Chapter Eight: A Hope for the Future. The Past Is No More

It had been only what felt like months since Sasuke's triumphant return to the village, his punishment had been served and now he was fully accepted as a Shinobi of Konoha once again. Everyone had been shocked and yet surprised that, Naruko and Sasuke were now going out together.

The bond the two of them shared was the type of bond that could never truly have been broken, not by anyone or anything. Naruko and Sasuke both pretty much broke the hearts of other guys in Naruko's sense, and other girls in Sasuke's sense. Sometimes when Naruko was seen hanging around Sasuke, the girls would always wonder, how the hell the dumb Blonde managed to score such a hottie like him sometimes.

Naruko was sitting, up on top of Hokage Mountain, watching the birds and the village below her. A smile was on her whiskered face, it seemed those who had hated her guts because of the Kyuubi, had became friendlier, no doubt because now that Sasuke was her lover, they didn't want to piss off the last remaining Uchiha or wish to get pummeled by the miniature 'Tsunade Clone' that was Sakura or by anyone that was friends with the Fox girl.

She sighed contentedly, wondering what was taking him so long to show up; she had told him last night, just before leaving his house, after their love making session, to meet her here. He was taking an awful long time.

Suddenly she felt a pair of warm arms, pale ones at that, wrap around her waist and pull her close to a hardened body; she jumped when she heard the familiar voice of her lover whisper in her ear.

"Did you miss me, my Naruko-Chan?"

"Sasukeee!" She squealed, and immediately turned around and pounced onto him. Giggling at the startled look on the Uchiha's face as Naruko was now on top of him.

"Of course I missed you, well maybe not that much seeing I saw you last night…" She said with a giggle, a look of pure love in her oceanic blue eyes.

Sasuke smiled up at her and growled playfully.

"God your heavy, get off…" He was teasing her of course, he always enjoyed their roughhousing.

"Nope not gonna! Not til you tell me why you're late for our date...Sasuke…" Pouted Naruko.

Sasuke eyed his beloved blonde for a moment. He sighed for a few minutes before saying.

"Naruko-Chan, I thought we were through this before, I'm not going to leave you for any other bimbo…I love you too much to do that." "The reason why I was so late was because Kakashi held me up and wanted to ask me when I would feel up to training with you and Sakura and Sai again." "I told them I probably would be ready to do that soon…" "Also I had to go and pick up something for my special kitsune."

Naruko was surprised at this, especially when he said he had something for her.

"What did you get me? Huh, huh, huh, huh!? Tell meeeee! Sasuke!" whined Naruko as she started bouncing every which way around him. Sasuke just started chuckling at the scene in front of him before calmly saying.

"Calm down and give me your right hand, Naruko-Chan." Sometimes Naruko could always try to make a situation turn into a happy one; Sasuke of course knew where she always got all that energy from, especially when it came to making love, not that he was complaining about her needs to go a second or even a third round when it came to that.

Sasuke then pulled something out of his pocket and then slipped a small silver object onto Naruko's ring finger on her right hand. Naruko quickly looked down, her eyes widened.

"Sasuke what is this? It's pretty!" asked Naruko. The object that Sasuke had placed on was in actuality a silver ring with a small what looked to be a sea green stone lodged in the center of it.

"It's a ring, what does it look like? It's a promise ring…a promise that I want to make to you now…even though we are still too young to do this…" spoke Sasuke.

Naruko blinked and waited for Sasuke to finish speaking. Which he did indeed.

"Once we reach 18…I want to well you see…seeing we've been together for awhile now…I want us both to get married…" finished a nervous Uchiha.

"WHA?! You want to…really? Omigod! Wait til Sakura and the others hear about this…so your saying this is sort of like an engagement ring Sasuke?" piped up Naruko.

"H-hai Naruko-Chan, I love you that much that I think I would be ready to do something like that…besides the council is trying to make a decision for the three of us, and when I say the three of us, I mean Sakura, you and me, they want to make the three of us the next new three legendary Sannin…seeing we were trained by the original three…" spoke Sasuke quietly, a small smile plastered on his face.

"The question is, though my Naruko-Chan, will you marry me once we are the right age?"

Naruko looked ready to cry at this moment, she looked so adorable, her lip trembling as tears threatened to spill from the corners of her eyes. She then began to cry indeed, while throwing herself into Sasuke's arms.

"Of course I will you big dummy, now that your staying in the village permanently, I won't let any other girl have you! Not for a moment or a day or a year or anytime!" shouted Naruko between sobs.

Sasuke smiled at her and pulled her even closer to him, lifting her chin to stare into the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen in his lifetime, Naruko was one of those women that only came around once a millennium perhaps, he did indeed love this woman all too much.

"Naruko-Chan, Aishiteru…Naruko-Koi…" he whispered before kissing his dear sweet Kitsune sweetly and filled with passion.

Four Years down the Road:

"Naruko?! Where did that woman of mine go…?" Muttered a much older, 19 year old Sasuke Uchiha. It was about sunset when he decided to go find his wife.

"I'm outside up in my favorite tree Sasuke!" Called out the woman of his desires and dreams.

