Answers Unearthed

Yuki's POV cont'd

"Miharu Sohma?" Shigure asked, "are you quite positive? That is a rather serious accusation."

"Almost positive," I replied. "All that's left is catching him red-handed."

"I'll look into it, Yuki. In the mean time, Yuki, why don't you go ask Akito? He might have a bit of knowledge on the guy."

I grimaced. I hated seeing him, but Tohru had already been through so much. I needed to know if Miharu was behind any of the attacks, and I needed to know now. With that thought in mind, I hung up the

phone, grabbed my jacket, and headed out of the house. I was walking at a quick pace when I suddenly decided that it was much too slow. I ran as fast as I could to the Sohma estate. I felt my asthma kick in

a little, but I didn't care. It didn't matter anymore. All of this chaos needed to end. As I reached the door, I saw Akito stepping out, assisted by Hatori. Immediately I blurted out, unafraid of Akito.

"Akito, do you know a Miharu Sohma?"

Akito looked startled at my presence, and then slyly smiled at me. "Why yes, what of him?"

I breathed in. "I think he's responsible for everything that has happened to Tohru. Please tell me what you know!"

Akito then laughed in a way that I didn't care about. "Why should I?"

That was all it took for me to lounge at him and grasp him by his robes and shake him silly. "Tell me what you know!" I practically shrieked. I must have sounded more like a girl than I looked at the moment.

"Let go, Yuki, calm down!" Hatori grimaced, grabbing my shoulders. Nevertheless, I didn't let go of Akito.

"Oh well," Akito said, "I can tell you that he is who showed me how to transfer the souls into other bodies. It's Quite useful. He also showed me how to completely destroy another human being. I kind of favor

that idea, don't you?"

My eyes grew wide. This man taught Akito how to transfer a curse? "You-you want to kill Ms. Honda?" I stuttered.

"Oh, no, Yuki. I am killing Ms. Honda. You don't deserve her. After all, you are the dirty rat."

"What did you do…"

"Why, I allowed Miharu Sohma to do a little experiment. When he approached me, he offered me something I could not deny. Killing Tohru brings you back to me."

"Why you!-" I reached out my fist to give him a good pound, but at that moment, my asthma kicked in, full-throttle. I fell to the ground, gasping and wheezing. Things began to grow dark as Hatori flustered over me and Akito laughed uncontrollably.

Rin's POV cont'd

"What do you mean?" I asked. "What happened?" I was ready to climb out a window and go straight over to the men in black.

"The guy that we captured let loose some information. Before you head straight into this mess, maybe you should listen to what I have to say.

I stared him down. He knew that if he let loose the location, I would be gone, just like that. It was torture.

"Let's go to Tohru's room and discuss this with the others." Haru grabbed my elbow and steered me rather quickly toward Tohru's room.

"I don't think her weak little body can handle this news, Haru, " I complained.

"She's stronger than you think, Rin." He knocked on the door. "We're coming in," Haru stated. He opened the door and we both stepped inside. Every time I saw Tohru, it was like a new shock. Her skin clung to bone, with no cushion whatsoever.

Her eyes looked like sink holes. It was too unbearable to see. It just made me angry. To change my thoughts, I looked at Kyo. He looked strikingly similar to Tohru. His health was fine, but his pain showed on his face. There were many dents in the wall

from where Kyo became frustrated and had to punch something. Haru startled me when he began to speak.

"Is Yuki here?" he asked.

"No, the dumb rat is somewhere I suppose. I guess he's looking into the men in black." Kyo answered, with barely any energy. At least he still had his smarty choice of words to claim him as still being the Kyo everyone knew.

"Okay, I'll get straight to the point.," Haru began. "The men in black have been discovered."

Immediately, as expected, Kyo fired up. "Tell me where they are!" fire lit up his eyes as he looked as if he was ready to knock a dummy that wasn't the wall for a change.

"Hold on, Kyo. There's information that needs to be shared before you charge right in."

