the coffee cup from the captain's unresisting hands and ushered the rest of the team away from the sleeping man.

Many emails were sent between the Torchwood staff that day in attempt to find out more about the captain's dream and his criptic answers to their questions. He continued to sleep for much of the rest of the day mumbling incoherently and on occasion murmuring names like 'Doc' and 'Rose.'

Finally the team left and only Ianto remained. Jack slowly awoke, tired and confused. Ianto handed him a cup of coffee.

"The others are all gone but they're curious," Ianto informed him lying beside him.

"I'll deal. I just needed to rest, dying takes a lot out of me," he kissed Ianto and they drifted off to sleep in each others arms. Neither was aware of Toshiko watching wide-eyed from the shadows.