A/n: Harry/MJ oneshot. Because I love them! Please review and tell me what you thought!

Things I'll Never Say

I watch her stand there, waiting for him. Giving him everything she has, giving him- her.

I watch him walk away, turn her down, turn around. It's written all over her face, she's questioning 'what do I do now?'

I watch her wait for him to change his mind, reassure her he was wrong- he doesn't, he just turns around.

If I had only told her

If I had only showed her

If I had loved her

Maybe she wouldn't be crying now

Maybe she wouldn't be waiting

Maybe she wouldn't be hurting right now

I saw the looks between them, the slight touches

I saw their hands tightly held together

I saw the love struck glances they gave each other

I made a mistake by taking his side

Where has it gotten me now?

Alone, empty, cold

If only I could've showed how I loved her

How I needed her

I always tried to buy her

She'd always refuse

The only method I knew, I abused

For so long I hadn't seen her

For so long I hadn't heard her

The laugh, the smile

I missed her

I loved her

I lost her

And at her wedding day, I watched her run away

Past the church, past the isles

I waited for her to return, she never looked back

I knew where she was headed, to someone who possessed what I lacked

If I had told her

If I had showed her

If I had held her

Would she still be here today?

At night I'm tortured

Faces, sounds, voices echoing off empty, vacant walls

All I hear

All I see

Anger, hate, betrayal, fate

I live in darkness

Away from her light

Her shining hair, her delight

Why did I let her go?

I watch her pause in the elevator

Watch her wonder

Why she's come

What she's done

What he'll think

I distract her, rewarded by a smile

She's nervous

I'm nervous

This is the first time we've been together, alone

I listen to her

I hear her

I comfort her

I'm there for her

And when she turns to leave, I call

Running after her

She's gone before I know

The door closing

What have I done?

Why did I let her go?

Could she have loved me?

Would she have ever let it show?

I love her

I want her

I need her

My words whispers

My voice mute

She's gone back to him

I miss her every day

I blame myself for the things I'll never say…