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'Measurements!" Tamaki yelled and three maids rushed at Nekozawa with measuring tapes. "We're making you beautiful!"

Nekozawa blinked and he was standing on a box with his arms out and the women pulling on his arms and measuring tapes were everywhere. He tried to protest but he couldn't even hear himself over the shouting from the maids. "Look at these arms they're so long!" "Oh hunny you're so thin! Do you eat well?" "Wow he's so tall and lanky! Why doesn't he have a girlfriend!? Proper man he is!"

He was relieved to find out that the measuring process only lasted 5 minutes and the women were off him and the stool was pulled from under his feet and they were gone. He looked around in shock, still not sure what happened. "What now?" he looked to Tamaki who was leaning against a wall. He kicked off the wall and pointed at a closed door. "They're sewing. It'll be ready soon," Tamaki tapped his chin in thought, "Kyouya said something about the theme being Arabian."

"Wait what? Theme? What theme?" Nekozawa looked around the room and stopped at Haruhi, who had an armful of clothing that looked not only skimpy but very colorful. "We have to dress up?! No way!" He was already at the exit back to the barbering room, stopped by Tamaki's arm.

"Ah, ah. We have a deal, remember? Beelzenef for your participation. Just have fun Neko-senpai!" The maids had him by the elbows and were dragging him to the sewing room. "This way, darling! You need to try on your costume!"

Tamaki waved as Nekozawa gave him a loathing look and the door slammed behind them. In seconds the door was ripped open and Nekozawa came barging out with way more skin showing than when he went in. Tamaki applauded.

The vest was green with pink stripes. Underneath the "shirt" his paper white skin showed. Tamaki could plainly see that Nekozawa had never exercised in his life, noticing the noodle arms and ribs poking out from the thin and wimpy looking middle. He tucked the fact that Nekozawa can't put up a fight in the back of his mind. His pants were plain elastic waistband with a gold sash. They were baggy and covered all of his legs. He was left barefoot but held two gold curvy slip on shoes. His head was covered by a white headdress that wrapped around his neck and hair. "Why do I have to wear this?" He gestured to himself, looking to Tamaki for an explanation.

"Every day the host club has a theme! We dress up in costumes that represent our daily theme to make the club more fun! It brings in curious students and is a great conversation topic." Tamaki smiled confidently, striding around the room as if he were dancing.

"Everyone wears the costumes! It's tradition!" Tamaki spun Haruhi in a circle, making her drop her armful of costumes and scowl at him.

"Idiot! Look what you made me do." She yelled, kneeling down to pick up the clothes. Nekozawa also kneeled to help.

"Aw, Haruhi~ Don't be mad! You can be my Arabian princess and we can-"

Haruhi stared at him with the 'finish that sentence and you die' look. She picked up the clothes and threw them in Tamaki's face. "Go," she said threateningly. Tamaki ran off like a wounded puppy.

Nekozawa was left alone with Haruhi, and the silence was deadly. He stood there not knowing where to go or what to do, so he settled with staring at the door, wishing it would open and someone would tell him where to be. He chanced a look at Haruhi and noticed that she was already gone. Nekozawa spun around and looked across the room, seeing no sign of Haruhi. "Wha- Ninja?" he muttered, suddenly feeling stupid.


"Gah!" Nekozawa jumped as a hand poked him on the back. It was Haruhi. "You are a ninja!" he shouted, pointing a finger in her face.

She smacked his hand away with a frown and pointed at the exit. "You can go I guess. I don't see any reason to torture you longer than we already have. Sorry Nekozawa-senpai."

Nekozawa teared up and grasped Haruhi's hands. "You're too kind!" he praised, and bolted for the door.

Haruhi watched him leave with an eyebrow raised. She looked down at herself and sighed. "He didn't even compliment my costume." She fixed her purple Arabian top stolen right from "Aladdin" and followed him out the door.

With the styling, primping, and fashioning done, Nekozawa felt like a different person. He was cold from the skimpy outfit, hungry, and blinded by the insanely bright light that seemed to adorn every corner of the Host club room. There were no shadows, shade, or any darkness. He wanted to march up to Hunny and demand Beelzenef back, but knew it would only upset the little person and make Mori pissed. So he waited. He accepted the compliments and flirty girls and numerous cups of tea offered to him without complaint. He was pleased to find out a lot of females in the school were interested in Magick and he spent most of his afternoon discussing the subject in his own secluded corner, shaded by the fortress built by Kyouya and Tamaki. He started to feel more comfortable in the club, and by 5PM the club let out Nekozawa had many new fans and friends.

