Title: The Magical Healing Powers of a Hot Spring (or When Cain Reached His Breaking Point)

Authors: Buffybot76
Characters/Pairing: Cain/DG

Summary: In which DG relaxes in a hot spring and Cain loses his cool. Hot sex is sure to follow.
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own Tin Man. All the characters herein are owned by the SciFi network. I'm just playing in their sandbox.
Word Count: 5,917

- Part 1 -

Cain had just returned from his afternoon ride, something that had become quite a daily ritual for the ex-Tin Man. Ever since he'd taken up the post as the Primary Guardian in the royal Protection Detail, he'd found that a horseback ride through an open field was just the thing to sooth any nerves that DG managed to frazzle earlier in the day. He'd just entered the castle when he was met by an extremely-miffed Tutor stalking down the corridor.

"Mr. Cain, a word, if you please." Tutor's clipped tone left no room for excuses and Cain's jaw tightened.

"What'd she do now?" Sighing heavily, his eyes rolled toward the ceiling as he spoke.

Tutor shook his head. "That's just it," the shape-shifter said. "I don't know, as I haven't seen her all day." He stressed the last two words and looked pointedly at Cain.

Cain growled. Skipping lessons again. That about figured.

"The rest of the guards have been searching the castle for her, but you know DG," Tutor continued with a helpless shrug. "I'm sure she's discovered some nook or cranny that nobody else knows about."

Cain didn't reply. Instead, with a firm set to his jaw, he simply nodded his head and walked away. Tutor knew that Cain would make it his sole mission to track down and retrieve the errant princess, and by the look in Cain's ice-blue eyes, Ozma help DG when he found her.

He started with her bedroom and worked his way around the castle, checking every spare room and passageway. When he made it to the library, he checked the stacks, as well as the little cubby hole that he'd found her in when she'd skipped her lessons the week before.

He searched the kitchens, then the study. When he found neither hide nor hair of her, he expanded his parameters to outside the palace walls. He checked the royal garden, the greenhouse, the courtyard and the stables. When there was still no DG to be found, Cain began to grow impatient. He'd kept his annoyance in check up until this point, but it had been steadily rising throughout the princess-hunt. If she didn't turn up soon, whenever he did find her, he felt he wouldn't be held responsible for his actions.

He questioned the guards, who had been deployed earlier to search for her, and learned that they'd searched all the same places he had, but had not thought to search beyond the castle grounds. And so it was that Wyatt Cain found himself stalking along a dirt path in the small forest near the castle, searching for the O.Z.'s youngest princess.

DG sighed contentedly as she let her body sink into the steaming water of the hot spring. She'd hardly been able to believe her eyes when she'd stumbled upon it while exploring a cave only a week prior. At the time, she hadn't been able to bask in the glorious, naturally-heated pool due to the fact that she'd been escorted by about a half dozen royal guards, Wyatt Cain included. She'd made it a point to sneak back, alone, whenever she got a chance to take a quick dip.

The sapphire-blue two-piece she wore was blatantly visible beneath the clear, steaming waters and she silently thanked her sister for helping her to summon a Travel Storm in order to fetch it - among a few other necessities - from the Other Side.

Closing her eyes, DG floated a moment longer, knowing that her time was growing short. They were sure to have missed her at the castle by now. She was positive Tutor would be upset by her skipping lessons, but seriously: Did he expect her to never have any fun? All day long it was: 'Concentrate, DG,' 'Focus, DG,' or 'It will come to you, DG.'

Honestly, it was all getting a bit repetitive.

With Cain shadowing her every move 24-7 - at least, that's what it seemed like to her - DG felt she deserved a little alone time. She figured it was getting late, but decided that there was still time for one more dunk. Taking a deep breath, DG allowed her entire body to sink below the surface.


Cain was beginning to get seriously worried as his voice echoed back at him without an accompanying response from DG. He had been so sure he'd find her out here; he had noticed the interest she had taken in the area when they had journeyed through this part of the forest last week. Especially in the pools that were nearby. He remembered what she had said about them having 'pools like this back on the Other Side.'

He growled in frustration, suddenly realizing that that was where she most likely was. Cupping his hands around his mouth, Cain continued to call for her as he walked on, just to be on the safe side. He didn't want to get to the area and have passed her along the path somewhere.

