The invaders

A black portal lights up the room and four people step out of it. "This doesn't look like home!" states one of them looking around. He had an arrow on his forehead and was carrying a long staff, which he could use to fly around with. His name is Aang, and he is the last air bender. The other boy next to him just looked around and asked "Do you think that there's anything to eat around here?" his name is Sokka. "How could you be thinking about food at a time like this?" asked a girl coming into the room. Her name is Katara and Sokka is her brother. "Well, with a brain as small as his I wouldn't be surprised if that's all he can think about." , Snickers another person stepping out of the portal. She was barefoot and her eyes had a glazed look about them. Her name is Toph.

"Maybe we should head back." Aang said. "Why? It's not like we're stuck here or anything!" Sokka replied, however in turning around his jaw drops when he sees no portal. "The universe just loves to prove me wrong!" he sighed while the others roll over with laughter except for Toph. "I don't see what's so funny about this!" she snapped. "We have two weeks before the eclipse/new moon and we're stuck here…where ever here is." She sighed. Suddenly there is a fumbling at the door and the group got silent. Sokka's face hardened and even Aang stopped moving around.