He sighed, leaning back in his chair and tearing the headscarf off his face. Before he could relax two short arms threw themselves around his neck and a loud voice boomed in his ear, "Hiii Neko-chan!"

He had come to terms with the touchy feely nature of the club and patted Hunny on his clasped hands gently. "Hello Mitsukuni-san," his voice sounded calmer than it usually was, most likely from all the emotional girls he had dealt with earlier. Hunny smiled and nuzzled Nekozawa's face. "You can call me Hunny! Ok?"

A blush crept up Nekozawa's neck and he frowned, leaning into Hunny. "Ok Hunny-. . . chan?" Hunny smiled bigger and giggled. Nekozawa figured it was what he liked to be called.

Hunny took a seat next to Nekozawa, scooting closer, which was unnecessarily close. Nekozawa noticed that his feet didn't touch the floor, like with most chairs that Hunny sits in. He watched him delicately take a piece of cake from the platter on the table and his first bite was essentially the whole piece. Nekozawa watched in horror as the entire cake soon savagely disappeared into Hunny's vortex of a mouth. In minutes only crumbs were left of the platter of sweets. Nekozawa stared at the boy in amazement. Here was someone the same age and grade as him and he knew nothing about him. They had grown up going to the same private schools and wealthy daycares since they were children, and they knew nothing about each other. Did Hunny not like him? Was Hunny too popular to notice him? "Neko-chan?"

He realized he had been staring at Hunny, who was done with the sweets and waving a hand in front of his face, a pink blush across his face most likely from being stared at for so long. "You're scaring me! Are you dead?" Hunny smacked him lightly on the forehead to get his attention.

"Ah no . . . Sorry I was just thinking." He smiled, petting Hunny on the head, shocked at his arm for doing such a thing without his permission. He retracted his hand quickly. "Ahem, sorry," his throat felt full of cotton.

Hunny giggled, swinging his legs under the table. "It's okay."

"Mitsukuni," Mori was walking in their direction with a serious frown and a scolding look in his eyes. Hunny leaped up from his chair, looking for a place to run. "Mori-chan, I didn't do it I swear!" He began to run for the door but Mori grabbed him by the collar in a swift dive.

"Who else would have? They were all full 20 minutes ago." He muttered close to Hunny's ear.

Hunny legs were viciously swinging around and his arms were waving. "A-alright it was me I'm sorry!" tears appeared at the corners of his eyes and he pouted. "But they were delicious. . ." he whimpered.

Mori set Hunny down gently and smacked him on the head. "Don't do it again. You don't want another cavity do you?" Hunny's eyes widened and he shook his head quickly.

"Then stop eating so many sweets. You'll rot your teeth." He smiled, looking around the club and settling his gaze on Nekozawa. "I don't know where everyone went but we're done for today. So you can go home." He tried his best to give a smile but it just scared Nekozawa more than he already was.

"Neko-chan, let's walk home together!" Hunny gushed, raising his hands in a 'hurray for friendship' pose.

Nekozawa smiled and nodded "Yea. . . We live close I think." He glanced around the room and didn't see any of the club members and shrugged. "I guess everyone left. . ."

"Eh? No. Kyouya-chan doesn't leave till very late. He's a workaholic." Hunny and Mori nodded seriously and Nekozawa stared at the closed office door and looked back to the other two. "You know. . . I think I'm going to stick around also. We'll walk home tomorrow, K?"

Hunny pouted and released Nekozawa's hand. "Okay. . . Oh, Neko-chan! About Chieko."

Nekozawa's head snapped back to face Hunny blankly. He had completely forgotten about Beelzenef! 'Forgive me my friend!' he thought. "Um. . . He's at my house so. . . I could bring him tomorrow for you." Hunny's eyes were misty and emotional at the thought of giving Usa's friend away.

"Please!" Nekozawa bowed at Hunny's feet pleadingly. "You don't know how important Beelzenef is to me."

Hunny stared at Nekozawa in confusion. "Of course. . ." He squeaked and grabbed Mori's hand. "See you tomorrow Neko-chan!" He waved goodbye and the two were out the door.

Nekozawa approached Kyouya's door and heard thuds and fingers hammering against keys. He lightly tapped on the door and the typing stopped. "Yes?" Kyouya's voice sounded through the door.

Nekozawa twisted the knob and poked his head into the room. "Hi. I was just wondering why you're staying so late." He explained sliding through the doorway and into the room. His eyes relaxed at the darker lighting. He felt his heartbeat slowdown from the racing speed it was at earlier. Kyouya never looked up from his computer screen, but continued pounding on his keyboard.

