There Are No Such Things as Vampires

Chapter 17...

Orochimaru's Return

Minato watched unflinchingly as Kushina dug her nails into her own face and tore off her pale skin as if it was made out of rubber.

Kushina never lost her twisted smile as she became a he, revealing Orochimaru's golden eyes and square jaw. The skin fell to the ground in large lumps as Orochimaru peeled off layers of Kushina's appearance.

Finally, a gaunt white face, and limp black hair was unsheathed and Minato felt full force the scent of his old enemy.

"That's better," Orochimaru said, his raspy voice sounding even rustier from disuse.

Minato didn't hesitate to use the element of surprise and lurched forward, fist raised to attack.

Orochimaru grinned, his fangs elongating past his blood stained lips.

They clashed, their fists sounding like loud claps of thunder and their bodies moving so fast they became nothing but blurs.

The sun slowly crept up into the sky, shining brightly on their fight.

Orochimaru winced; springing away just as Minato's fist missed his unprotected stomach.

"We're evenly matched," Orochimaru said, watching guardedly as Minato slowly stepped forward.

"I beg to differ," Minato spat, springing forward again.

Orochimaru narrowed his eyes, a sly smile slipping onto his face.

"Don't say I didn't try to…spare you."

There was another loud clap of thunder, but this time the fight was short.


Sasuke's eyes snapped open, managing to hold back a gasp as his eyes instantly adjusted to the dark. He quickly sat up, never noticing Naruto watching him carefully.

Sasuke felt as if it was the first time he was actually seeing the world, mesmerized by the sharpness of lines, and defined shapes in the room. The old wooden floor of the cabin suddenly looked ten times more ancient, he could even see right down to the splinters in the wood that were usually unseen by the naked eye.

It wasn't until Naruto exhaled that his head snapped down to the blond laying beside him.

"How are you feeling?" Naruto asked softly.

Sasuke stared at the blond, completely taken in by an enhanced image of his old lover.

"Beautiful," Sasuke whispered without meaning to.

The corner of Naruto's mouth twitched. "You're feeling…beautiful?"

Sasuke blinked. "No. I meant to say fine," he said. "I'm…fine."

Naruto sat up, absently running a hand through his hair. Sasuke marveled at the sound of Naruto's long fingernails brushing against his scalp.

"We slept longer than I'd planned but you should probably get something to eat."

Sasuke stiffened, swallowing the bile in his mouth.

"Don't you mean drink?"

Naruto chuckled when he noticed Sasuke's pale face.

"Don't worry, there are animals here to feed on," Naruto said as he stood and stretched. "I have a feeling you're not prepared to drink human blood."

Sasuke nodded.


As he lay in the grass, his mouth filing up with blood a shadow fell over him.

"Any last words?"

He fingered the blade in his side with shaky hands, desperately trying to remove it but he knew it was futile since it extended all the way into the ground.

"No? I'll make this quick then."

The shadow twisted and took a new form and dread filled his heart as he felt it fall over him.

"Goodbye old friend."

Then the shadow was gone, returning him to the warm glow of the sun.