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Cursed Seal

Chapter 5

"What's up Sasuke-san?"

Sasuke jumped… He never expected her to be standing there, then again he didn't know what he expected.

Sakura smiled and titled her head, "Do you need anything? Sasuke-san?"

Sasuke blushed kind of embarrassed, "I-I can't sleep…. Do yo-you know… any-anything that he-helps? Sakura-san-?"

Sakura cut him off, she held a finger to his lips, "Please… just call me Sakura." She pulled her hand back sensing his discomfort.

Sasuke smirked, "Of course," she smiled, "Then just call me Sasuke."

"DEAL!" she giggled, then she turned to him, "Wanna go on a walk?"

"Why?" he raised his brow and stared at her.

"Because it helps ME sleep!" Sakura grabbed his hand and practically pulled him to dock by the lake.

"Are we allowed to?" his voice was worried.

Sakura's vibrant green eyes flashed, "Ne, scared of breakign the 'rules' Sasuke?"

"No way!" he shouted.

Sakura sat on the dock her feet dangling over the edge. "Ha ha!"

Sasuke stayed standing up as they stared at the calm, moon lit lake.

"Wanna see something cool?" he piped up. His eyes were gleaming with excitement.

Sakura nodded, "YEAH!" her eyes brightened too and a smiled formed on her face.

Sasuke smirked and sucked in, "GRAND FIREBALL TECHNIQUE!" he then blew out an enormous ball of fire.

Sakura's eyes widened, "WOW! That… that was amazing!" she hugged him.

Sasuke blushed and panted, "Thanks…" Finally… from someone who means it. He smirked.

Sakura noticed the burn marks on his cheeks. She pulled his face closer. He flushed even deeper if possible. A green glow flowed from her hands and the burn marks were gone.

He widened his eyes in amazement, "That was awesome!"

"I know, come one, we should be heading back." Sakura held out a hand and he accepted.

"Ya know, -Sakura turns- you're a good friend." Sasuke said quietly.

Sakura nodded and smiled, "You too."


Off in the distance a white/gray haired jonin was laughing. He had just happened to see the children.

"So that's the one Tsunade has been bragging about…" He POOFed away.


Sasuke thanked Sakura and went to bed, he fell asleep almost instantly.

"Thanks… Sakura…" he never knew he would have to repeat those words again in his life.

He woke up not sure if he had a nightmare or not.

All he remembers was that Sakura came into his room telling him to get ready for school.

So they left together.

At the academy Sasuke sat by the window and Sakura sat next to him. He noticed that constantly surrounded by squealing girls.

But the thing that struck him as the most odd was the fact that Sakura didn't talk at all.

End of Flashback.

She still doesn't talk… he thought quietly. Why does she sit next to me anyway?

He turned and looked at the time. 9:52

Same time….

So same result?

He walked up to the door and turned the knob.


Sakura laughed and walked into her room.

He is so easy to mess with! Seriously! I bet he'll open the door. Remember last time? Yeah…


The day Sasuke and Sakura met was the day the Uchiha clan was wiped out, until he moved next door. She helped him adjust to this life.

When they came back from their walk he instantly fell asleep. So she too lay on her bed. She just laid and thought…

Why? How am I supposed to-?

Before she even had time to finish her thoughts, or even drift to sleep, she heard a hear-stopping scream.

She shot up and gasped, "SASUKE!" She threw off her covers and sprinted to Sasuke's room, ripping away the door.

She looked around the room for any movement. She found nothing and sighed. She looked at Sasuke then.

He was rolling on the bed, panting and silently screaming. She watched as sweat and tears streaked his face. She watched his hands clench the sheets. And she watched, not sure of what to do.

She was about to approach when suddenly he burst out screaming, "NO NII-SAN!" he started thrashing about more rapid and violently.

Sakura just sat down by him, Is he okay? Was all she could think about. Inner Sakura didn't even bother to answer back.

Sasuke calmed a little, his breathing was still erratic though. She brushed his hair off his face and cooed, "Shh… shh, it's okay Sasuke… It's okay." She rubbed his back and hummed a soft tune.

She bit down on her lower lip uneasily thinking, To have your parents taken away like that… He'll never be the same. We can hope that it'll wear off…

Sasuke finally relaxed, deep into the night, and he rolled over to face Sakura's lap. Sakura brushed the hair off his face again and turned to leave.

As she stood a firm grip wrapped around her arm, and she was pulled towards him. His arms locked her into a hug. His head was now leaning on the base of her neck.

Sakura blushed violently and shrieked, while whispering, "NE? SASUKE?!"

Sasuke drowsily opened his eyes and groggily spat out, "Stay… Don't… Wanna… alone… scared…" he fell back asleep and his vice grip loosened. His aura was somewhat close to "peaceful."

"WHAT?!" Just stay till morning. Sakura agreed with her inner and snuggled closer. (Being seven years old she had no clue how awkward it really was.) She drifted to sleep.


Dawn was approaching, so she woke up. Silently and sneakily she slipped out of his arms, and warm bed. She creeped back into her room and shut the door.

She changed quickly and preformed her morning duties. Five minutes later she walked back into Sasuke's room. "Sasuke? Wake up!" she said in a sing-songy tune.

Sasuke rustled a little and sat up. He rubbed his eyes, then stretched up his short arms. He turned his head to Sakura, "Okay, Sakura-san-?"

Sakura mumbled, "Just call me Sakura." She sighed and began to start her day at the academy.