Indeed Sasuke had kept his promise and had married Naruko right after coming back alive from a dangerous S classed Mission that had almost destroyed their bond. The two of them along with Sakura, had been ordered by Tsunade, to go and kill the Leader of Akatsuki after being inaugurated into Sanninhood.

Which the three had indeed managed to do, but had almost crippled Naruko and killed Sasuke. The two had recovered with in time, and Sasuke had decided a few days after their recovery, he wanted to marry Naruko, he would not loose the only woman he loved dearly again.

The ceremony had been beautiful of course, and very private, Sasuke and Naruko had only invited their closest friends, the Kazekage being one of them of course. The couple was so happy once they returned from their honeymoon of traveling around the Shinobi world, Sasuke's idea of course.

"There you are Naruko, I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go for a walk…Naruko…what's wrong my koi?" spoke Sasuke as he stood frozen in the spot after leaping into the same tree branch as his beloved wife.

Naruko, his wife, his lifemate, and fellow Sannin, was crying at this moment. Naruko's hand was resting in her lap as she was sitting down on a tree branch, that she and Sasuke had planted together the day that Naruko moved into his apartment 2 years ago, it was a type of willow tree. (A/N: This happens to be the author of this story's favorite tree by the way!)

"Um Sasuke-koi, I just found some news out…um…I'm not sure if I should tell you right now…" spoke Naruko, trying to hide her gaze, seeing Sasuke was the type that could read things from people's eyes and such.

"Naruko…tell me what's wrong…" Sasuke said quietly as he took a few steps over towards her and pulled her up to her feet, and gave her a hug.

"I don't wanna tell you, you might get mad at me…if I do tell you." Spoke Naruko, who was attempting to pull out of Sasuke's embrace.

"Naruko…" growled Sasuke warningly, he hated when she tried to hide things from him. Especially someone as close as his own wife.

Naruko whimpered and then said in a tiny voice.

"I went this morning to talk to Tsunade-Sama, seeing Kyuubi was telling me I was feeling different…and…well your not going to believe this…but…um I'm…"

"You're what Naruko? Just tell me…" Concern written on his face and in his dark midnight sky eyes.

"I'm p-pregnant! God damn it Sasuke! This is all your fault, if you'd had just used the damn contraceptive jutsu like I told you to, when we were taught in the Academy, this wouldn't have happened!" shouted Naruko.

Sasuke's eyes widened at this piece of news, why did Naruko think this was a bad thing? To Sasuke, this was indeed a very good thing; his clan would be restored now. Slowly Sasuke attempted to pull Naruko into his arms, a smile on his face.

He then whispered to her gently as he nibbled on her ear.

"This is good news Naruko, why did you think I would be mad? I want a child with you, and the Hokage told us that we had to start thinking about producing an heir for the Clan remember? The day we got married…"

"Yeah but…I'm not ready for this…Sasuke, we are still too young to have kids, yeah sure I want a kid…this…this is all so confusing!" shouted Naruko, tears continued to fall down her eyes.

"What if the baby doesn't love me? I mean what if Kyuubi somehow escapes after I have this kid…" said Naruko, as she buried her head into Sasuke's shoulder, snuggling closer into him.

Sasuke smirked down at his kitsune and spoke softly as he brushed a kiss on her forehead. Even though her stomach was still flat right now, his hand traveled there briefly, resting it there as he spoke to her.

"We'll take those steps together then, and the child will love you Naruko, I know it will…as for Kyuubi, I have Sharingan so it won't be a problem in trying to control it…you shouldn't have to worry about these things, these are things that will not happen perhaps, but I will protect you if anything like Kyuubi escaping or someone trying to hurt you or the child ever comes up in the future…" "You're acting silly Naruko-Koi."

Naruko opened her eyes as she rested her hand where Sasuke's was at the moment and then whispered.

"So then you're not mad at me? And you do want the baby then?"

"More then anything in the world Naruko…now come on we should go back inside, unless you want to stay out here and watch the moon come out?" spoke Sasuke.

This was one of their favorite hobbies the couple loved to do. They would watch the sun set, then watch the moon rise and then fall in the morning and watch the sun rise sometimes. The two of them would always wake up early enough to do this, whenever they weren't called away to deal with a mission or something.

"Um Sasuke…sure, but we'll have to tell Tsunade-Obaa-Chan soon about the little surprise…" spoke Naruko as the couple sat down and began watching the sunset. Feeling safe in the comfort of her beloved husband's arms, she snuggled closer to him and smiled up at him.

"Like I said, we'll take that into stride…Naruko…Aishiteru…" spoke Sasuke, love in his eyes, love for only her.

Naruko smiled up at Sasuke as she moved upwards to claim his lips with her pretty little ones. She whispered back.

"Aishiteru… love…"

It had been a long struggle for the two of them, but in the end, love had found its way into their lives, and nothing in the world, not Akatsuki, and not even Orochimaru could break these two apart.

The future was looking even brighter now, now that a new group of Sannin had been born, and the fight to bring peace once and for all to the Shinobi world would continue on for perhaps for centuries to come.


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