Summary: Lois has an obsessed meteor freak stalking her and putting her life at risk. In order to protect her, Clark reveals to her his secret and proposes. Proposes to pose as a married couple that is! Do new identities also come with new feelings? Or are these fake too?

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Forged I.D.'s and I Do's

by Chinita92


Monday morning. Oh how she dreaded Monday's. Weekend's are over, back to the same old work routine at the Inquisitor. Not to mention her weekends were filled with bad horror movies alone in her upstairs apartment. Ever since he left her, it seemed that way. Even her closest friend, and relative sometimes ditched her to attend to her own love life.. something that she currently did not have. She sighed and began to look at the people below her. She noticed many things. For instance, the many broad shoulders of men in their pressed suits, how the waitress was about to- well how the waitress just tripped and dropped a tray of lattes and how a handful of girls need to retouch their roots, and wear another shirt to cover some excessive cleavage. Most of all, she noticed how everyone had already had their shot of caffeine and were getting in their morning moods. ANother thing to add to her list of things she envied at the moment. The thought of this was enough to drag her heeled feet down the stairs of the Talon.

She click-clacked her way to the counter and ordered a frap to go with a blueberry muffin. Behind her she felt a pair of eyes and the prescence of someone...

"Hey Lo, wow.. not much sleep last night?" said an animated young woman with short blonde tressels framing her heart-shaped face.

"Thanks Chlo, you just gave me a great pick-me up. In case you haven't noticed it's Monday, you must back off until.." she said sarcastically and looked at her wrist-watch and back up.

"Yeah, yeah I know... until 12:30." said Chloe, in a rather bored tone.

"Exactly." she said through a wide smile that screamed mischief.

"Gosh, Lois. I wonder. The day you get married it's really gonna take a man worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize to be able to stand you and your bad morning behavior."

"Well, see cous', that's the thing. I don't plan to marry. I'm never gonna find a man who can handle my deathly fist blows on a daily basis, 'cause it's not like they're made of steel you know."

The blonde simple smiled inwardly. 'If you only knew such man existed...'

Suddenly a pair of muddy boots and Jordache jeans walked their way with enough blue in his shirt to him a galaxy away.

"Oh hey Smallville! You look like you're going to annoy me this morning. Well not much of a difference from any other day.. or hour to be exact. So, I suggest you don't do so until... 5 hours from now." said Ms. Lane, rambling some.

"Clark! Do you read minds now too?" said Chloe in an inside joke kind of way.

"Not last time I checked..." he said seriously and then looked at Lois who eyed him like he had said the dumbest joke ever, which was pretty dead on. He simply smiled sheepishly and averted his gaze elsewhere.

Clark Kent. Best friend of Chloe Sullivan; Nuisance to Lois Lane. Enough man to make woman melt and stay in liquid form.. like a big giant oven that's continously on and fending of some serious heat.. but don't touch or you'll get burned, now-a-days only one girl had a hold of this electrical device's broken heart, and that was Lana Lang... soon to be Luthor. This was one kitchen appliance that needed a foot-thick manual. Too expensive to buy, but nice to look at from afar, needing some- well you get the oven metaphor right?

After many death glares being exchanged in silence, finally the honey-haired brunette finally spoke up, "I'm outta here. I feel like I've just lowered my IQ by like 100 points. Not to mention that some people got to work for a living. See ya later cous'." Lois said and made her way out towards the sidewalk, but stopped short.

"Remember 12:30, or else!" she shouted and walked out the door.

After she was clear out of sight's view, Clark leaned in closer and lowered his voice, "Geez Chloe, 'do you read minds now too?'. Nice." he said dryly.

"Oh please Clark, it's not like anyone is going to catch onto you being... well humanly-challenged." she said smartly while whispering at the end.

He simply looked at her and give her a hint of a smile, barely there though.

"So why'd you call me here anyway?"

"Weeell..." she said stretching the vowel some, and reaching in her bag for a manilla folder. She took out the file and slapped it on the glass table.

"What is it?" he said, his cerulean eyes full of confusion.

She simply arched her eyebrows some and bit the inside of her lip. "Seems like our meteor freak of the week.."

To be continued...


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