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Title: Snow
Rating: G/K
Summary: Diana and Bruce in the snow.
Pairing: Batman/Wonder Woman
Genre: Romance/Humor

A flurry of white snow cascaded from the gray sky and the air was bitter and crisp.. The Farmer's Almanac had already claimed this to be the coldest winter Gotham had faced in the past twenty years— and as a testament to the freezing weather, Arkham's Finest had actually stayed in asylum, rather than face the dreaded cold outside of the bricked walls. It was said that any sane person would be inside on this winter day, curled up with a loved one, wrapped in a warm blanket by the fire, drinking a mug of hot cocoa. Bruce Wayne, however — and much to his displeasure— was outside, faring, rather poorly, in the bitter cold.

"It's nearly zero, outside, you know. Below if you count the windchill…" He wasn't very happy. His teeth were chattering, and his fingers shook. He eyes were longingly fixed upon the Manor. It was a few yards away. He could make it if he ran. However, the reason he was standing in the bitter cold could outrun him.

"Quit being such a baby, Bruce. And you've been out in cold weather!" Diana's laugh usually charmed him. Now, he just found it irritating.

"I had my suit then."

"You've got a coat," Diana laughed again. She walked over to him, and planted a quick kiss on his lips. "It's beautiful out here. Quit killing the mood."

Despite the kiss, he frowned. "It's just snow. And how could there be a mood if it's so cold?"

Diana shook here head, and raised her eyes to the sky as if asking for her gods to grant her patience with this man. She then grabbed his hand, and led Bruce further away from his home. "Bruce, do you remember your first snow?"

He paused, surprised by her question. At first, he thought it was silly. He was thirty-five. How could he remember his first snow? He remembered many blizzards and snow showers in his lifetime — he'd lived in New England his entire life, it'd be impossible not too. However, the first snow? He was at a loss. "No…"

"I remember mine, Bruce." She smiled, and lifted his hands to her cheeks. "It was my first winter here, on Man's World. It was after a particularly bad mission fighting the Injustice Gang. We were doing clean-up, and it started to snow. Children began to jump up and shout. People were smiling. After we nearly tore part their town, they seemed happy, hopeful even."

Bruce smiled softly. "I guess that's a nice memory, but I don't—"

She shook her heard, interrupting him. "I lived on Themyscira, Bruce. It was a tropical island. There wasn't any snow. We didn't have any celebrations for weather like they did here, for snow. There wasn't any smiles, for little droplets of ice. Snow made people happy. It was a happy memory, and I want to share it with you."

Bruce's grin widened, and he kissed her, bringing her into a hug. Her smile was bright when she spoke of snow. Maybe, just maybe, he could deal with being in the cold. It made her happy. He could deal. After all, he was the Batman.


Author's Note: Ehhh...This probably wasn't very good. I just needed to get myself back into writing.