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Tohru's POV


I was pacing the floor in front of Kyo's room impatiently and troubled with myself. I was very nervous with the news I

would soon have to tell him. I knew he was just behind that door, busily studying. If I just knocked on that door, and just

spat it out, maybe it wouldn't be that big of a deal, and he would just laugh about it. No. that would never happen. He

would panic, and be very pissed at the man who did it. I immediately tried to think of all the good things of the dark, mysterious man who had stolen

me away from Kyo at a dance and taken me into that scary, deserted alley way. "He seemed to be a very 'interesting'

man." I jumped when I saw the door open.

"Oh, Kyo-kun!" I immediately put on a false smile. He looked at me in a very strange way, with his beautiful red eyes seemed to bathe me with concern.

"Tohru. What's wrong?"

I looked up at him, and I could feel my eyes gather with tears as I sank to my knees, bracing his ankles, sobbing.

"I'm so sorry, Kyo-kun! Don't be mad! I'm so sorry!" Kyo just stared at me.

"Hey, what did you do that was so bad?" He asked as he kneeled down beside me, lifting my face up. I cried even louder,

and mumbled something that was not ledgable. Yuki was just walking up the stairs, and stopped when he saw the image from around

the corner.

"Ok, Tohru. Try saying it a little clearer this time." I tried again. Yuki listened closely from around the corner.

"I-I'm I- I'M PREGNANT!" I yelled with much pain.

Yuki was shocked from the corner. He ran, not hearing or wanting to hear the rest of the story. Kyo

was very shocked.

"T-Tohru! Who did this to you?" He was about to knock the punk who did this right through the wall.

"Remember the man who took me away from you for a dance? Well, he just wanted more, you know, like Ayame said that

sometimes instinct takes over and all that, well anyway I think he might have just given in and-"

"Tohru. Were is he?"

"I-uh, I don't know."

"I'm gonna kill him!" He ran, leaving me there, as I let my tears overflow, wondering about my baby.

"Who will be my baby's father?" I ran outside, intending just to get somewhere instead of just sitting there. As I ran, I

ran into Rin. She looked shocked at my tear-stained face. She automatically started to yell.

"WHO DID THIS TO YOU?" I backed up, surprised.

"Oh, uh, Rin! How are you? I was just-"

"WHO DID THIS TO YOU?" She repeated, exasperated. I backed up alittle more, and grew white. "I-I'm sorry!" I felt like the

ground was rushing towards me, and slowly, I fell to the ground...

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