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Sins Committed, Sins Forgiven

The years have gone by so fast for Yuki Cross, ever since she committed her sins with Zero Kiryu. That was over five years ago, that was the last time, that she was at Cross Academy. She hasn't seen anybody from the Academy since. The last person she saw was Kaname; the look on his face as she was leaving the grounds of the school, was the look of disappointment, fear, and sadness. She didn't even say goodbye to the Headmaster, let alone Zero.

What surprised her was that Kaname didn't even try to stop her from leaving. He just watched her leave; like when you watch a leaf fall from a tree as it gently floats to the ground. It disturbed her; even to this day she doesn't know why he didn't do anything, or say anything to try and stop her. IT MADE YUKI MAD. She kept thinking to herself.


"Besides now that I think about it, I never really loved Zero I just felt sorry for him. Maaannn, I fell terrible; toying with his emotions when I really didn't care for him; I do care for him though as a friend. I was too young then to know what my actions would cost me in the end. I guess in the end I know that it cost me Kaname." she sighed.

"You were the one I always cared for and now I lost you; for good I bet." she let out a deep sigh. After that, she made her way to her room to get ready for bed.

What she was unaware of was that Kaname was watching her the entire time. He saw her whole angered fiasco, which she took out on the wall of her apartment.

It took him two years to finally find where she had gone. Ever since he found her, he has been keeping watch over her; staying close enough to were no vampire would dare come close to her, but yet far enough away that she wouldn't sense his presence. Every time that he sees her suffering or when she's in pain, makes him want to go and embrace her like he wanted all those years ago. He couldn't stop but wonder how much she has grown into a woman. The way she looked now with long dark flowing locks. A tall, yet not to tall body; she had an athletic trim to her, muscular and so graceful. Yet he couldn't stop staring at her chest, it was three times the size of what it had been at the Academy. He was baffled, yet so intrigued. The way those knockers of hers bounced as she was dancing through the kitchen, making her dinner.

He immediately reprimanded himself. "Stop it; you're turning into quite the perv. Arrrrrggg, its' because her Damn body is over there and I'm over here!"

He conscious was talkin' to him now. "Well, why don't you go over there and touch her then?"

"I can't because she doesn't know that I'm here; plus I don't want her to hate me." Kaname cried.

"Oh pish posh, she won't care; quit being such a wuss." his conscience screamed.

"Look you, I spent my whole entire childhood, becoming friends with her for a specific reason you know

!!" Kaname yelled.

"Alright, alright; don't get your boxers in wad." his conscience groaned. "Geez, what did I ever do to you, to deserve this treatment?"

Kaname snapped back at his conscience, "Well, for one you get on my DAMN case about everything; and two you get involved with my love life. THAT IS PRIVATE YOU KNOW!! And for your information, MY BOXERS ARE NOT IN A WAD!!"

"Okay already I get it, I'll shut up now." said his conscience, a little bit annoyed. "Just don't rip my head off, because you'll be ripping yours' off, too." snickered his conscience again.

"For gods' sake, shut up!" cried Kaname.

"Aye yay, Sir! Shutting up now!!!" called out his conscience with great sarcasm.

"THANK YOU! At least know I'll have some time to think." said Kaname with a stressful breath.

It made him think to himself

"What has happened to you my Dear Girl? You've changed from an ugly duckling to a something so ethereal and graceful. Not that I don't mind, but how can I catch you when you don't even fall anymore?"

He let out a long deep sigh. "Man, what I wouldn't give to hold you my arms again." He let out another deep sigh, while rubbing his eyelids with the tip of his fingers.

He was getting stiff from the cold; it was in the middle of winter so it was getting hard to stay warm. You would think that he was smart enough to rent an apartment or something, but he was so stubborn to leave Yuki unguarded that he stayed on top of the roof that overlooked her apartment complex.

As the time went on he realized that there was one important thing about Yuki. The insistent habit of talking to herself when no one was around still haunted her; it was one thing that Kaname was glad that she still had. He caught himself snickering every time that she reprimanded herself for being clumsy, every morning when she woke up. It always took awhile for her eyes to adjust to the light.

"Damn it, why does this always happen to me?" yuki said with a puff of hot air. She was thinking for awhile than she said to herself, "It's probably because I'm a vampire know, well I was one to begin with. I just never realized it until I awoke. When was that again, Oh yeah; I remember it was a few days after I left the Academy. That explains a lot….. Which reminds me, that I have to go and feed." she breathed out in disgust.

"Oh, how I hate to feed, but how else must I keep my cravings at a minimum. Well it's about time for me to suit up." she took a deep breath and got out of bed.

Kaname with his excellent hearing heard her talking to herself. He was startled by what he had just heard. He thought to himself.

