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Cursed Seals

Chapter 1

It was a cold and chilly evening. The kind of wind where you know exactly what is going to happen. A death, of should I say deaths. Yet another gifted clan to be destroyed, a pity really. I'll give you a second to think this out. If you guessed right it was the Uchiha Massacre.

An expressionless little girl, half opened green eyes and vibrant rosette locks, walked by a bench.

A happy little boy, bright onyx eyes and raven hair, was running home. Completely, and utterly unaware of the fact that his whole life was about to be cut off.

Both children have stayed after in the academy to train. The boy had fruitlessly tried to start a conversation, but failed. She was a harder stone to crack, harder than the one who he is going to become. Though the silence was awkward, he enjoyed the quiet.

They were on opposite sides of the street. As soon as their body's crosses they both stopped walking and turned. When they turned to look at each other a warm rush filled them.

The boy shivered and the girl smirked.

They stared longingly into each other's eyes. One full of life and one filled with wisdom. She knows what is going to happed next. A scream.

A bloodcurdling scream was heard. And without a doubt it came from where the boy is heading home.

The boy shivered again but the girl did not smirk. Instead matching green eyes stared at him scared. She hung her head down, her pink hair covered her horror-stricken eyes and she said faintly, "Be careful."

She ran away. She left the boy alone. Just like the way he would leave her. He'd leave her with a small powerful word. But, of course he knows of none of this.

The boy now scared, cautiously walked to his place he had called home. A home that shall never be called that again.

As soon as he walked in…

The fresh slab of innocence was slapped right off of his face.


A chunin paced around the academy room trying to teach the room of young shinobi how to be a ninja or well at least pass this class.

"A ninja must always be aware of their surroundings. Watch." The sensei spoke, he took out a kunai and scanned the room for a candidate who is currently not paying attention. At first he chose to select a certain pink haired girl who was listening to her ipod, he couldn't because her eyes already flickered toward him. So he picked the blonde girl behind her instead.

He threw the kunai, hitting the blonde in the arm. It was slow enough to be deflected but Ino, the blonde, did not know that. She was too busy writing, "I heart Sasuke-kun" all over her notebook. It sliced her arm. For a brief second she didn't notice. Then she screamed really loud. "IIIIIIIRRRRRRUUUUUKKKAAAAAA-SSSEEENNNSSSEEEEI!"

The class flinched at the sudden obnoxious loud noise. Excluding a certain pink headed girl and emo-looking boy next to her. Poor Shikamaru was awakened from his troublesome nap.

Iruka sweat-dropped. 'Kids, way too loud… I became a teacher why?' He shook it off and asked the kids a question, "How many of you want to become ANBU?" half the class raised their hands.

"How many of you just want to reach chunin?" almost the other half of the class raised their hands.

"How many of you want to become Hokage?" A blonde boy, Naruto, raised his hand and slammed it down on the table. "I DO! Believe it!" Iruka inwardly smiled.

Then he asked his last question. "How many of you want to become Medics?" He looked around the silent classroom.

A single hand was raised. The class and sensei turned. Their mouths were semi opened in pure awe. The one who raised their hand was a Haruno. To be exact, the last Haruno. Haruno Sakura.

(A/N: I changed her clothes. So shut up and pay attention. Her hair is still fully pink and really long, emerald eyes. She wore a black beanie, tilted to the side. On one side it says "SAKURA" on the other side it has three pictures of the Haruno symbol in black, red and white. A red shirt with the white Haruno symbol in the middle. A black jacket rolled up and unzipped. Haruno sign on the back. On her left arm, she had long finger-less gloves, with red and white studded bracelets. On her right arm short black finger-less gloves with one black studded bracelet. Black capris, with the kunai holster on the side. A white ribbon was tied on to the right side of her jacket with the Haruno sign in the three colors. Phew, that was a lot… Carry on)

"Sakura. Why do you want to be a medic?" Iruka asked. The class listened intensely, for this girl hardly ever spoke.

She lifted her head and spoke "To cure, my loved ones, my friends. I really can't bear losing a comrade." Her voice was soft, but had some dark humor embellished in it.

Iruka caught it. Her clan was killed off. No one knows who killed them. Maybe. Sakura had no loved ones; they were dead as soon as she was born. So really she is doing this for a new family. But of all the year's she had been in the academy she made no interactions with the other children. Well ever since she (yes, SHE) left, but that's a whole new topic.

One student decided to be the smart-ass of the day and sneered, "Like you have any friends! HA!" the girl started laughing, and the other's gradually joined in.

In a pink blur Sakura was there. She was sitting atop of Ami's desk She scooted back. The class stopped laughing. "Wha-… H-how…?" she mumbled, baffled at such speed.

Sakura smirked. She leaned in closer and whispered "I don't think you have many either." Sakura twisted her pink locks around her finger.

The class was utterly having a heart attack. Haruno Sakura, the Haruno Sakura spoke today and really… what the hell?

"Sorry to interrupt, but you need to take out the poison in her arm." Iruka's voice was amused. "I hope you studied."

Sakura nodded and she stood up fluidly and strode over to Ino. "Arm please." She spoke monotonously.

Ino shut her whimpering and raised her arm to Sakura. Ino watched her eyes. Sakura was stopping her emotion from gushing out was all she could see. Then she saw her eyebrows furrow. At the time Sakura looked oblivious but she knew. She let her chakra glow and placed it over her small wound.

