A cute oneshot, because I am in a happy mood even though I had the math test from hell. Chocolate does make a person feel better, but this is not about about chocolate. Rather, Sakura has a crush and she knows the truth: she is so, so screwed. (Probably) onesided Kakasaku. Which is not to say that it's not reciprocated. We just don't know... but you can guess.

Also: why do my parents believe that going with them to vote (I can't vote yet) and helping to participate in the democratic electoral process of my country is not a viable excuse for being late to school? Really, I've lost all of my faith in the process.

It's odd, really. It's quite awkward. It makes for some pretty strange and uncomfortable situations that would be entirely avoidable if it weren't for… it.

Simply put: Sakura has a crush.

She hasn't been squeaking or blushing or vying desperately for his attention (she actually has that, thanks) but sometimes when something that he says to her could be taken in a non-platonic way, she'll feel her cheeks glow. And when he touches her, casually, like he normally does (a hug when they see each other, etc., etc.,) she never wants to pull away.

It's weird.

She can't talk to himabout it, of course. Nor could she talk to Naruto. At a 'Girls Night' she had wanted to talk to Ino but they had gotten sidetracked by Tenten's announcing that the ocean of denial existing between her and Neji was now more of an easily fordable stream. So she was happy for Neji and Tenten (and found Tenten's anecdote about how Lee had interrupted and was yelling at Neji for 'seducing Tenten' just as they were moving on from kissing to something more interesting hilarious) but she really, really, needed avice.

Then, she thought that maybe she didn't need advice. If it just was a crush, only a crush, then she would be okay. It would go away. Most crushes went away after a while, didn't they?

Then, when they were training together, her and her crush, and he hugs her after training, a one-armed hug, and then remarks slyly how nice she looks in her tank top and leggings and boots, she knows exactly how screwed she is.

Just a crush. She'll just keep telling herself that.

When Sakura finally gets around to consulting with Ino, who is actually in love with Shikamaru (and half of the time despairs of that fact) and engaged, the blonde girl confirms her fears.

"Just a crush? Yeah, right," Ino snickers. "This is you, Forehead. You're screwed."

Unless, of course, she does something about it. That's a novel idea.