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The song for this chapter is Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna.

Bella The Punk Goth


Bella's P.O.V.

Please don't stop the music

Please don't stop the music

Please don't stop the music

Please don't stop the music

We're getting on the Plane to Washington from Phoenix now. We would be Cal, Jesse, Zev, Ethan, Mathew, and of chorus myself.

Cal and I are like peanut butter and jelly. I do what he tells me to and he does what I tell him to. He's from Italy. He was my second friend in Phoenix. He was always a girl magnet. So when we would be hanging out I would always look around and see girls glaring at my face and muttering cuss words at me under their breath. It's always fun to hit him since he doesn't really care as long as it's not to hard. He is built much like how Emmett is lean and muscle. He has hazle eyes and blond hair with blue, black, purple and red hair.

Jesse is older than I am by one year so he should be one grade ahead but he failed a grade and now is in the same grade as the rest of us. He is like an older brother to me. He's from England. He was my first friend in Phoenix. He is also built much like Emmett. He had bronze hair when we were younger but now that he's died it many times it's black with blue and purple highlights. His eyes are golden brown but sometimes they have some green in them. Or specs of red. Depending on his mood.

Zev is my second best friend and unlike Cal I don't hit him for no reason. He's from New Orleans. And was my third friend in Phoenix. He has blond hair with blue highlights somewhat like mine. Except his are darker than mine. His eyes are blue and show every emotion he has at that point in time. He is built more like Jasper than Emmett.

Ethan is my second boyfriend. I know that even if we broke up we would still be friends. I know that everyone thinks that we do it all the time but it's not true. We have been going out for exactly three years. He's from Briton and has the most dreamy accent ever. His hair used to be like mine but when I moved to the public school in Phoenix since I got kicked out of the private school he died it. And now it's red with black highlights. His eyes are chocolate brown. He is built like Edward.

Mathew is my third best friend and would do anything I ask him to. He's from New York. He is built more like Jake than any of the Cullen/Hales'. He has jade green eyes. His hair is black with purple highlights. Just like when we met on my first day of public school.

It's getting late

I'm making my way all the time

My favourite place

I gotta get my body moving

Shake the stress away

I wasn't looking for nobody when you looked my way

Possible candidate, yeah

Who knew

That you'd be here, be here looking like you do

You make and staying over here, impossible

Baby, Im a say your aura is incredible

If you don't have to go, don't

We're going to Washington to live with my dad. We all did something that was against the law and got arrested for it and now our moms think that sending us to live with my dad we would learn something. (a/n you will find out in a later chapter what it is that they did.)

My dad doesn't really even know what we did. Since my mom decided not to tell him.

I wish that everything would be alright with everyone else.

I remember a time that Raven decided she wanted Ethan just so I wouldn't have him and all of us beat her up and told her that if she ever tried that again she may not live. I knew that Ethan would never turn on me even if the coolest girl in school wanted him.

I also remember a time where she wanted all my friends. But not a one would talk to her because it was don't talk to Raven week. She got her feelings hurt after the next week we politely told her to go fuck herself. That's the day I learned that she wasn't a virgin anymore.

I now knew everything I would to make fun of her and the clones for the rest of my life.

Do you know when to start it?

I just came here to party

But now we're rockin on the dance floor, actin' naughty

Your hands around my waist

Just let the music play

We're hand in hand just to dress and now we're face to face

flash back

I looked over to see a girl with black hair and a really slutty outfit walking over to Ethan and me.

I wonder what she wants...

"Hey Ethan! Do you want to go out with me this Friday?!" She yelled. Then turned to look over at me. "Hi I'm Raven. You must be new here." She said putting her hand out to shake mine.

"Hey. I'm Bella. I am new. Just moved here last year. You know in sixth grade after Christmas." I said sarcasticly.

"Oh your that girl. So anyways Ethan do you want to?" She asked totally acnoring the fact that he had his arm around my waist.

"No I'm with my girlfriend all week end. Sorry Raven. Besides your not my type." He replied and then murmered "Slut." under his breath.

"Okay well maybe next week."

end flash back

I can't believe Raven did that.

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