"Wait a minute, when did she awaken and how?" said Kaname with great wonder. " I'll just have to go and ask her myself, but wait if I do that it will alert to her that I know that she awakened." this puts a damper on things.

Before Kaname knew it, he was on Yuki's balcony. Then all of a sudden Yuki appears from around the corner to find Kaname standing on her balcony. She started to walk up to him, yet he was still in his state of argument with himself that he didn't sense her approaching.

"Is that you, Kaname?" Yuki said in a quieted tone voice.

Kaname thought that he heard someone call his name. He recognized it as being feminine, but he couldn't place to whose voice it was. Then he heard the voice calling him again. "Ah, Kaname, do you feel alright?" said the feminine voice again. Then it hit him, it has to be her voice. He than became aware of his surroundings and saw her standing there all confused. He kind of grinned.

"Yeah, it's me." he said to her in a deep registered tone. It made him happy that he could see up close again; and be able to talk to her again.

"What the HELL are you doing here, Kaname!!?" Yuki yelled. He thought to himself "Okay, I'm in trouble now."

"Umm, I don't know why I'm here myself actually." he said. He was surprised by the way she was reacting to his presence.

"Yeah right, you expect me to believe that bull shit!!" she yelled. "You're here for a reason, and I want to know what the reason is dammit." She didn't mean to act this way toward Kaname but she needed to feed. That was one reason why she was touchy. She could feel her insides starting to burn, because of the delay of her scheduled feeding.

Kaname was starting to wonder, why she was acting so crabby. Then he took a look into her eyes; something was wrong with them, they went there usual chocolate brown color. They had more of red glow to them now. Then it hit him, "she needs to feed, now!!" he thought.

"I know that you've awaken Yuki, but I will explain all later. Right now you need to feed, I can tell by the color of your eyes." he said with a definite tone. He started to tip his head back so that his neck was exposed. His big vein in his neck calling to her, pulsing loudly in her ears.

She was in a state of surprise that he was actually offering her his blood, when it should be the other way around. "I ….. Can't …… take it ……. Your blood. I just can't, not matter how alluring that blood of yours' is. I can sense it pulsing and your scent is intoxicating." " Kaname you're still pure, but if I drink from you; you will be tainted. For I have sinned and have been banished, never to see anyone again." she whimpered out.

"Yuki, please drink from my neck. It will make you feel better. Besides you will not taint me, for I have already sinned; by offering my blood to you." he told her. "You believe that you were banished, when it was you who left on your own accord. Those many years ago, yet I should be mad that you sinned with him of all people; but it's okay, I have forgiven you. Five years is a long enough time to suffer." he took in a deep breath and let out a sigh.

She looked up at Kaname with tears in her eyes. "Thank you" she told him before walking up to him. "I can't thank you enough, to have said the words that I so longed to hear." Standing up on her tip toes, she finally bears her fangs.

Kaname could tell that she was hesitating. So to give her reassurance he wrapped both of his arms around her waist really tightly, but not to tight to wear she might get bruised. "Do it, my dear girl. You don't know how long I have been waiting for this." after he said that he tipped his neck down a little bit so that she could actually feed easier.

"Alright, I will do my best to not hurt you to much, Okay." she whispered. She put her arms near his shoulders and pulled herself up a little. Then she sunk her fangs into him, drinking her fill of delicious, sweet, and rich blood. It was so good; she kept on drinking and drinking. She was suddenly brought to reality by a faint moan coming from Kaname. She thought to herself "Oops, I might have taken a little to much." she then took her fangs out and licked what blood was left on his skin.

"Kaname are you alright?" she asked. She was staring at him, while waiting for him to answer. He was breathing, but it looked like he was unconscious. He was not uttering a sound, but he was a grinning while he was lying there. It was kind of cute in a way. She decided that since he wasn't responding to her calls that he be moved inside; it was not all that hard, because she is the strongest vampire of all the pure bloods. So picking up Kaname was no hard feat, she carried him to her room and set him down in her bed.

"Well, I'll leave you to get some rest Kaname." after she said that, she started to leave. But something suddenly grabbed her wrist and prevented her from going anywhere. She turned around real fast to find Kaname as the source of the vice grip. She then found herself right on top of him; it seems that Kaname pulled her to him while he was still in his deep slumber.

"Stay ….. Please …. Don't … go." he whispered under his breath. She couldn't help but smile at this.

"I'm not going any where, I'll be here when you wake up." she whispered back. "It's not like I can anyway, since you have a hold of my wrist." she thought. The warmth welcoming, made her kind of tired; so she decided to relax and get some rest. She'll ask her questions in the morning, when he is feeling better. Her body began to relax and she started to droop. Then everything went black, with sleep overpowering her tired and stressed body.