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Futsu-Nushi God of Fire and Lightning


In the hidden village of konoha on a dark gloomy night a 7 year old kid walked down the streets alone. This kid wore an orange jumpsuit and had bright blond hair. His name was Uzumaki Naruto.

A young Naruto accidentally got lost and turned down a deserted ally. When he turned around and attempted to leave, a group of people came out of nowhere.

The group of villagers started to talk with themselves. " Yes the demon is finally all alone. Now is the time to kill this monster." The whole group cheered in approval. They all began to beat up on the 7 year old.

Naruto cried out " What have I ever done to you people. Why are you doing this to me."

An elderly Man in the group pulled out a kunai and stabbed naruto right in the arm. " You were born. You stupid demon." Then a younger man that must have been a shinobi pulled out a katana.

Naruto saw this man and prepared for the worse. He closed his eyes and prepared for death. If I really am a demon like these people say I am. Maybe it a good thing that they kill me. he kept his eyes close waiting for the pain to come, but it never did. He slowly opened his eyes and saw a young man standing in between him and the shinobi. He blocked the sword from killing naruto.

The shinobi trying to kill naruto yelled at the man " What the hell are you doing here Genman."

Genma put a toothpick in his mouth and yelled at the group " I should be asking you the same thing. You guys beat up and almost killed a 7 year old child that has done nothing wrong."

An old man in the back of the group yelled back. " That monster killed my son and my wife. How can you say he's done nothing."

Genma was about to punch the old man " Your just a stupid ignorant fool. This kid contains that beast, he isn't it." He then picked up naruto. He admittedly ran to the hospital when he saw that naruto was bleeding. " You are all a disgrace to this great village."

[ The waiting room at the hospital.

Genma was fiddling his fingers with worry. He couldn't get that image of a beaten naruto out of his head. He wanted to just run out and beat the shit out of those ignorant fools. He was really considering it until he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he looked up it turned out to be the hokage.

The hokage looked down at genma with sad eyes " He'll be ok genma. He's one strong ass kid."

Genma got up and started pacing back and forth. " I know that sir, but that's one of reason I cant understand how he could be treated like this. I've seen him walking around this village alone. He always gets picked on and bullied but that not the worse part. He always tries to help people even the ones that bullied him. I don't understand how those people can be so cruel to such an innocent kid."

Hokage couldn't help but tear up. He was also deeply saddened by how this village has treated naruto. " There using him as a scapegoat for there fear and anger at what happened with the Kyubi no Yoko." He took a second to wipe the water out of his eyes " I'm truly disappointed in this village. This boy is a hero but due to there own fear they treat him as a demon."

Genma couldn't hold his anger in anymore. He wound up punching a hole in the wall " Hokage-sama there has to be something I can do. I can't sit idly by and watch him be tormented like this. I just can't"

Sarutobi smiled. " well there is something that you might be able to do but I want to talk to naruto first."

Genma relaxed for the first time that night. " Yes Hokage-Sama."

[About 20 minutes later

A red haired nurse walked up to genma and the hokage " The young boy has woken up. You may see him now if you would like." She was about to let them until she realized there was something she wanted to ask the hokage. " Umm Hokage-Sama that boy has a ridiculous healing rate. His stab wound has already closed up."

Hokage took a second to think before talking to the nurse again. " Thank you for telling me. " It seems that the kyubi is protecting itself.

The two men then proceeded to walk into the hospital room with the naruto in it. At first naruto seemed tentative to have visitors but when he saw Sarutobi he relaxed immediately. " Sarutobi-jiji"

The old man simply smiled at the blond haired boy " Hey Naruto how you feeling."

Naruto forced a smile " I've been better but I'm alright. I plan to become hokage one day so something like that won't stop me. Anyway who's that" Naruto pointed to Genma

The old man grinned " Oh this is Shiranui Genma. He's the one who saved you."

Genma stepped up an gave naruto a warmful smile. " High naruto. It's nice to meet you."

Naruto wasn't sure if he should trust him at first but when the hokage nodded to him that he's ok he thanked the toothpick chewing jounin. " Nice to meet you to and thank you for saving me." the young blond boy then proceeded to stare at genma's toothpick. " Um do you think I could get one."

