The Portal

Our story begins with two people; a girl and a boy running together to an old shack/ rundown building to get to a computer. The boy's dark brown hair falls over his eyes and it moves from side to side with the movement of his feet. His name is Ben and he is 15 years old and best friends with the girl running next to him. The girls face begins to get red from running so much but she likes to not think about her asthma at a time like this. Her name is Melissa. She is also 15 and very interested in the things that are going around her.

Panting, the two stop for a short break. "It's not too much farther from here." Melissa told Ben. And soon they continue at a brisk pace to their destination. When they get there they find a room where they are currently working on a critical experiment. "This is it?" Ben asked.

"Yes…hey don't be so negative. I was working on it until 4:00 this morning." Melissa told him.

"So do you really think that it's going to work?" Ben asked her getting excited. "Will it really get us into the television world?"

"Yes…I just have to make a few more adjustments later and by this time tomorrow it should be operational and we should be able to go into Ang's world." She told him with a smile on her face. "There is one catch though. If something were to go wrong then we could be trapped in the virtual world forever, or if something happened before tomorrow then…" she stopped.

"Then what?" Ben asked her. "Well...nevermind. It's just not logically possible for it to happen so why worry about it. Forget it. Although just to make sure that it doesn't happen, ill upload a scanner into the computer and it'll check for bugs and viruses." She told him. Suddenly she felt a vibrating in her pocket. "What? Its that time already?" she asked shocked. "Ok ill be right there!" and she hung up. "listen Ben, apparently I have a French test in five minutes that I thought was supposed to be tomorrow so just make sure it finishes scanning and ill see you back at the school ok?" she says running out the door leaving Ben and the computer alone.

As soon as the scan was complete Ben gets up and begins to walk to the door and turns around. "Huh that's funny. For a Minute I thought that the computer went dark." He said to himself. Seeing nothing wrong Ben walked out locking the door behind him and headed back to the school. (#End of chapter of one.)