"Besides the costumes I think I could get used to being in this club. I was . . . surprised at the hospitality of everyone in this school. Even Hunny-chan was nice to me, knowing full well that I'm not happy with him. He told me he will bring Beelzenef back tomorrow and-""Great," Kyouya said loudly, jumping up from his chair as the printer began spitting out pages of word documents. "I'll see you tomorrow then, goodnight." He muttered, stapling the warm papers and throwing them in a folder. He picked up his bag and stalked out of the room, leaving a very confused Nekozawa, still sitting at his desk.

Nekozawa was dazed as he walked home. Was this how Kyouya was outside of school? Did he really not like him and his nice face was just a fa├žade? Had he been fooled into embarrassing himself? What if the other members were in on it and were just humiliating him? Will Hunny really bring Beelzenef back?

As questions of his insecurities circled in his head he had no idea that he was leaning against his front doors rather than opening them. He realized when a butler opened the doors and he stumbled in. "Good evening Sire," the butler bowed, taking Nekozawa's bag and jacket.

"Thank-you. . . I'll be in my room if anyone needs me."

"Yes Sire. Dinner will be brought up shortly," the butler bowed again and turned down the hallway to attend to his sister.

Nekozawa trudged up the steps of the foyer and made it to his shadowed bedroom. He suddenly felt drained and apathetic, burrowing his face into his black pillows. He laid like that until three sharp knocks sounded against his door and a maid flounced in rolling a meal cart. "Sir, your dinner is here."

"Just leave it on the table," he ordered, pointing in the general direction of his eating area.

The maid remained quiet, but her heels clicked against the stone floor and her skirts made a fabric-friction sound against her nylons. Nekozawa sighed at the disturbance, catching the maid's attention. He heard the serving platter clank against the table and a weight at the end of his bed. "Your aura is depressing purple today Sire," she started, leaning to peer into his face.

Nekozawa looked into her face, which was round and made up, and her hair was blonde and done up in pink pigtails, a sign that Kirimi had been playing with her earlier. "Just a weird day today is all. Thanks, you may leave."

The maid stood and Nekozawa felt a hand caress his hair gently. "Don't forget to eat Nekozawa-sama," and she pushed the cart out the door.

He rolled over on his back and stared into the mirror above his bed. He looked miserable and he didn't know why. Was it because of Kyouya? The Host Club? He closed his eyes and promptly fell asleep.

When his eyes shot open he sat up straight and looked for a clock; 4:15 AM. He groaned and flopped back down, not tired and very much alert. He noticed the platter had disappeared from his table and felt bad about not eating it, knowing the maids had thrown it away instead. He decided to get up, shower, and find something to eat. In an hour he was sitting at his desk doing his forgotten homework. He let his mind wander as he whizzed through math problems. He thought about Kyouya and how angry he looked yesterday, and wondered if Hunny would keep his promise. Once he had completed his homework, the morning butler entered his room with a harsh knock, expecting his master to be asleep, but wasn't surprised to see him sitting at his desk. "Good morning Sire. You fell asleep quite early last night. Are you hungry?"

"No, I ate earlier. Thanks." Nekozawa stacked his books in his bag, feeling the butler's gaze on the back of his head.

"When did you get up this morning?" the butler casually leaned against his door frame, crossing his arms.

"Around 4:30. . ." Nekozawa muttered, avoiding the butler's gaze.

"I hope your day goes better than the last," Butler said, knocking against the door and exiting silently.

Nekozawa released a long sigh, sticking his tongue out at not-present butler. Every morning for the last 18 years the same butler had woken him up and gotten him dressed and brought in his breakfast. He has also scolded Nekozawa about his sleeping patterns and unhealthy lifestyle of avoiding the sun. Nekozawa found it irritating and wished he had a different butler, but his parents insisted on that one. He didn't know his name or where he was from, but he didn't particularly like him.

Once dressed and ready for school, he bounded down the stairs to the lobby. Before he could open the door six loud knocks came from the other side. He opened the door cautiously and a ball of yellow attached itself to his waist. "Good morning Neko-chan!" Hunny yelled, nuzzling his face into the fabric of his jacket. "G-good morning Hunny-san, Mori-san," he nodded to the taller yet younger man looming behind Hunny. Mori nodded back silently.

