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Naruto and team 5 walked into the academy and immediately saw a couple of kids beating up on a gennin wearing green spandex. Naruto got pissed and was about to go help the gennin but a raven haired gennin stepped in " Get the hell out of my way I want to get to room 301 not 201." Everyone was pretty much stunned. A second later after the genjutsu was lifted and everybody saw that the room was actually 201 not 301 like it originally said.

One of the people guarding the door and smirked " Good job seeing through that genjutsu, however you still have to get through me before I let you take the chunnin exam" The kid charged at the raven haired boy.

The raven haired kid charged at the kid also. They were both cocking back to punch they other right in the face. Right before either of them could connect a green blur appeared before him " I will not allow you guys to continue such a fight."

Everyone couldn't believe it, The kid that was just getting beaten up was able to stop both of there attacks with ease. Naruto smiled He must have been hiding his true strength, He's definitely fast and he must have some pretty good physical strength to go with it. If I get into a fight with him it's sure as hell going to be fun.

The raven haired boy wasn't smiling he was in fact pissed " Why the hell did you step in. That was my fight and I was going to kick that bastards ass."

The ninja with really thick eyebrows bowed " I'm sorry that fight had to reason to it. I don't believe someone should get into a fight for no reason."

The raven haired boy was about to get into another fight with the green spandex wearing ninja if a pink haired kunochi and another boy with black hair and a small kodachi on his back hadn't called for him " Come on saskue we got to go. We can't be late for the first exam"

The boy known as sasuke called out to the two " Alright I'm coming sakura and sai if you make some asshole comment to day I'm going to impale you with your own kodachi." Sasuke then turned his attention back to the thick eyebrows " You got lucky today but if I see you in this exam I'll finish what I started today." The stuck up ninja then ran to catch up to his teammates

Naruto walked over to the green spandex wearing nin and introduced himself " I know you could of beaten that kid pretty easily but I'm kind of glad you didn't"

The Ninja with thick brows looked at him quizzically " Why are you glad I didn't fight him"

Naruto exclaimed " Because I want to kick that pompous kids ass myself." The red haired gennin realized that his teammates were leaving him behind so he had to finish his conversation up pretty quick " Look I got to go but it was nice meeting you. My names Uzumaki Naruto by the way." Our hero started to run after his teammates but before he caught up he turned around and yelled at the nin " Just to tell you your Eyebrow are ridiculous. I mean you probably have more hair on one of your eyebrows then I have on my whole body. Well I thought I should just tell you that." He turned back around and ran out of sight.

Rock lee just stood there slightly stunned at the comments of naruto My eyebrows express the heavenlynist of my youth. Lee was thrown out of his thoughts when a white eyed gennin with long black hair and a female with two buns in her hair came up behind him. The boy with the white eyes yelled at lee " What the hell were you thinking, wasn't it your idea that we hide our strength."

Lee bowed his head " Sorry neji but I don't think someone should fight unless there is a legitimate reason."

The boy known as neji sighed " Alright lee, I understand but don't do that again. If you do I swear on the house of the hyuga I'll kill you." with that said the hyuga walked away.

The girl in their team came over and put a hand on lee's shoulder. " Look lee he didn't mean it. He's just doesn't want to disappoint his father"

The ninja with a bull cut shook his head " No TenTen he meant it." Lee walked away with a shocked TenTen following behind him.

[ In room 301

Naruto and team 5 just walked into a huge room filled with ninja's from all around the world. Shibuki was looking all around trying to hide her nervousness from everyone. Fubuki saw this and tried to calm her down. " Don't worry shibuki you won't lose to any of these bums."

Shibuki smiled " Thanks fubuki" Fubuki smiled back. But that smile didn't last for long when a ninja with a dog on his head shouted at him " Hey fubuki ready to get your ass kicked by me and akarmaru." the little dog on his head barked.

A white eyed female with short black hair interjected " Come on kiba please don't be start."

Kiba scowled " Come on what hinata I'm going to kicks fubuki's ass so why can't I tell him. He knows it's going to happen."

Hinata looked for her other teammate that was wearing a hood and sunglasses " Shino tell him to stop. He's being to arrogant even for him." Shino just sighed and walked away. The hyuga heiress shouted at him " Thanks for the help shino."

Fubuki finally spoke up " It's ok hinata let dog breath over there talk all he wants. See it doesn't matter what he says it doesn't change the fact that I'm stronger then him."

