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A/N: This is from King Vegeta to Vegeta for the first half. The second half
is from Vegeta to Trunks. Can you tell where I switch?

To: My Son

By: Prince Tyler Briefs.

My only son, once so small
Now a man, proud and tall
Always trying to prove to me
You're the strongest I would see

When you where smaller I told you things
And you would smerk at those "weaklings"
I vowed someday I'd teach you right
How to rule and how to fight

But you where taken before I could
Teach you to live like a sayjin should
I was gone before you knew
Just how much I love you

I've watched you grow from afar
And I know who you really are
You are my son, and I love you
Even though I don't like somethings you do

Frieza changed my little boy
Changed my little pride and joy
But through it all my love is true
And I am watching over you.

To my little boy, so small
Who will one day grow-up tall
Even though I can't tell you
I want you to know I'll see you through

You're the best I could've had
And you'll grow to be like my dad
A man full of strength and grace
The pride of the Sayjin race

You'll succeed where I have failed
Where I have worked to no avail
I'm sure you'll do what I can not
And beat the sons of kakkorot.

Fullfill the destiny that once was mine
And know I'll be there the whole time
I wish I could tell you how I feel
Tell you that my love is real

It's to hard for me to show
But I hope that you just know
How much I love you, Trunks-chan
And I'll be the best dad I can