An Alternate Naruto Uzumaki Fanfiction

Written By thenarutofanfreak22

Author's Note:

Hey guys its me again, I bring to you one of my new crazy fanfictions that just suddenly popped into my head. As I work on the Dark Oracle Saga for you guys' enjoyment, I decided to make a story dedicated to the Main Character Naruto Uzumaki once again.

I just find the little guy so adorable sometimes, even though he's like my 4th Favourite Male Naruto Anime character, though he's still somewhere in that big heart of mine. Anyway back to getting to what this story is about.

This is an alternate universe fanfiction, meaning that instead of Naruto being a male, he will be in the form of his Orioke No Jutsu (Sexy Jutsu), and yes with clothing on guys, you pervs :P and this is in no way a Yaoi story because the pairing I'm putting Naruko (Naruto's female name) with is Sasuke Uchiha. Plus, the fact that Naruto will be a girl and not a guy proves this story is not Yaoi. Don't ask me why, I just well I kind of was a naughty girl and read this really, really interesting 'book' that had Naruko/Naruto and Shippuuden Sasuke in it. So um yeah –shifty eyed look- getting to the point, this will be a story between the Original series and Shippuuden and possibly a futuristic mix up.

Warnings:Rated M for Lemons that involve some possible Yuri action (Girl on Girl action for those of you who don't know what Yuri means), and Male on Girl action, possibly a lot of cussing and god knows what else this story might have in it, just going to put Rated M just to be safe.

All Naruto Concepts and characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto, I am borrowing them to simply make do with the time I have to kill and for the shear entertainment of all the Naruto fans out there. Though the idea of Naruko probably belongs to me as well as anyone else that's made a story about Naruto being a female.

This is a Fluffy, Romance/Comedy action packed story, and you name it. Also there will be slight plot twists to accommodate the fact Naruto is actually a girl in this story. So without further a do the story of Naruko begins at where Naruto in the Original Series begins his life story.

Chapter One: Becoming a Genin

"Tee-hee…you'll never catch me!" shouted a cute feminine voice as a girl with whiskered cheeks and blonde pig tails ran as fast as she could down the streets of a Village somewhere in the Ninja world. Dressed in a simple black shirt with the Village's symbol on it and a brightly orange short skirt that went to her knees.

The person in question's name was yelled as two high ranking Shinobi attempted to run after her, "GET BACK HERE NARUKO!" Naruko had done something very horrible to the Hokage Mountain faces, as it could obviously be seen by a bunch of the villagers who were there at the moment gawking at Naruko's handiwork Plus the fact she was supposed to be in class right now listening to a boring lecture by her sensei, Iruka Umino, was also enough to get her into double trouble.

Naruko giggled as she continued to keep running, "You guys don't have the guts to do what I did! Now do you? Losers!" She shouted back at them and made it look like she was running down a lane way, and pulled out her Cloak of Invisibility and used it to blend into the wooden fence that blocked off whose ever property was behind them. She stifled a giggle as she listened to the idiots run past her.

She then after pulling the cloak down started laughing, "Hehehehe, idiots…" She continued giggling before a shadow appeared above the blonde kunoichi in training. "Oh yeah Naruko?!" shouted an angry and pissed off Iruka-sensei as he stood there with both his hands on his hips.

"EEEK!" Screamed Naruko as she jumped up probably what looked to be 2 feet into the air at being startled by her sensei and fell on her backside after this, after recovering from her shock and rubbing her bottom which hurt now thanks to Iruka startling her she whined, "What are you doing Iruka-sensei?"

"No what are you doing here! Shouldn't you be in class Naruko?!" said Iruka as he grabbed her shoulder and started dragging her back to the Ninja Academy. Naruko attempted to struggle to get free but ended up being tied up both her hands and feet as she was dragged.