Hinata slapped her head Oh kami there going to get into another fight. Can these two ever get along. I mean it would be so much easier on me. Fubuki's an old friend of mine and kiba's I care about deeply. She was thrown out of her thoughts when she heard a blond gennin yell " Well you two shut up. You guys are distracting me from my saskue"

The blond gennin was accompanied by a chubby ninja with brown hair and another ninja with black hair and a lazy demeanor. The blonde gennin shouted over to the two " Choji, shikaramaru will you please separate those two."

Both gennins sighed. The lazy one spoke to the chubby one. " Choji why are women so troublesome."

Choji said " I really don't know shikarmaru, but we better do as she said. If we don't she'll probably castrate us." Shikarmaru almost fainted at the thought. They went over and pulled fubuki apart from Kiba.

All of a sudden team 7 entered the picture. The Uchiha spoke up " Fubuki I see your fighting with kiba as always. I guess weaklings always like to fight with each other."

Fubuki was about to attack saskue but Ino got to him first. She jumped on him and gave him a bone squeezing hug " Oh sasuke did you miss me."

Sakura ran up and ripped ino off of sasuke. " don't you dare touch my sasuke-kun Ino-pig."

Ino stuck her tong out at he pink haired rival " My sasuke missed me so he wanted me to hug him Mrs. Forehead."

The girls continued to fight until sai spoke to fubuki and shibuki " Why are you guys here didn't your teammate die on your last mission. You know you need a team of three to participate in the chunnin exam."

It was shibuki turn to hug saskue. She ran up and squeezed him. Right after giving saskue a bone braking hug she turned to sai " Sorry to disappoint you but we got a new teammate last weak."

After pushing shibuki away and her getting into a fight with sakura and ino sasuke spoke up " are you serious that guy must be an idiot to team up with you fubuki. He's definitely going to die like Akahoshi." sasuke smirked " how did he die again, wasn't it protecting you."

That was it fubuki had enough he was about to run up and punch saskue. But he never got the chance a flash of white appeared in front of him and punched sasuke right in the face sending him flying. That got every-ones attention especially sasuke's. sassuke stood up and rubbed his cheek. " Alright who's the dumb ass that hit me Uchiha Sasuke."

A gennin with red hair and gold eyes stood in front of the Uchiha " Yea that would be me Fubuki's new teammate Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto looked back at fubuki and gave him the good guy pose. He then turned his attention back to sasuke " Man I should of hit you harder then maybe you would finally shut up."

All of the leaf rookies looked at his new guy like he was crazy. No one would challenge sasuke. He was the strongest gennin in konoha and he was also the most brutal. The only one to ever challenge him was fubuki and he wound up in the hospital for a month. Saskue looked at naruto " Oh so this is the new teammate of fubuki. It looks to me that weakling attract to fubuki. Oh yea I should warn you if you dare touch me again I'll make you join Akahoshi in the after life." Saskuke was leaking killer intent the whole time.

Most of the leaf rookies backed up from the killing intent, but fubuki and naruto just stood there. Naruto turned around to his teammate " Dude this guy is one cocky piece of shit."

Fubuki looked at his red haired teammate with worry in his eyes " Look naruto as much as I hate this piece of shit you shouldn't get into a fight with him he's strong. Last year he put me in the hospital for a month."

Naruto smiled " oh I see but it seem to me that your not afraid of him."

Fubuki was taken back by what naruto said " I know because I've dealt with him before. If don't stand up to him he'll hurt other's."

Naruto looked down at his new teammate with caring eyes " I got an idea how bout I take on that burden for you. If you have that weight lifted off your shoulders you should be able to kick his ass with ease."

Fubuki was about to say something but sasuke charged at Naruto. " I've had enough of your talking. Let fight."

Naruto turned around and just stared at sasuke. Sasuke was about to punch naruto in the face when all of a sudden his fist was caught. A sand nin wearing a gourd was the person who caught sasuke's hand. " Wow that was a pretty powerful strike it seems mother craves for your blood." He then looked over at naruto " And yours."

Everyone in that room could fell the sand nins blood lust. Sasuke felt this also and could tell this guy was strong but uchiha sasuke was not going to shown up. " well I crave your blood and I'm going to satisfy my thirst now. He was about to do a jutsu until sai wrapped in up on some wired inc technique.

Sai pulled the uchiha away from everyone " sorry about that guys but he's just real anxious." Sai bend over and whispered into his ear " You idiot calm down, don't forget we have a mission to fulfill. Now if your calm and remembered your responsibilities I'll let you go." Sauke calmed down immediately.

Now the sand nin looked at naruto " I can't wait to face you in this tournament. My name is Gaara of the desert." With that said gaara walked away.