As her head broke the surface of the water, DG gulped in a much-needed breath of air. 'Stupid need for oxygen!' she thought grumpily. She would've been completely fine to have stayed beneath the calming waters, if not for that pesky little detail; it would have saved her a lot of trouble. She doubted water-dwelling folk had to deal with things like learning diplomatic protocols and procedures and how to behave appropriately in front of other royals.


Her head whipped around to the direction the familiar voice had come from. 'Cain. Oh, shit she thought and quickly scrambled from the pool and made a mad dash for the towel beside her pile of clothing that lay nearby.

Cain was making his way down toward the pools located at the back of the cavern, only stopping to allow his eyes to adjust to the dimness inside before calling for her again. He stopped, listening intently and, when he heard water splash, followed by the echo of footsteps on stone, he knew he'd found her. He let out the breath he'd been holding, although his anger was far from dampened.

DG could hear his approach and knew she wouldn't have time to put on anything dry. She improvised by grabbing her beach towel and quickly wrapping it around her body like a dress, tucking in an end at the top to hold it in place. She turned around just in time to see Cain come into view. Damn, did he look pissed!

"Oh, hi, Cain! Um... what brings you here?" she feigned an innocent smile.

'Gods, this girl is gonna be the death of me,' he thought. 'Pissed' did not even begin to explain what he felt at the moment as he stalked towards her.

"DG, do you have any idea what you have put everybody through with your disappearing act today?" he asked, anger evident in his voice. "We have half the guard out searching the grounds for you. Why do you insist on behaving this way?"

DG's fake smile dropped after the first sentence and, as Cain continued his tirade, she felt her stomach begin to tie up in knots. Unable to speak, she instead took a shaky breath and lowered her gaze, unable to look him in the eye as he continued to rant.

"Great Gale, kid, anything could have happened to you! Do you know how many people there are outside the palace who would love to get their hands on you?" He drew closer to her, his eyes involuntarily raking down her body and he did a double-take as he noticed her state of dress - or rather, undress. "And what the hell do you think you're doing, being out here like that?" He pointed at the towel wrapped around her. It barely reached mid-thigh and her shoulders were completely bare except for the thin straps of her bikini top.

He quickly turned around so that his back was to her. "What part of you being out here, alone and in that state, did you think was appropriate?" Not even having found her safe was enough to abate his anger at this point.

'Shit,' DG thought bitterly. It was about right that Cain would be the one to find her. He was like a freaking bloodhound when it came to sniffing her out, no matter how remote the hiding spot. Sure, she felt bad about worrying everyone, but damn it, she needed a break sometimes, too! Frowning, she toed the stone floor in disappointment and glanced back up at Cain.

When Cain looked back over his shoulder, he found that her smile was gone and, even though she appeared contrite, DG seemed more annoyed at being found than the fact that she'd had the whole guard on alert because of her carelessness. It was this little fact that prompted Cain to do what he did next.

'Fine,' he thought darkly. If she wanted to act like she was still five-annuals-old, then he would treat her that way. Stalking over to her, Cain gripped her upper arm firmly. He looked around quickly, spying a boulder suitable for what he planned to do and proceeded to drag her over to it. He ignored her struggles and protests as he sat down before easily turning her over his knee.

"Cain, what are you doing? Stop! This is humiliating!" DG protested as she struggled against the arm he'd pressed firmly at her back. If she was going to cause him so much trouble, he was going to show her what it would get her. He raised his hand up and brought it back down across her backside, as hard as he could without leaving a mark.

DG's resulting screech echoed off the stone walls and her struggles increased ten-fold.

"This'll go a lot quicker, Princess, if you hold still," he growled, bringing his hand back down again, harder.

"Cain!" she squealed, biting her lip as his hand came down once more, striking the flesh through the thin barrier that the towel and bottom of her swimsuit provided. She twisted to the side, trying to wrench her body off of his lap, but the movement only succeeded in causing the towel to ride up higher, exposing the curve of her bikini-clad backside to Cain's punishing blows.

"You asked for this, kid," Cain stated firmly, apparently not noticing the towel's new position. "I'm so tired of this, DG. No matter how many times we tell you that you need someone with you, whether it's me, or one of the other guards, you still manage to run off and hide somewhere."

Cain continued his onslaught against her rear, which was becoming more and more tender with every strike of his palm. DG could feel the sting of tears behind her eyelids as she screwed them shut against the humiliation of being spanked like a child, by Wyatt Cain of all people. He had decided that one more smack would be enough to get his point across to the wayward princess. However, by now, DG had stopped her struggling and was simply laying there, her hands clutching his pants leg. Her warm body was splayed across his lap, the curves of her breasts pressing against his thigh and - to his horror - Cain realized that his body had begun to react to having her like this.