Once she was dragged back to class, still tied up, her whole entire class was staring down at her, probably laughing at her seeing she had managed to get caught skipping class again. Iruka started giving her a lecture in front of the entire class,

"I've about had it with your pranks Naruko, the Graduation test is tomorrow, and this will be your third time taking it and probably failing it…" He then went on blabbering about stuff, Naruko attempted to tune him out by looking at the floor, also avoiding some of the angry stares some of his classmates were throwing him, particularly from a girl in her class she had wanted to make friends with desperately, Haruno Sakura. The girl was so smart, yet she was always chasing after that one boy that Naruko didn't want to mention right now at a time like this.

Suddenly Iruka spoke up, "Do you understand what I'm saying Naruko?!" Naruko quickly came out of her reverie and spoke up half not paying attention, "Yeah, Yeah…" She was always getting tired of the lectures from Iruka; half of them were always so stupid sounding to her. Iruka was livid in anger as he then shouted,

"FINE! Seeing Naruko here isn't paying attention, we are all going to review the Transformation Technique once again today!" Naruko had a bad feeling she really pissed her entire class off, and felt bloodlust all around her. She heard her entire class groan and then heard Iruka speaking up, "Get into a line and I'll call your name alphabetically…"

Iruka then untied Naruko and Naruko got up and adjusted her skirt and shirt. She then went to join the others in a line. Iruka then spoke, "I want you guys to transform into a version of me today, something simplistic." Iruka then went down the list of people.

Naruko was standing in between one of her good friends, well not really a good friend but she sometimes hung out with him and his buddy, Nara Shikamaru whining, "Man what a drag…" Then heard the girl next to him, Yamanaka Ino complaining as they watched Haruno Sakura do her transformation and then a certain boy that again Naruko refused to name complete the transformation jutsu, before Naruko's name was called, "We always pay for your screw ups Naruko! Why can't you get a brain for once?" Naruko heard her name being called before she responded, "Uzumaki Naruko…"

"Whatever…" said Naruko as she took her place. A pair of eyes, ivory eyes at this was watching Naruko, but Naruko didn't pay attention to those eyes. One single thought could be heard, 'Naruko-Chan, do your best…' and suddenly an idea popped into Naruko's head and she then made the handseal, 'Henge!" Instead of transforming into Iruka, she had instead transformed into a naked adult female, thank goodness all of her most private of places had been covered with smoke.

Iruka stared at the sight in front of him, his jaw dropped, eyes wide open. Naruko gave him a wink, and this sent Iruka stumbling backwards with a very heavy nosebleed in the process. Some of Naruko's classmates were in shock and yet those who found Naruko's pranks funny were just shaking their heads, silently laughing. Naruko laughed as she transformed back into her clothed self and said,

"HA, HA! That's my Orioke No Jutsu! You fell for it!" She continued to laugh and point until Iruka had managed to get back to his feet and stomped over towards Naruko and bonked her on the head with his fist, and began shouting,

"YOU and your stupid Jutsus! Stop making such trash type of techniques!" Iruka attempted to then bring his bloodied nose under control and said, "Class is dismissed for the day, make sure your well prepared for tomorrow's final Graduation test…" "Naruko! You stay here, there's a particular punishment in store for you, for your pranks."

Naruko groaned as the rest of the class gathered their things and headed off. Naruko pouted, as she crossed her arms against her chest, waiting for Iruka to doll out her punishment. "Naruko follow me…" He then shoved a bucket of what looked to be soapy water and a sponge inside of the bucket.

Naruko blinked and quickly took the bucket of water, careful not to spill a single drop, and began to grumble as she followed Iruka to where it was he was taking her. 5 minutes later and they were standing in front of Hokage mountain, or what was Hokage mountain with all the graffiti on the faces of those who had died and served the Village Hidden in the Leaf.

Iruka then pointed up at the faces, "You don't leave here, until every last drop of paint is cleaned off the stone faces, do you understand Naruko?" he was still a little ticked off with Naruko's prank. Naruko pouted and nodded, "Yes Iruka-Sensei…" "Good now get to work." Said Iruka as he climbed up to the top of the first Hokage's head and perched himself there while Naruko got to work.

This was certainly going to be the most interesting thing to happen to Naruko as after being taken out for Ramen by Iruka and getting a lecture from him also that night. Naruko woke up early the next morning to practice some of the techniques she had learned in the academy, she always seemed to have a problem though with one particular technique during her younger years, and it was supposed to be the most basic of jutsus too.