The hokage and Genma slightly chuckled " Of course you can have one." The jounin reached into his pocket and pulled out another tooth pick which he gave to naruto. " Here take it."

Naruto quickly grabbed it and put it into his mouth. " Thanks" He then looked at Sarutobi " Um jiji do you think I'm a demon like everyone else."

This saddened both ninja's to here the young boy say that. The hokage then looked naruto directly in the eyes " Naruto you are not a demon. You are a hero, it's just the people around here are to blind to see that."

For the first time naruto let his true emotions out. He ran up to Sarutobi and grabbed him in a bear hug and began to cry. " JiJi do you really mean that."

The old hokage returned the hug. " Yes I do, with all my heart." He then pulled naruto away from him. " Naruto there's something that I want to talk about with you."

Naruto sat down on the hospital bed and listened intently " What is it."

Hokage spoke in a very sad tone. " I'm sorry Naruto but it isn't safe for you here in konoha right now. I was thinking that if you wanted I could Have genma take you on a training mission around the world. When we feel that you are ready you will come back to konoha and prove everyone wrong that called you a demon. If you never give up I know you'll show them what you really are a hero." He then turned around and looked at genma. " If that alright with the both of you."

Genma didn't even hesitate " I would be honored to be able to train someone like naruto. I know that he'll become a hero just like the other Hokage's"

Naruto took a couple of minutes to take in everything. He smiled " I always looked up to the hokage's. They were all hero's and great men. I always wanted to be like them. But when I listened to the villagers I started to think I could never do that. However your giving me a chance. Of course I'll go with genma." he took a second to catch his breath. " Sarutobi-jiji I promise you that I'll never give up until I fulfill my dream."

The Hokage asked " What dream would that be."

Naruto smiled " To become a hokage like never before and to become a true hero. I'll prove everyone wrong by protecting them with my life."

The old man couldn't help but grin again " Well I'll be waiting for you. Umm Naruto you'll be leaving tonight so why don't you go home and pack whatever you think you might need for this journey."

Naruto immediately got up " Hai Sarutobi-jiji" he then ran out the door as fast as he could.

The red haired nurse yelled at the running blond " Hey you can't leave yet. You haven't been discharged yet."

The hokage spoke up " It's alright nurse." The nurse nodded and went back to work. The old man then turned his attention to the toothpick chewing jounin. " Genma can you meet me at my office in 10 minutes I have some stuff I need to give you before you begin your journey."

Gemna replied " Of course Hokage-sama"

[ 20 minutes later at the hokage's office

There was a knock on the door. The old man sat up strait in his chair smoking a pipe. " Come in."

Genma walked in he asked his superior " You said you wanted to see me before I left with naruto."

" Yes I did. " He then signaled the jounin to move up closer. " Genma you are a great shin obi and I'm very proud of you for accepting naruto for who he truly is."

Genma was truly flattered " Thank you. It means a lot to me to hear you say that."

The old man then pulled out a sword and a couple scrolls. " When naruto turns 12 I would like you to give him these things."

Genma asked " what is all this hokage-sama."

" This is my gift to naruto to help him with his dream." He then picked up three scrolls. " In these scrolls there are three techniques I believe that will help him achieve his destiny. First is the Katon Bushin no Jutsu ( Fire Clone Technique) and the Karyotin (Fire Dragon) also there's the Housenka no Jutsu (Mythical Fire Phoenix Technique). Now the last jutsu you emit a series of small fire balls. Naruto could also hurl a projectile which is covered in these same flames. To the opponent the attack appears to be only the balls of flame, they do not see the hidden threat within the flames. Meaning that even if the flames are put out, the projectiles still converge on the target. The flames can be used to cover different projectiles like shuriken or kunai."

Genma was surprised " Damn there's a lot of katon jutsu."

Hokage smiled " I'm not done yet" He then reached under his desk and pulled out a much older scroll. " I also want you to give him this the Raitatsu ( Lightning Dragon )." And then he unsheathed the sword. " This is Nidaime's famous Raijin ( God of lightning) Sword." It was a sword made of pure lightning."

