Chapter 5

Do you really eat frogs?

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The train station was dim and loud, bustling with people who seemed to have no respect for personal space. Alexis was running as fast as humanly possible to get Jamison Jr. off the train, knowing that if anything went wrong, his father would know. Despite the lack of light, she was clamping her giant sunglasses to her face, hoping she wouldn't be recognized. She knew she was going to be late as well as looking totally unpolished.

Wait, what time is it? Someone needs to pick up Nick- I really hope he thought of that- it's not safe for her to take the subway home from that part of town. Of course he didn't think of that, he thinks anything is safe for them. What the hell was wrong with his parents, sending him to be raised in a hardcore boarding school somewhere in Tibet. Did I mention that he is CRAZY!? Because he is… waiting what was I doing… OH CRAP! It became a little vulgar out of that.

She stood on the side, waiting for the train to pull in.

I don't even know what he looks like. That little shit didn't tell me. He just loves to screw with me, doesn't he? Well clearly he does- I have the mental scars to prove it. Well he'll be French, that's slightly helpful, I hope.

The train began to pull in and she backed up trying to get a good look at the passengers.

She began speaking in quick and fluent French, making a few people turn to stare.

Then she saw him, a tiny kid carrying a large suitcase. He had the same tan skin and brown hair as his father, but there was something different about his posture. He appeared to be dazed and confused.

"Jamison" She yelled- as she expected he turned and looked at her. She lifted her sunglasses and walked over to him.

"Are you Alexis?" He asked in a heavy accent.

"It's okay to use French, and yes I am" She said in French and smiled at him.

So this is the spawn of Satan. He called me by my first name which is odd. He doesn't seem to be evil, well neither did his father at that age… well I was little. Okay, I have to treat him with respect because he's clearly reporting back to his father. Never thought I'd see the day when I was scared of a ten year old.

"Good, I was frightened I wouldn't be able to recognize you." He said, looking truly relived.

"How was your trip?" She asked.

"Very long, people looked at me funny the whole way. Is everyone here Asian?" he asked, looking around.

"Well it is Japan, so yes." Alexis said, beginning to lead him out of the station.

"Do you have a car?" Jamison asked, looking around the crowded and busy streets.

"No, were taking a cab" Alexis said.

Because Zane wont let me borrow his stupid car. Stupid chauvinistic moron, he totaled the last one, okay so it wasn't his fault, but that was the second time he had totaled it. Moron was trying to drive and duel at the same time. Geez, the only thing dumber than that would be trying to ride a motorcycle while dueling, which would be REALLY dumb…

Jamison Jr. nodded his head.

"Jamison Jr. is there anything you would like to do while you're here?" Alexis asked.

"Jamie" He said quietly.

"What?" Alexis asked.

"Please call me Jamie" Jamie said looking up at her.

"Okay, Jamie it is" Alexis said, hailing a cab.

Zane was totally out of his element.

The etiquette school where Nick took her classes was a small building, but decorated in high elegance. There was a waiting room, a dining room which doubled as a makeshift "ballroom" and a cubicle which was referred to as an "office". The entire place was western style, and the faint sound of high heels clacking could be heard in a ten foot radius.

Zane was standing outside the building with his hand firmly on the handle. From the windows, he could see a gaggle of women standing around and talking. Many of them were dressed a bit too formally for early afternoon, in kimono's and formal dresses.

On the count of three, one, two, three.

He turned the handle and walked inside, the women all turned and looked at him.

"Wow, I've never met a father who was brave enough to pick up his daughter here" One of them said.

"Whose father are you?" A highly botoxed one asked.

Zane stood in a strong stance and said.


Which got some funny looks.

"I didn't know they allowed boys here" One said.

"Nick is short for Nicolette" Zane said, wincing at the full name. The issue with having a name such as Nicolette in Japan was how native speakers pronounced it "Nicorette" Which was, of course, a smoking quit aid. Hence the shortening to "Nick"

This got the women's attention, big time.

"Oh, the new girls father" they said, suddenly superior and giving sidelong glances.

"My daughter said there was a new girl in the class, somewhat of a tough little girl. I've heard that she had an unusual confidence for a girl of her age" An aristocratic air in her voice.

"Yes, she is. I don't see anything wrong with it" Zane said calmly.

"Well, etiquette school is supposed to teach them to act high class, but I've heard she was a girl with very commoner mannerisms" The woman answered.

"There is nothing wrong with that, she is not a purebred aristocrat, nor, in this day and age, should anyone try to pretend to be" Zane said, scanning the gaggle for the women who visibly became nervous on "Pretend"

Third one to the left who looks like she hasn't moved her face in months due to botox, the one with the green kimono, the one with the long sleeved pink power suit, they are going to be the easy targets.

"They only accept girls with high class backgrounds, they've turned many celebrities children away" The pink power suit said.

"Did I say anything to suggest that any of you are not whom you say you are? I am merely here to pick up my daughter." Zane said, feeling his phone buzz. I'll let them be, I screwed with their minds enough.

1 new text message

A. Truesdale

I picked him up, I'm coming home, and did you remember to pick Nick up?

He texted back

You are of little faith; I'm waiting for the class to end. Have you checked him for horns yet?

The women's conversation picked up quickly as Zane waited for his reply.

Yes, they seem to be smaller than his fathers. Just give him the benefit of the doubt okay?Do you have work today?

Zane sighed, and texted back.

I took the day off, I have to work tomorrow, we have interviews, and the pre season is starting soon.

The doors to the "dining room" opened and everyone walked inside. The girls were all sitting around the table, perfectly straight backs, and tea cups were sitting on their saucers with the handles pointed just so.

"Hello parents, please allow your children to greet you in the manner of which they learned today, your checks are due on Wednesday, I will see you next week" A very old and cross woman said from the head of the table.

The girls all got up in unison and walked over to their respective parents.

Nicks brown hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she was wearing a dress that looked to be straight out of the early 1900's. A cute Lolita look.

"Daddy, I didn't know you were picking me up, can we get ice cream on the way home?" Nick said, jumping up and down. The women glared at her.

"No, your uncle is watching Xander and Luca, I don't want to leave him with them for too long" Zane said quietly, leading her by the hand and taking her outside.

"Today was fun, we got to learn how, and we learned how to do "tea appropriate" hair styles. I wanted to have a much more fun hair style, but all the other girls didn't want to do my hair because it was naturally lighter and they were all jealous. One of the girls said that she wanted to bleach her hair, but her mommy wouldn't let her. It was fun!" Nick said, skipping to the car.

Zane got into the drivers seat and sent a wary eye to the school.

Its fun, but how long until she realizes she doesn't really belong there? Zane thought.

They pulled into the driveway and walked inside the house. Atticus's European imported boots were carelessly tossed in the doorway.

I'm not sure if I should be impressed that he even remembered to take off his shoes, or upset that my house probably looks like crap.

Nicolette pulled off her Mary Jane's and ran into the kitchen.

"Change out of that dress before you eat!"

"So the French pig is coming?" Atticus asked, walking into the hallway.

"He's in the car" Zane explained.

"Mind if I leave?" He asked, warily eyeing the doorway.

"Sort of…" Zane answered.

"Fine, we'll play the waiting game… my favorite next to scrabble" Atticus sat on the couch and put his feet up.

"Atticus, you hate scrabble"


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