Right after gaara left he wound up meeting with his brother and sister again. Temari could see that gaara was exited so she asked him " Brother what has gotten you so riled up."

Gaara had a sick smile on " I met a few interesting people. I seems my mother will have her thirst for blood quenched especially when we face that one leaf nin."

Temari was puzzled " What leaf nin."

The crazy sand nin had an evil smirk on " There's this one nin that has red hair and golden eyes. He doesn't seem strong but mother says he's just hiding it.

The blond nin replayed gaara words in her head Red hair golden eyes and a leaf nin. He couldn't mean that ninja I met a little while ago. Na can't be.

[ 10 minutes later

Naruto has just greeted all of the konoha rookies and were waiting around for the test to begin when an older gennin with white hair and wearing glasses spoke. " Hey what's up rookies. Um I'm Yakushi Kabuto and I thought you guys look kind of nervous so I though I try and help you guys out."

Sasuke was the first one to speak " Well how can you help us."

Kabuto fixed his glasses " well iv'e taken the chunnin exams before and have collected information onto these cards here." showed everyone a deck of cards.

Sai spoke this time " Do you have information on certain ninjas."

Kabuto nodded " Yea all I need is a name and I can find it for you. So who do you want me to find"

The uchiha spoke with confidence " Rock Lee of the leaf, Gaara of the sand, and Uzumaki Naruto of the leaf."

Kabuto smiled " Wow you even know there villages this should be easy." He put some chakra into his hand and swiped three cards out. " Well first off is rock lee, jounin-sensei is Maito Gai, Teamates are Hyuga Neji and TenTen. Completed 30 d rank missions and 12 c rank. Excels in taijutsu but has no real talent in any other areas." He then pulled out the second card. " Next is gaara of the desert, his jounin-sensei is baki, teammates are his brother Kankurou and sister temari."

Naruto herd that name but wasn't sure " What was the sisters name again."

Kabuto looked at naruto weirdly " Umm temari."

Fubuki looked at his new friend " Do you know that name from some where."

Naruto nodded " I meet a sand nin right before I came here she was picking flowers. And just between you and me" He lent over and whispered into fubuki's ear " She was really hot." naruto was slightly blushing."

Kabuto herd was they said and chuckled a little bit " Alright now where was I. oh I remember now he's done 10 d rank 6 c rank and 1 b rank. Oh wait a second this can't be right."

Ino and shibuki shouted " What can't be right"

Kabuto pushed his glasses up " Well it says here that he has come back form every mission unscratched even a b rank mission. And it say his skills involve sand but that's all."

Uzumaki got into a thinking pose " Hmm he must be strong so we better be careful and try not to run into that scary sand nin." Naruto told his teammates

Sasuke was getting impatient. The info he most wanted to see was Naruto's " Alright what about the last card."

Everyone perked up everyone wanted to know who Naruto really was even his teammates " well lets see the last card is Uzumaki Naruto. Lets see there's really not a lot about information on him. All it says here is that he's been on a training journey with Jounin Shiranui Genma. It is also said here that the Hokage considers Naruto one of the most promising gennin's he's seen in years."

Everyone was surprised and a little disappointed. They were surprised by what the hokage said about naruto but they were more disappointed not to learn anything about him especially sasuke. Who the hell is this kid. I mean he comes out of nowhere and tries to steal my spotlight. That shit is not going to happen. I'll make sure me and sai kill him before we begin our mission.

Sasuke didn't realize it but he wasn't the only one who was thinking ill thought for our hero. Kabuto was having similar thoughts. this kid worries me a bit maybe I should take care of him. Wait I can't do that. Konoha will get a wife of our plans. There's something else about this boys name Uzumaki that has me interested. I know I've herd that name before but I can't put my finger on where. I guess I better report this to orchiramaru and I should definitely tell that guy too. I definitely don't want to be hiding something from a gut who even scares orochiramaru and itachi.

Naruto could feel everyone's eyes looking at him. Even fubuki had wonders. He went up to naruto and asked him " who are you naruto."

Naruto looked at him " well I am………" He was cut off when a jounin wearing a black bandanna poofed into the room. " Hello my name is Morino Ibiki and I'll be your proctor for the first exam."

Naruto wiped the sweat of his forehead. Man saved by the bell. If that guy didn't show up they would have wanted for me to tell them my whole life story. Anyway this chunnin exams Seems pretty interesting. The only thing that keeps bothering is that Garra character An his hot sister. He started to blush. besides that Sai and Sasuke seem to be up to something but what.

Shibuki slapped naruto on the back of the head " Naruto stop daydreaming the first exams are about to begin."