It was that day also that her day would become a freaking nightmare, as she was sitting in her usual place in the class, the room buzzing with nervous energy as everyone waited for Iruka to announce what would be their final graduation exam. Usually the students would have to show off a technique to prove they are worthy of the rank of Genin. It also showed that they had the particular chakra control.

Iruka walked in with one of the other senseis, Mizuki standing at the door, "Today's Graduation exam, will be to see if you can perform the Clone Technique (Bunshin No Jutsu)." "When I call your names, you will come into the other room, to be tested."

Naruko almost ripped her pony tails out of her head as she screamed inwardly, 'OH NO! Not Bunshin No Jutsu! That's my weakest technique!' She made a cute little whimpering sound and knew she was totally flat out and damn well screwed now. She would end up failing the exam again. Her stomach began to tighten into knots as Iruka called one of the students into the other room. 'Okay stay focused Naruko…just give it you're best and you should be okay…' Naruko thought to herself and while waiting began practicing some handseals, she did this at times when she was nervous.

Her nervousness did not go unnoticed by a certain raven haired boy that was sneaking a peek towards her even though Naruko was trying to ignore practically everyone in the entire class. Dark eyes watched the blonde whiskered face 12 year old girl briefly before returning to pondering things inside of his head, waiting to be called for by their sensei.

20 minutes pass by and Naruko was the 3rd last person to be called in to be tested. Naruko gulped and tried to stay focused. "Here I go…" She then made the handseal for the technique; she began to power up her chakra as best as she could. "Bunshin No Jutsu!" she called out cutely and instead of making three exact copies of herself, she instead made one messed up looking clone.

Her jaw dropped and she began biting her fingers nails. Turning her cerulean blue eyes towards Iruka, she could see his eye was twitching in anger and then eeked when she heard him yell, "YOU FAIL!" Naruko looked ready to cry at this moment, she had tried so hard to stay focused this year in class it was so hard to when someone like her had attention deficit problems.

She then heard Mizuki-sensei clear his throat and try to have a discussion to Iruka for a few moments, trying to get Iruka to give Naruko another chance at the test or at least letting him pass. Iruka was just too stubborn to let Naruko pass, and Naruko always thought Iruka was out to get her every time, never once giving the poor Kitsune girl a chance.

Naruko held back her tears as she walked out of the examination room dejectedly and immediately walked out of the academy, walking over to the swing under the tree in the school yard; she plunked herself down on it and looked down at the ground sadly. She had done her total best to perform that jutsu right; she always felt she was doing her best every time she failed. Maybe she should just give up totally on ever becoming a kunoichi.

She listened as the parents of her classmates came to pick up their children. This made Naruko feel so painfully lonely, she had been lonely since she could remember. The Village had always treated her differently; at times she had broken down whenever the other villagers tried to abuse her physically or with their harsh words. All Naruko ever wanted to do in life, was to be acknowledge, just once by someone.

That was why she had her dream, to become the greatest Hokage there ever was. But to others they had thought it was nothing but idiotic ramblings coming from the small blonde haired, blue eyed female whenever people started making fun of her. She would stick to her word and would make every last person that made her feel bad about herself, pay for it by definitely becoming Hokage.

Slowly she got up to her feet, the look of sadness still in those pretty eyes of hers as she began to start walking and immediately she bumped into Mizuki, "Oof!" she grunted and almost fell on her backside again and looked up at Mizuki. The man was staring hard down at her and he spoke up,

"Naruko-Chan, come with me, I want to talk to you." Naruko blinked and immediately followed Mizuki like a puppy being lead on a leash. Not knowing what Mizuki had to say to her, would indeed bring trouble to the Village she had grown up in, later on that night.

It was around 10 pm at night, the moon was full and almost at the zenith point in the sky, casting shadows and eerie white silver light through the trees of the Forest at one of the training grounds closest to Konohagakure's Main Gates. Mumbling and whistling could be heard as Naruko headed with a rather large looking sealed scroll strapped to her back, she had managed to get to the place that Mizuki-sensei had told her to be at to bring him the scroll.