He froze, hand still raised for the final blow. Everything grew quiet, except for the happily bubbling pool of water nearby. DG remained still a moment longer before growing uncomfortable and began to wiggle around. The movement had Cain muffling a groan and he gritted his teeth against the feel of her squirming in his lap. With a shove, more violent than he'd actually meant it to be, DG slid off of his legs and crashed to the ground.

"Ouch!" she cried out as her knees were scraped by the stones. "What the hell did you do that for?"

She picked herself up, but the quick movements of being shoved had caused the towel to come loose and, in her anger, DG didn't bother with retrieving it. Instead, the cloth was left behind on the ground. Cain swallowed hard, closing his eyes as he tried his best to will his problem to go away. He needed to get as far away from her as he could before he found himself in a situation that would surely result in him embarrassing himself and possibly hurting DG.

He stood up quickly and made to retreat - he refused to acknowledge that he was actually running away from this slip of a girl - but the feeling of her small hand on his arm froze the ex-Tin Man in his tracks. He could feel the heat from her palm through his shirt and the touch seemed as if it were searing through him.

"DG, let go." He felt as if he was almost pleading with her.

"No." Her voice was steady and firm and brooked no argument from him. "You just... spanked me like a red-headed step-child and then dumped me on the ground! And now you expect to be able to just walk away without an explanation?! I don't think so, buddy!"

She yanked on his arm in an effort to make him turn around and face her, but he didn't budge. Cain took a deep breath; he should have known she was not going to make this easy.

Did she not understand what seeing her like this would do to a man in any situation, especially one that he was in at this moment? Obviously not. When her efforts to get him to turn and face her failed, DG proceeded to move until she was standing in front of him.

'Damn it to hell!'

He closed his eyes and sighed heavily. Maybe if he could convince her to at least cover herself back up, he could control himself. He turned his back on her yet again. If she kept stepping into his vision, there was no way either of them would be going back anytime soon.

"Cain! Who's being childish now?"

"I'm not being childish, Princess; I just need you to not be so close right now," he replied tersely.

DG's eyebrows rose. "Why? What could my nearness possibly do to bother you so much?"

"It's not the nearness, Kid, as much as your state of dress." And, no, the growl accompanying that statement was most definitely not made in desperation.

Her small gasp, followed by a soft. "Oh," assured him that she got his meaning now. "Wow... Okay," she continued, her voice sounding strange. "Totally unexpected there."

DG let go of his arm and went to grab her clothes. Unfortunately, they were in the same direction Cain was now facing. As she bent over to gather the scattered items, she heard him groan in defeat behind her. What he did next surprised him as much as it did her: He caught her arm, spinning her around before pulling her to him, capturing her lips in a ferocious kiss.

His tongue darted out, running over her lips, begging for admittance. He received it in the form of a gasp escaping her throat, parting her lips and allowing him to deepen the kiss. He tangled one of his hands in her still-wet hair, pulling her closer to him as his other hand cupped her face. He ran his thumb across her cheek in a soft caress before breaking the kiss to look down at DG with lust-filled eyes.

DG felt breathless as she gazed into Cain's eyes. She'd had no idea that she could have this kind of effect on him. Had never imagined he could desire her in such a way.

His hand was still on her cheek, caressing her soft skin. He wanted her, Ozma knows he did. But could he do this without feeling guilty? As if he wasn't taking advantage of her and the situation? And what of DG? Did she even think of him this way? Hell, of course she wouldn't! Who was he kidding? Surely, he was just an old man in her eyes. One that would never be desirable and worthy of her- His mind was wiped clean of all thought when DG's lips came up to meet his in a kiss almost as bruising as the one he'd stolen earlier.

'Well… Guess that answers that question,' he thought before giving into his desire whole-heartedly. His hands began to skim over her body, wanting to feel all of her. There was so much exposed flesh and it was all just so damned soft that he didn't know where to start.

He felt her hands at his waist as she tried her best to remove his holster, but when she couldn't get it loose, she moved upward to begin unbuttoning his vest and shirt.

Cain didn't stop her. Instead, he broke the kiss in order to trail his lips down her throat, nipping at the curve where neck met shoulder. She moaned in response and the sound resulted in sending all of his blood rushing to his groin.