The three set out for school. Nekozawa had the subject of Kyouya at the tip of his tongue, but was unsure of when to bring it up as Hunny rambled on about food and the TV show he saw yesterday about some magical girl. Nekozawa glanced up at Mori who only shrugged, motioning for him to just go with it. He tried his best to follow Hunny's words, waiting for a conversation gap to bring up Kyouya. Finally, as they were nearing the entrance to the school, Hunny stopped talking long enough for Nekozawa to open his mouth. "Hey. . . does Kyouya act differently outside of school? He seemed kind of angry after the club let out."

Hunny's beaming smile faded and Mori sighed. "It must be family problems again." Hunny started. "I wouldn't ask about it, just pretend nothing happened yesterday, OK? He gets like that when he's under pressure from his dad," Hunny's serious expression was frightening and Nekozawa didn't like it.

"Alright. . . thanks," he said, opening the doors to the school. "I'll see you in the club!" Hunny waved, suddenly excited again. The three parted ways and headed to class.

Nekozawa fell over when he realized he forgot to ask about Beelzenef. I'm sorry my friend! I'm a terrible person. . . he thought, on his knees in front of a window. Ugh. When I get you back I'm going to pray to you every day, my dear Beelzenef.

From the window Nekozawa saw Kyouya step out of a glittering black car and walk in big steps across the courtyard to the entrance of the school. Nekozawa couldn't see his face but his shoulders sagged and his hair was just messed up enough for him to notice that he probably didn't get enough sleep. The warning bell rang and Nekozawa had to run off to class.

The day was boring, but went by quickly, since Nekozawa's thoughts were occupied by his God and what the members of the Club were doing that day. As final class let out, he was walking down the hall when four hands seized his arms and he was rushed into an empty classroom.

"Neko-chan! We haven't seen you all day!" the twins said in unison, giving Nekozawa one big group hug.

"W-what are we doing in here?!" Nekozawa swatted the twins away and they sniggered mischievously. "Boss told us to tell you that today's theme is vampire! You'll fit right in, ne?" Hikaru grinned, patting Nekozawa on the head.

"Class is over, why couldn't you have waited for me to meet up with you in the music room?" Nekozawa sighed, turning to open the door.

"Because that's not as fun. Let's go dress up." Hikaru grabbed Kaoru and Nekozawa by the arms and ran towards the room.

"Hikaru! Not so fast!" Kaoru cried, tripping over his feet trying to keep up.

Nekozawa didn't look impressed.

After some hassling from Hikaru and Kaoru, Nekozawa found himself in a suit with a ruffling top and a purple cape. He had fake fangs and a top hat with cane. He still wasn't impressed. "I feel ridiculous!"

"That's because you look ridiculous. But the ladies will love it. Handsome vampire~" Hikaru cooed, pinching Nekozawa's cheek.

"Hikaru! Why did you give me these?!" Kaoru's voice yelped from the dressing room. Hikaru grinned and flew to the door, poking his head in. "Because you look gorgeous as a girl." Nekozawa's ears perked up and he raised a brow, looking at Hikaru's antsy body sticking halfway out the door.

"I-I'm not wearing this!" Kaoru whined, pushing Hikaru out the door.

"Aw, but I thought you wanted me to suck your blood?" A long red wig was thrown in Hikaru's face.

Nekozawa decided it was time to leave. When he entered the club room he wasn't surprised to see Tamaki and Haruhi already in beautiful vampire costumes and sitting at tables. He didn't see Kyouya anywhere and decided to look for him before joining the students chatting over tea. He peeked into the office but it was empty, so he started checking in the various doors throughout the room. He found the supplies closet, a room full of instruments covered in dusty black casing, and a little room with a childish bed in the corner. The last door he peered into was the kitchen, where their gourmet food was made. Various bakers and chefs darted around, preparing meals and sweets. He wandered through the kitchen when, finally, he approached a table where Kyouya was draped across it, face in his arms, sleeping soundly.

"Kyouya. . ." Nekozawa whispered, sitting down across from the sleeping man. He poked him on the top of the head and he shot up, looking around quickly. "How long was I asleep?"

"I don't know. . . But it's 2:30?" Nekozawa jumped when Kyouya flew from the table and out the door.

When he returned, scanning the crowd for Kyouya, he found him, in costume, sitting at his table surrounded by curious girls.

"Neko-chan come sit!" A girl called from a shaded table and he sat down, his eyes still on Kyouya's slumping form.

He entertained students for an hour, drinking tea and eating biscuits and cookies. When Kyouya excused himself from his crowd he did the same and followed him to his office. ". . . Kyouya?"Nekozawa approached his desk and sat down. Peering into Kyouya's face from over his open laptop.

"I'm sorry about yesterday, Nekozawa." Kyouya muttered, avoiding his eyes.