Naruko sighed tiredly and parked her kiester on the ground and pulled the scroll in front of her as she adjusted her skirt to cover her legs more. "Okay…so…Mizuki-sensei told me to read this and I should be okay to pass that test again." She mumbled as she then opened the scroll and began reading it, "Multi-Shadow Clone Technique (Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu)." She puckered her lips together in a slight kissing, slight pouty look, "Man, Clone Technique is supposed to be my weakest jutsu and it just keeps coming up all the time!" She whined as she then frowned and said nothing while getting up to her feet after reading how to make the handseals.

"Okay this shouldn't take long…" She then got to work on practicing a new jutsu.

"SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT NINE TAILED FOX!" roared Mizuki, almost hours later. Naruko growled as she gave Mizuki the coldest of glares that had ever been seen on the blonde's face ever; you could have sworn her eyes looked slitted as she stood there after declaring she would kill Mizuki if he laid one more hand on her beloved sensei.

Mizuki then attempted to rush at her and quickly she place her left hand out fusing her middle and forefingers on that hand while doing the same with her right hand, making the sign of what looked to be a cross with her hands, she then called out, "Ninpo: Tajuu Kage Bunshin No Jutsu (Ninja Art: Multi Shadow Clone Technique)!" Over a hundred illusions appeared, all copies of the original Naruko were standing in one huge circle, in the trees and every little nook and cranny you could think of, there was a flesh and blood Shadow Clone of Naruko Uzumaki.

Mizuki was shocked, as was Iruka who was lying against a tree panting, bleeding from different wounds from being hit by Mizuki's giant shuriken and the like. Naruko cracked her knuckles and all the clones started shouting at Mizuki,

"What's wrong Mizuki I thought you said you were going to come after us, if you're not coming…we coming after you…" Mizuki didn't have much time before the entire army of Naruko Shadow Clones came at him and all that could be heard were the pained screams of Mizuki getting clobbered.

It was just before dawn, the sun was about to peek through the horizon and the trees. Mizuki lay bloodied, bruised and broken on the ground, alive but unconscious. Naruko was giving Iruka a silly little fox smile as she rubbed the back of her head with her hand; sheepishly,

"Um sorry about that…Iruka-Sensei, I kinda um got carried away…" Her clones had all long gone and she was standing alone in front of Iruka. Iruka looked slightly dazed as he thought to himself for a moment before a smile crept on his lips.

"Naruko-Chan, come here for a moment, I have something for you…" said Iruka. Naruko's blue eyes widened in surprise and quickly she bounced over to Iruka's side. Iruka spoke, "Close your eyes…"

Naruko nodded and closed her eyes and was told not to open them for 10 minutes. "Can I open my eyes now Iruka-sensei?" whined Naruko getting impatient to see what her sensei was up to. She had felt his hands on her forehead during the whole time, and was curious to know what was going on.

"Yeah you can Naruko…" Shocked silence as Naruko finally opened her eyes to see that her sensei's hitai-ate was no long on his forehead and a big smile on his face. She then reached up and felt something cold, on her hand as she felt metal there.

"Congratulations Naruko-Chan you finally passed the Exam, you're a Genin now." Said Iruka as he watched Naruko's eyes conflict with emotion. Naruko looked ready to be in tears at this moment, Iruka finally was the first person to acknowledge her. She did the best thing she could do now.

"IRUKA-SENSEI!" She shrieked as she practically glomped him right there, pressing herself in a big hug against him. Iruka groaned in pain as he heard her giggling, "Naruko careful!" He grunted as he attempted to hug her back.

This was the beginning of a long life of things to come for the kunoichi Hokage wanna-be. And it was only going to get harder for her as well as the time past by.

I know this seems a total repeat of the series and all, but trust me, my story is going to become my own soon, just wanting those who are starting to actually watch the series, to get a feel for this.

Anyway The Next Chapter will Be Posted up Soon. Take Care all and until Next time...