End of Flashback

Sakura chuckled and smiled to herself as she walked to the door. I remember that! Uh-huh! Hmm… He's gonna open the door, isn't he. Yup. Inner Sakura laughed, it echoed her Sakura's head.

Sakura turned off the lights and walked away from the door. She stood in the darkness and smiled.


Sasuke self-consciously turned the door knob, treating it with great care. As he turned it slowly, he listened as the gears turned.


As the door slowly opened a playful smile appeared on Sakura's face. Told ya!


Sasuke walked in and took a deep breath. He felt the wall and turned on the lights. They flickered eerily on. He saw Sakura smiling about two feet ahead of him.

He just stared, hand still on the doorknob. How does she know I'm coming all the time? He pondered.

"HI!" she giggled, "Whatcha doin' here?!" she steps closer to look at his face. He coolly takes a step back.

"Nothing." He closed his eyes and in a matter-of-factly tone of voice he says, "None of your business." How did she get here so fast?

Sakura frowned and crossed her arms, "How can it not be my business if you're in my room?" her voice was sharp, yet playful at the same time.

Sasuke smirked and stuffed his hands in his pocket, "Yeah… you are definitely a strange girl."

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes and said, "Do ya wanna go on a walk?" she winked. Sasuke nodded. Sakura smiled, "Cool."

She grabbed onto his hands and led him through the door. Sakura ran while holding his hand. He ran and looked away, flushing. Soon they reached the dock and sat down, just like before.

Sakura began to swing her legs over the side, "Do you know you have split personalities?" She asked her eyes bright.

Sasuke rolled his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair, "Like you don't." he said sarcastically.

"I do!" Sakura explained, "I just never have anyone to open up to!" she pouted.

Sasuke nodded doubtfully, "Right." He looked into her eyes and in a low voice he said, "Seriously, what happened back there."

Sakura sulked and broke eye contact. She stared absentmindedly into the water, "Like I said a while ago," she looked at him again, "How do I know if I can trust you?"

Sasuke felt the intensity of the moment radiating off her. "Why do you need my trust so badly? Is it that big of a deal?"

Sakura looked at the moon and chuckled, "Trust is second best thing a person can give." Sasuke looked at her quizzically. "And besides, if the 'info' got in the wrong hands, -laugh- they'd get me."

Sasuke was really confused now. "What?" She had people after her and she's a genin?

"I have a lot o people after me," Sakura clenched her fists, "If I feel like I can trust you, then I'll tell you." She played a sad smile.

Sasuke nodded and said, "Then can you just tell me about the 'blood' thing?" His expression was apologetic. "I just wanna know why I have to put it on you."

Sakura hung her head down, and Sasuke immediately felt guilty. Sakura gingerly put her hand on the back of her neck and said, "Let's just say, it's my sanity." Her voice was small and weak.

Sasuke nodded again and whispered, "Thank you…" the relief in his voice was evident.

Sakura's head shot up, "For what?"

"You've just given me a good friend, and I haven't had one since I was seven." He chuckled darkly.

Sakura smiled and said shyly, "Well… you're my first… friend." Cautiously she buried her face in his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Sasuke was in some form of "shock" but feeling the "heat" of the moment he followed in suit, resting his chin on her hat.


A white haired jonin just happened to walk by with his oh-so-famous book in hand. He chuckled at the children's antics. "This is my team. Two ice cubes melting each other and an over stimulated child. Weird." Said person, just sweatdropped and strolled back home.


After a couple of minutes Sakura spoke up, "Let's go back." Sasuke nodded and quietly followed her back to their apartments.

AS soon as the separated they each politely said, "Good night." And went to their respected rooms. Sakura lay on her bed staring at the ceiling. Sasuke laid face down staring at his pillow.



Sasuke shot up in bed. The screaming came from… Sakura's room? He hastily ran to her room and saw her clutching the sheets. Sasuke brushed the hair off her face, to see if she was awake.

"Please! Please… Don't die! I promised him!" her soft whisper grew to an unbearable shriek. She screamed really loud, one last time and sat up emerald eyes shining scaredly.

She panted heavily and Sasuke gulped, placing a hand on her back, "Are you okay?" his voice was small, and almost a little shaken.

"Yeah… I'm fine." Sakura says gripping the back of her neck, and she was still sweating, "What are you doing in here?"

Sasuke stated, "You were screaming." Sakura waited for a more specific answer, but she never got one. She sighed and said, "Yeah… whatever."

Sasuke twitched. Seriously, she has a bunch of mod swings. He shrugged and stood up. He turned to head into his room.

"Wait!" She called. He turned. She scooted over, "Stay, here 'I' feel safer..." You mean, he's safer here. She patted the other side of her bed.

Sasuke blushed. What. The. Hell? He sat on the edge and lay down. "So you have nightmares too?" he asked.

Sakura paused, "Yeah, everyone does." She replied slowly.

"Well, I don't think you have normal nightmares, Sakura."

"I said, when I trust you, I'll tell you." Her voice darkened, "Though you really shouldn't want to know what my dreams are about, Sasuke. They'll torture you."

Sasuke shrugged and thought for a second. I have a really bad feeling, that this dream concerns me. He felt the tense atmosphere and tried to sleep. And sleep swallowed him whole in a matter of minutes.

Sakura, sure that he was sleeping, let a stray tear fall. "Itachi… I promise." A small smile formed on her pale lips. "I promise. Nothing's gonna happen."

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