"As if I'm gonna sit and listen! Just tell me already or I'll use your pretty white head as a mop!" Kyo, for once, was acting more reckless than I had.

Haru looked amused. "okay pretty boy. I you don't listen, I'll change to black Haru and fight you!" Kyo suddenly calmed down. "I don't have time for this.." he leaned forward and put his head in his hands.

Tohru lifted a ginger hand and reassuringly touched his back.

Kyo didn't move from his position, but muttered "Okay, I'm listening. But make it quick!"

"Well," Haru began. "It all started when the man that we caught finally spilled the beans. On everything. The rape, for instance, was no coincidence. It was for scientific research. They knew that if Tohru had a baby, it would be the bird."

Kyo immediately stood up and cussed wildly, shoving the stand next to the bed onto the floor, and even kicked the window, shattering it to pieces. We all waited for him to calm down. After a little bit, he was ready to listen.

Haru began again. "He played his card right and waited for her to have the baby. He planned to kidnap her and Ichigo together at the ice cream shop, but not everything fell into place. After all, Ichigo is still in safe custody. He planned to experiment with

Tohru, seeing what kind of affects he could have on her body. Since he had tricked Akito into-"

"Akito was tricked?" Tohru's eyes grew wide. "I feel so sorry for him, that must have hurt!" Kyo smirked. "Who could ever feel sorry for that moron?"

"Ahem." Haru glared. "No interruptions, please. Akito was tricked into doing the experiments, too. He told him it was the perfect way to get Yuki back, and he wouldn't have to feel so lonely anymore. Akito was easily convinced to switch the curse to Tohru.

Truth is, by convincing Akito to transfer the curse, some of Akito's "godly powers" were given to the suspect at hand. There are now 2 gods."

"But why?" Tohru asked, "Why did he do it? He must have been lonely.."

"Nope." Haru answered. "He did it for revenge. When he was young, his father died in an accident caused by Akito himself. Akito had gotten angry and stabbed him. He bled to death in front of Akito."

"But why was he so obsessed with the chemical side of things? Couldn't he have just gone the easy route and killed?" I asked. It hurt to say, because I hated imagining Tohru being stabbed with a knife till she died. But I could imagine Akito being killed.

That was nice.

Haru looked at me. "There's more to the story than that, I'm afraid," he sighed. Looking at the far side of the wall, he continued. "This man's father was obsessed with the Sohma family secret. He always wondered aloud, wondering the most brutal of things.

One of them was if 2 zodiacs could be shoved into one body, or even more. I'm pretty sure that this old man's son plans to do just that with Akito. If he could do that, he would be an absolute monster. Not only that, but he would die an excruciating death."

"NO!" Tohru screamed out, tears pouring down her face. "Not Akito! He's been alone this whole time, and someone else who is also alone plans to kill him! This is much too sad!" Tohru stared down at her hands, sobbing choked sobs and slowly growing quiet.

Kyo grasped her closest hand and squeezed it tight. Tohru gave him a grateful smile, but went back to staring at her hands, eyes half open. She was exhausted. Anyone could tell that.

I interrupted. "Tohru needs some rest. Let's get out, Haru! And cat, don't hurt her!"

"As if!" Kyo yelled as we exited. that kind of outburst was exactly what that room needed. That kind of atmosphere was too grown-up and terrifying. How could we all get along for a minute to listen?

Suddenly Kyo burst out of the room. "Let me know the location," he growled.

"Nu-uh." Haru stared back at Kyo, in a half taunting way. "cuz I'm gonna take care of it all by myself!

"Not on my life." Kyo's fists bunched up, as if ready to punch Haru.

"Kyo!" Tohru's voice was heard in the other room. She sounded terrified. "I feel as if I'm being watched! Don't leave me or they'll come for me!"

That was all it took. Kyo grimaced at Haru then tore his way back to Tohru's room.

to be continued. Thank you for your patience!