She handled the vest fine, but when her hands had trouble with the buttons on his shirt, due to them shaking so badly, DG simply grasped the material and pulled. The buttons popped off and scattered around the cave, a few of them making plunking sounds as they fell into the hot spring.

She slipped a hand inside the now open shirt to place it on his chest. It felt cool against his overheated flesh and he hissed sharply as the contrast sent his already overactive libido into overdrive.

Damn it, how in the hell was the kid - no, definitely not a kid , he amended - womanmaking him feel so much like a teenager again that it had him acting as if he'd never touched a female before? When her trembling hands reached for the fastenings of his pants, he knew he had to stop her. He simply had to know that this was what she really wanted.

"DG." his voice sounded almost foreign to him, filled with such lust as it was. "Are you sure you want this? I have to know." He hoped, prayed, that she wouldn't say no; that she didn't want him. It would be so hard for him to stop now, but knew that he would if she told him to.

DG pulled back for a moment with desire clouding her eyes and stared at him in confusion. "How can you ask me that now?" she asked in almost disbelief.

He laughed when she said this, the deep baritone rumbling in his chest. He took her answer as a yes, that she wanted this to happen. Stepping back from her, he removed his ruined shirt. He didn't know how he would explain that upon his return, but at the moment he didn't rightly care. All he could think of was her, standing here, in front of him

He watched in interest as DG went back over to the pool and stepped down into it. She waded out until she was waist deep before turning around to face him. With the most seductive look he'd ever seen on her face, she smirked at him and crooked one finger as if to say 'Come here.'

The look on her face made him want her even more and he started toward the pool before realizing that, where she had a swim suit on, he had nothing on under his pants other than what the gods had graced him with.

"Uh, DG…" He fought to keep from blushing as he made his request. "Close your eyes, please."

Her lips quirked, but she did as he asked. Cain shed his pants quickly before stepping down into the water. The feel of the heated liquid felt so good that it caused him to moan, the sound prompting DG to reopen her eyes.

He slowly walked through the water towards her. It seemed to take forever to reach her, but soon, he had her back in his arm, her swimsuit the only material between the two of them. DG wasted no time in allowing her hands to wander his body.

Just having her hands on his body almost sent him over the edge and he let out an almost feral growl when her hands dipped below the water to touch him. Her fingers wrapped around him and he busied his own hands. They went to the thin straps at her shoulders, pushing them down her arms until the small cups covering her breasts fell away to reveal the lush curves he so desperately wanted to bury his face between.

DG continued to stroke him, but when he began to sink slowly into the water; her hand fell away, allowing him to lower his mouth to her chest in order to take in the tip of one of her breasts. He sucked hard, his tongue flicking the hardened nub as he feasted on the succulent flesh. His teeth scraping lightly over the sensitive tip as he pulled away. His eyes met hers and he stood straight, backing them against the side of the pool. He wanted her so bad, but did not want to scare her off. At this point, there was just no way in hell he be able to stop himself from taking her.

His hands went below the waterline, fingers slipping into the sides of her bottoms and drawing the last scrap of cloth over her hips and down her legs. DG lifted her legs one at a time in order to help him undress her. Once it was off, she hooked a leg over his hip and he brought a hand up to clutch her thigh, holding it in place.

"Kiss me, Wyatt." Her voice was deeper than he'd ever heard it, husky and seductive.

Not one to turn down a request from a lady, he captured her lips once again, causing both of them to moan in pleasure, She wound an arm around his neck as her other hand snaked down between them to once again grasp his arousal. Arching her back, DG brought her hips forward, brushing the tip of him teasingly against her inner folds.

She was teasing him? Cain couldn't believe this. She was fucking teasing him! He desperately wanted to bury himself deep inside of her, to immerse himself in the silken heat and feel her muscles clench around him as he pounded into her core. He wanted to take her, and make her completely and utterly his.

DG gave him a mischievous grin before she sank beneath the water and began to tease him even more, her mouth surrounding him, encasing him in something even hotter than the spring's water. He couldn't take it another second and reached down to pull her up. Her head broke the surface of the water and he pulled her to him, kissing her hard and deep before lifting her up into his arms. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he positioned himself at her entrance. Without giving a warning, Cain drove himself into her in one solid thrust.

DG cried out in pain as it felt like he was ripping her in two.

'Shit!' Cain thought, 'I should have known.'

