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This was inspired by the song "The One" by Vanessa Carlton (the lyrics in this song are from this song) and the amazing video to the same song (Troypay!) by jump5freak90. Yay. :D

Sharpay wanted to cry. Looking into the mirror of her locker she knew she couldn't. It would mess up her make-up and she was in public. Public high school.

Why didn't he see it? Why did no one else see it? She was at the end of her rope trying to get him to notice her again.

She could still feel his lips against hers. The heat between them, and the feeling of forever while lying in his arms. They had that click, and they both knew it.

So why was she watching him walk down the hallway with another girl? His group stopped across from her momentarily. He glanced up at her, and she smiled sadly back as they started to walk down the hall again.

But you'll always be my golden boy…

Sharpay closed her locker and walked in the direction the crowd had just gone. She passed Troy again, and he watched her, a look in his eyes she hadn't seen for a long time. Not hatred, not indifference – longing.

I don't need you tell me I'm the one.

She didn't feel like smiling still, but she didn't want to cry.

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