Genma looked at the old man with a quizzical look " Um hokage-sama how can you be so shore that naruto will be able to do Katon and Raiton Jutsu's."

" I'll tell you the whole story when you get back from your journey with naruto." He took a second to think. " I will tell you however that it deals with the uzumaki heritage."

Genma really wanted an answer but knew better then to question the hokage. If he didn't have a good reason not to tell me now then he would of. Damn but the curiosity going to kill me. " I understand, But I better be going. I have to meet up with naruto soon." the hokage nodded in acknowledgment. Genma took the scrolls and the sword and left right after.

The hokage then looked out his window at the hokage stone. It looks like the fate of our world will rest on that young boy shoulders pretty soon. I know he'll be ready."

[ At the konoha gates ten minutes later.

Genma was sitting on a bench looking up at the stars. Man I can't believe my life could change so much. I think you would be happy with my decision Konan.

Naruto came running down the streets with a huge bag on his back " Hey I'm here. I'm here. Sorry for being late. It took a while to get my bag out the door."

The toothpick loving jounin just shook his head " What the hell do you have in that thing."

" Some clothes a couple of scrolls and mostly ramen. You can never have enough ramen." Naruto answered as if it was perfectly normal to have a bag full of ramen.

Genma couldn't help but laugh at his blond haired companion, " Ha ha ok ramen lover it's time to go. Right now is the start of your new future."

Naruto put the tooth pick genma gave him at the hospital and shouted " Hai sensei"

Genman smiled hmm sensei, I like the sound of that. " Alright come on lets go naruto" With that said the two men walked out of konoha.

They walked for about 4 hours before genma decide to set up camp. " Alright will sleep here. Make sure you get a good nights rest. We begin training tomorrow."

Naruto unfolded his sleeping bag and took out his toothpick before answering " Hai sensei." Within a couple of minutes they were both fast asleep.

[ Naruto's Dream scape

Naruto woke up in a bed of clouds. He wasn't scared just confused " where the hell am I and why am I here."

A deep tone voiced roared " we are in your mind Naruto."

Another deep voice roared " You are here so we can help you with your destiny."

Naruto got creped out. He heard the voices but couldn't see who was talking. " Who's there and what the hell are you talking about."

A golden dragon appeared out of the clouds. The golden dragon had lightning surrounding it " I am Raijin ( God of lightning)."

Right after Raijin appeared another dragon came out. This one was red and had flames surrounding it. " I am Kagu-Tsuchi ( God of Fire) and where here to help you fight against a great evil that will soon befall your world."

Naruto couldn't believe what he was seeing or hearing. " I must be dreaming. This can't be real. If this is real why would you chose me."

Kagu-Tsuchi breathed fire out of his nose. " You will find out why you were chosen soon enough. But now me and Raijin must go but before that, we will leave you with a parting gift. We will give you the capabilities of using both the katon and raiton element." With that said Kagu-Tsuchi shot out a humongous fireball at naruto while Raijin shot out a equally huge lightning bolt. They both collided into Naruto combining together.

[ Back at the campsite.

Naruto woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily " Ah holy crap that was just a dream." He then walked over to was his face in a near by stream. When he looked down at the water he caught his reflection. It shocked the shit out of him. His hair had turned red, his eyes became a golden color. Even his cloths had changed, his pants were no longer orange they were a goldish yellow and his shirt was red with a goldish whirlpool sign on his back. The most shocking part was that he had a tattoo of a flame on his left hand and a tattoo of a lightning bolt on his right hand. Naruto decided to go back to sleep hoping that he was only dreaming.

Lets just say when he woke up he had one hell of a story to tell genma.

[ The next morning after naruto told genma about Raijin and Kagu-Tsuchi.

The jounin was shocked " Holy SHIT this is going to be a crazy ass couple of years." The hokage knew this was going to happen. that's why he gave me all those Katon and raiton scrolls. It seems that the gods and a hokage have great expectations of you. Now all you got to do is prove them right and everyone else wrong. I know you can.

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