Just because she was good at being a tease did not mean that she had been anything other than a virgin. He felt bad about hurting her, but there was nothing he could do now. What was done was done and the only thing he could do was to ease her the rest of the way through the experience and try to make it as pleasurable as possible. He gripped her hips, balancing her as he pulled away so that he could catch her gaze with his. He winced when he saw the tears shining in her blue eyes, just on the verge of falling.

"I'm sorry, DG. I didn't know... I should have, but-"

DG's damp fingers pressed against his lips, stilling his apologies.

"Don't worry," she whispered softly. "I knew it would hurt." Experimentally, DG rocked her hips against his, causing him to hiss out in pleasure. DG moaned her own approval of the sensations that assaulted her. "See," she murmured, smiling as she continued to move. "Better already."

The way she moved against him caused him to just about lose his mind. She was so tight… so hot. He moved in her, slowly at first, enjoying her moans before he sped up, his gentleness sliding away as he began to grow more desperate to feel that precious few seconds of release that he had not felt in so long. His hands shot down to grip the curves of her backside, hitching her up slightly, sliding out of her a bit before he brought her back down on him with a sharp jerk.

"Oh, God!" she gasped, her hands clutching his shoulders for support as he did it again and again.

He could feel her tighten on him as she got closer to her release. This caused him to thrust even harder into her as he reached in between their bodies that were now slick with water from the pool and their own sweat. His thumb stroked over the bundle of nerves between her legs. Once, twice, three times. That was all she needed to send her over the edge and she came hard, screaming out his name

Her inner muscles tightened exponentially, squeezing him in a possessive embrace that coaxed him to let go.

With a savage growl he spilled himself deep within the haven of her body, capturing her lips briefly in another bruising kiss before resting his head on top of hers. Panting, Cain tried to catch his breath. Once he'd composed himself enough, he slowly lowered her legs from around him and pulled away. He felt himself slip from her body and groaned at the loss.

Cain sat on a small ledge that was in the pool and pulled DG onto his lap. She snuggled up to him, her body molding to his as if she were made to be there.

"Not to ruin the mood, Princess, but we should head back," He murmured against the crown of her head.

He heard as well as felt DG sigh, her breath caressing his bare chest. "I guess so." She didn't sound at all happy. She climbed off of his lap and exited the water. She grabbed the discarded towel and dried herself off before handing it over to Cain, who had also climbed out of the hot spring.

He shot a look at her from the corner of his eye, worried as she slowly began to dress. He dried off quickly and reclaimed his clothing, sighing when he found his shirt, sans buttons. He started wondering how the hell he was even going to explain this when they got back to the palace.

He was startled when DG suddenly spun around and marched over to him. Standing before him, half dressed and hands propped on her hips, she looked as alluring as ever. He swallowed hard as he looked her in the eyes.

"Problem, Princess?" he asked.

"Tell me," she stated firmly, her eyes searching his. "Please, just tell me that this wasn't just a one-time thing."

He looked at her, noticing that she looked almost defeated when saying this. "DG," he breathed sincerely. "I swear to you this was not just a 'one-time thing'." He pulled her into his arms and could feel the tenseness in her body as he tightened his embrace, one hand going up to stroke her hair comfortingly.

He pulled back from her slightly and placed his hand under her chin, tilting her face up so that she was looking up at him. Placing a chaste kiss on her mouth, he pulled away.

"Finish dressing and let's get back," he said, drawing away, but his eyes never left hers. "We can talk more about this once we're back home." As she turned away, he swatted her on her rear end, smiling.

She yelped, her hands flying to her behind as she whirled around to look at him in shock. "I can't believe you just did that!"

"Why not? I already did once and I won't hesitate to do it again, Princess." He waggled a finger at her.

She actually blushed at this. "Well..." she began, but her voice trailed off when she found she did not have a snappy come back. Damn. How had he managed that? When her expected retort didn't come, Cain felt his jaw just about fall open, but thought better of it. He had actually gotten the last word in for a change and he was not about to lose the small victory.

As he slipped on his tattered shirt, Cain sighed. He just knew there was going to be no explaining this to anybody. He just hoped that they would be able to sneak into the palace and change before anyone spied them.

"DG, in your little adventures of late, you wouldn't happen to have found a way into the palace that nobody knows of, would you? Because I really can't walk through the front door like this," he said, motioning to his shirt.