"Ah, it's OK. I was wondering how you were doing today. You look. . . well. Not well," he pushed the laptop screen down over his hands and looked into his face.

"It's nothing. Just some extra work I have to do. If you'll excuse me, I have to finish this." Kyouya pushed the screen back up, returning to tapping on the keys.

"Everybody has limits. Don't push yourself," Nekozawa stood up, but Kyouya had been pushed to the brink. He slammed his laptop shut and jumped from his seat, slamming his hands on his desk. "What do you know about limits! You're naive, inexperienced, foolish. You don't have to work for anything, it just comes to you. You're just like any other wealthy person in this school with parents who are just naturally wealthy and you never have to try, never have to prove yourself, never have to do anything but go to this stupid school and pass some classes!" Kyouya knew he had crossed lines, watching Nekozawa's face turn from concerned to angry, but he didn't care. He needed to yell, and he needed someone unimportant to yell at him, but why did Nekozawa's face make him feel guilty?

"Stop it Kyouya. You can push people out all you want, as long as you can shoulder your burden. When you're ready to talk just tell me. . . I'm sure anyone in the club would listen if you needed an ear. I know about your family and what you have to do for your father's business, and I want you to know that if you need me I can help you if you want. . ." Nekozawa stared into Kyouya's strained eyes and smiled sympathetically. "Get some rest, okay?"

Kyouya dropped into his chair and stared at Nekozawa's retreating form. He stared at the door as it shut. He glared own at his laptop and frowned, opening it back up and resuming his work. He had done this before. He had done it when Tamaki had tried to help, and when the twins had tried to get him from his work. He had shot them all down and made them retreat, just as Nekozawa had done. The whole club now knew to leave him alone when he was shut up in his office. They knew all the work he had to do for his future business and they knew he hated to be disrupted. What they didn't know was that he hated all of it. He hated the constant criticism from his father and the business meetings early in the morning as well as the late nights spent typing up documents for the early morning meetings. He hated that he had to balance straight A's in all his classes, and he hated yelling at his friends who were just trying to help. He growled when he thought of the hurt look Tamaki had given him the day he blew up in his face for trying to pull him away from his work. He stopped typing and stared at the text document open on his screen, thinking about how he never apologized to Tamaki for making him cry.

As if on cue, Tamaki opened the door without knocking. "Kyouya. . . Nekozawa looks upset, did something happen?" he ventured into the room, just as Nekozawa had confidently done minutes ago. He sat on the end of his desk and looked at him quietly, staring into his downcast eyes.

"I push you all away a lot?" Kyouya picked his head up and looked to Tamaki, who tried to smile and nodded his head. "Ya you do, ha ha," he laughed emptily.

". . . I'm sorry," Kyouya muttered standing in front of Tamaki and grabbing his shoulders. "So . . . don't be sad."

A grin flashed across his face and he poked Kyouya on the forehead. "Me? Sad? Ha! Like I would be sad about something like this."

Kyouya smiled, leaning into Tamaki's ear. "If I remember correctly, you cried when I yelled at you that one time." A blush spread across Tamaki's face and he pushed Kyouya back, leaping from the desk. "No way! Now if you don't mind, I have ladies waiting!"

A hand shot out instinctively and pulled Tamaki backwards. "Eh? Kyou-mmf!"

Kyouya had no idea what he was doing, but his mouth cut Tamaki's sentence short and he pulled him by the waist flush against his body. Tamaki soon stopped resisting and his hands were wrapped around Kyouya's neck. He stepped backwards towards a lounge chair and soon was beneath Kyouya and being kissed feverishly. Their hands roamed all over the others body, and their tongues were tangled together. When Tamaki's hips ground into Kyouya's he pulled away, breathing heavier than before. "We cant do that here." He stood up from the chair and Tamaki pouted. "If we be quiet we can. . ."

"You couldn't be quiet if you actually tried." Kyouya chuckled, pulling Tamaki up from the lounge, tucking his hair back into place.

He continued to pout, walking to the exit. "You should apologize to Nekozawa. The poor guy's been through enough the last week. A grouchy billionaire heir telling him off isn't helping." Tamaki leaned in to steal one more kiss before he opened the door. "I'm. . . very happy that you did that. I've been waiting for it you know? See you in a bit." He waved and left the room, leaving a confounded Kyouya in the middle of the floor looking foolish.

Did I just do that? I wasn't asleep? He thought with a small blush, smacking his forehead. He made himself presentable and left, leaving his work unfinished.


I really didn't want to bring romance into this, but oh well. Thanks for reading :)