It is your fault.

No! It's not!

All your fault.

It… It can't be!

Everything is your fault.

I tried to save them!

Just look at them down there. They are dying, crumbling, lying in a pool of their own blood as each boom of their hearts drags them closer to the waiting darkness of death.

They're still alive!

How easily they fall from their high pedestals to come crashing down to this forsaken earth.

There was a pause.

They are all dead. Because of you. Because of your incompetence.

Evil delight dripped off of the words.

Below, people were dying. Each thud of their fading hearts pulling them irresistibly forward until their quivering bodies were completely enveloped in the shadows of the place where the voice lived.

What now?

What will you do when your world dies before your sightless eyes? Each piece crushed to glittering fragments?

Will you still fight?

Will it really be worth the pain?

Another pause, this one longer, deeper, filled with doubt.

They are all gone.


Because of you.

Your weakness.


I thought so.