DG slipped her hand into his and grinned. "No worries there, lover boy," she said with a wink. "I'll take care of ya."

He rolled his eyes, but smiled. The feel of her hand in his was a comfort and he gave it a loving squeeze as they walked out of the cavern and headed back toward the palace. As they neared the edge of the forest, Cain heard the pounding of hoof beats approaching. He grabbed DG around the waist and pulled her into a nearby brush to hide.

Once the horses had passed by, he stayed there for a moment longer to make sure there was nobody else coming. "Okay, we need to be quiet and get around the guards. Which way do we need to go?" he whispered to her.

"Follow me," she whispered back, taking his hand and proceeded to lead him around to the left side of the palace wall.

He watched her as she slid along the wall and pushed in on an off-colored brick which triggered a small door to open that he hadn't even known was there. She entered through the hidden door, motioning for him to follow, which he did, having to duck down in order to do so.

'I'm going to have to get her to show me how she figured this out,' he thought to himself. 'And if there are any more like this.'

Little secret passages like this could be useful in the future. Or potentially dangerous, he amended, thinking of what could happen if an enemy found out about it.

He didn't realize where they were until they came out of the passageway and he found himself right next to his room. At least he would be able to get changed before he went to call off the search parties. And he still had to come up with something to tell the shape-shifter.

"Come on," he said, motioning her toward his room. "I need to change before we go find Toto."

She stopped, blinking at him before she smiled. "You actually want me to go into your room with you while you change? Mr. Cain, what kind of girl do you take me for?" she teased.

Her teasing made him blush and he ducked his head so she wouldn't notice but grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him inside before closing the door

"You, Princess, are my girl," he said, kissing her before heading to his dresser and pulling out a clean shirt. "You're gonna have to be more careful. I can't be running off to change shirts all the time.

DG rolled her eyes. "Your girl, huh?" she asked, coyly, twirling a strand of her still damp hair around a finger. "So does that mean you're mine?"

"Only if you want me to be." As the last word left his mouth, he was knocked off his feet, having not expected Hurricane DG to run him down. It was just lucky that his bed was positioned so close to his dresser.

They both went tumbling onto the mattress, Cain flat of his back with DG straddling him. Cain stifled a moan. "Not that I don't love having you in this position, darlin'," he murmured as his hands went instinctively to her hips. "But, we really need to go let everyone know you're okay."

"Fine," she said.

Cain chuckled at the sound of disappointment in her voice. He wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. Regrettably, he moved her off of him and rose to finish dressing. "We still have to get to your room so you can change," he reminded her.

He finished buttoning his shirt and pulled on his vest and holster before turning back towards her. "Okay, Kid, let's go get this over with."

DG frowned at the use of 'Kid.' "Can't you call me something else? Like, I don't know... 'Sweetheart' or 'Honey.' Something like that?"

"I could, however, I don't want to get into the habit of doing that and then slip up while we're in front of somebody that has no business knowing what goes on behind our closed doors."

DG's eyes cast down to the floor, a look of disappointment flitting across them. However, his next words had a look of hope erasing the previous emotion.

"At least until I'm able to go talk to your father." DG's eyes shot back up to lock with Cain's and with a grin, he winked at her.

They reached her room and DG slipped inside to change quickly. She left the door open. "You coming?" she asked.

"No, I think this will go a lot quicker if I just wait out here while you change," Cain replied, closing the door before she could argue with him.

A short time later, DG exited her room. He looked up from where he had been leaning against the wall, waiting. "As we get closer to Tutor's office, I think this would look better if you were fighting me a little about being drug back here," he said.

DG grinned. "Ohh, look at you, getting all ingenious with the cover-ups."

He snorted. "Not really, just didn't think to use it before. Must have been too much tension causing me to be pissy," he said, grinning at her. DG muffled a laugh.

All of sudden, his stoic expression was back in place. "May I ask what you find so funny, Princess."

DG fought to wipe the smile from her face and take on a more serious visage. Forcing a frown on her face, she narrowed her eyes at Cain. "Yeah, you can. But it doesn't mean I'll tell you, now does it?" she stuck out her tongue for added effect.

Cain had to fight hard not to lose his Tin Man attitude as his mind instantly remembered all the things she could do with that tongue. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed her upper arm quickly, but without any kind of pressure and began pulling her down the hall. He was pretty sure that when it came to keeping her in line from now on, he wouldn't need to use force with her. All he'd have to do was just threaten to take himself out of her reach.