"Nice job with the poison, Iruka-sensei." Sakura shook her head. "Do you want me to finish it or would you rather take her to the nurse?"

"Finish it here." Yet another monotone voice rang out. This time it was a guy. Uchiha Sasuke. The class was seriously freaking out right now.

Sakura shrugged, and did some hand signs. A green circle formed around her hands. (You know like the time she used it on Kankuro), she pushed it into Ino's arm and pulled it back out. In the green sphere was a purple substance or the poison floating in it. Sakura took a little test tube and put the poison in it.

Ino slumped in her seat a little and sighed, "Thanks… Sakura." Sakura nodded, turned around and began listening to her ipod. She even slouched and pulled her beanie down.

How did she do that? I've been in the hospital and only nurses can do that. And she's a genin? Sasuke thought. He turned around as well and played with his pencil. She really is a Haruno Prodigy, Just like the fact that I'm a Uchiha Prodigy.

The class was having a heart attack. Sakura healed Ino, stood up to Ami, and SPOKE! Sasuke, let his velvety voice speak, and to a HARUNO!! OMG! APOCOLPSYE! Not really they got over it in a couple of minutes.

Iruka took out another kunai. The class faintly shouted, "No! I don't feel like be wierded out again!" Iruka sweat dropped. He aimed it and threw it to a girl whom he thought never was paying attention.

The kunai was close to hitting her in the face, "SAKURA-CHAN!" Naruto shouted. The kunai now inches from her face, Sakura lifted her finger and… flicked it… upward. He kunai disappeared. Iruka smiled, "Good job."

"Where did it go?" A couple people asked. Iruka pointed up. The kunai was lodged into the ceiling, only the handle was visible.

The bell rang and everyone stood up, "Class, study your transforming jutsus."

Sakura was out before anyone else. As soon as she was out of the building she walked slowly. I'm going to train. Again? What else am I supposed to do? Oh yeah… You could try to make friends? What why? Because, Sasuke's fan-girls are right behind us.

Sakura turned around, because one obnoxious voice was calling her name. It was Ami. And Sasuke's fan-girls, which is pretty much the whole female population except Hinata… she has a thing for Naruto remember?

Ami walked closer to her, and spread out her arms, "At least I have more friends than you, Haruno." She stuck her tongue out childishly.

"Everyone in Konoha are friends." Sakura retorted, he face uncaring, and unfazed.

"Um, friends with everyone but YOU!" They giggled and Ami continued, "I bet even Sasuke-kun has more friends than you."

The girls nodded, even though the Uchiha boy looked like a loner he should have friends. But what they don't know is that he hasn't officially met Naruto or Sakura yet, so really he's got nothing.

Sakura stood there emotionless as ever, "Come on out guys, I've sensed you already."

Naruto stumbled off of the tree branch lingering above them. He walked toward Sakura smiling, and scratching his blonde, bruised head. "Ehehe… Hi… Sakura-chan?"

"Wow, one friend!" Ami said laughing, and then she circled Sakura, her jewelry and bangles making loud wind-chimy sounds. She smirking, "Come on, Haruno, you can do better than that can't you?"

Sakura sighed and twisted her pink locks, "Sasuke, Hinata I sensed you too." Sasuke flawlessly appeared next to Sakura. Unintentionally he ran his pale hand through his raven hair causing the girls to swoon over. Hinata came in walking pointing her small fingers.

She walked to Sakura face down and then raises her head up, "I'm her f-friend t-too, Ami." Hinata said confidently at the end head raised up high only to be brought down yet again.

Wow shy girl just spoke up to me. Ami smirked, "Sakura, why are you having the weak stand up for you, how unfriendly."

Hinata had he confident feeling smeared off. She looked down and cried a little. Sakura was about to point out a witty comment but ramen boy beat her to it.

"She's. Not. Weak." Naruto said through clenched teeth, "Ami. You are the lowest kind of scum I have ever seen."

Ami's face grew red. But she still held up the "cool" act, and failed miserably. "How sad, making your friends stand up to protect you. No wonder all the Harunos died they were so weak they only relied on their friends-!" She was cut off.

Sakura's gloved hand was holding Ami by her belly shower shirt. She was, or well it looked like, about a foot off the ground. Ami whimpered, but not because she was in mid-air but because of the implied intention on the Haruno survivor.

The group of bystanders have by now created a large circle around them. Naruto was unconsciously standing protectively in front of Hinata. Sasuke was staring at the odd aura that she was giving off. (He doesn't know what a killing intent is yet) The fan-group stood huddled and hiding behind each other.

Sakura was standing gripping Ami's shirt like there is no tomorrow. She was mad, and her fists were clenched so hard they were… bleeding? (You will learn what that is eventually.)

Ami, noticing Sakura's blankness decide to play it evil and bitchy. She ranted and rambled how the Harunos suck, how she is awesome and about friends.

This girl is so dead. Sasuke thought. How is she holding her so long?

"HEY! Haruno? Are you even listening to me?" Ami shrieked, but hey, she's an attention whore. Live with it.

It seemed like Sakura was looking down absorbing Ami's harsh words. She look liked she was crying, red tears? Blood?

Ami was mad that she got no response. So she did the most stupidest thing you could do at a moment like this.

She punched Sakura in the head

Her beanie fell off.

Her grip on Ami slipped.

Ami fell.

Ami snickered.

Sakura crouched down clutching her head.

As soon as Sakura looked back up again they instantly knew Ami was screwed.

Actually way beyond that,

She was about to get the living shit scared the hell out of her.

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